(Closed) Early signs of Pregnancy? Thoughts? What were yours?

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forkintheroad :  I felt like I was going to start my period but didn’t.  I also knew when I pregnant almost immediately this time around.  I kept getting the pinching and feeling sensation in my uterus area and that’s how I knew.

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forkintheroad :  I am similar to pinkcorsage in that I knew I was pregnant almost immediately this time around. I could feel the implantation happening. Maybe that’s what you’re feeling. Usually that happens between 7-10 dpo. I describe early pregnancy much like feeling like PMS symptoms. Good luck! I would probably test in a few days. But I’m POAS obsessed. 

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forkintheroad :  I sort of just knew without any evidence at all, shortly after becoming pregnant.  Closer to my expected period, I felt like I was wearing a corset all the time, lol.  Plus my boobs hurt like I was going to get it but never did – they’ve only recently started feeling more normal.  No  real cramps, no spotting, no sickness (thank goodness!).  Other than that, I’m around 10 weeks now and can’t even tell for the most part, except that if I cough while lying on my back I get a sharp pain.

I think it’s easiest if you just try not to really think about it before you can test – it won’t do you any good, so better to worry about other things (aside from eating right, of course!) and let the chips fall where they may.  

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Implantation bleeding, sore nipples and cramps.

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No real indication apart from exceptional tiredness. 

I got a squinter before my period was due so might be worth taking a cheapy test if you have some lying around. 

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At about 3dpo I got really out of breath for no reason I just couldn’t catch my breath. That’s a symptom tht has continued through pregnancy. Then I had a really upset stomach almost every day (hormones mess with your stomach) and then a few spots. I didn’t get period like symptoms until after my period was due then there was sore boobs and lots of cramping. 

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I had quite bad PMS symptoms (water weight gain, very swollen breasts) in the first week after I missed my period,  and then for the first 6 weeks of pregnancy I also had extremely hard sore breasts – they felt like baseballs – and tingled on top of being sore. 

I should say, I stopped BCP after 10 years use due to migraines, and I thought it would take a few months for my body to get back to normal – but we only had sex one weekend and I was pregnant (we were living in different provinces as he was working and I was going to school – I flew out to visit him for Thanksgiving). So it’s completely possible even though you just stopped BC. 

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If theres enough hormones for symptoms theres enough for a test. I knew i was pregnant when i took a test… but then the nausea, cramps, vomiting etc set in… at 6 or so weeks.

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I second the tiredness and the out of breath feeling! Especially during workouts. 3 miles felt like 20. My actual first symptom was just more bloating than normal (from o to when I should have gotten my period). I was ON the pill, one that really worked well for me symptom wise (not baby wise apparently!) so bloating never really happened anymore for me. Then, the day before my missed period I had a sip of wine and instantly ran to the bathroom feeing like I had to throw up. My body wanted nothing to do with it! Found out the next day actually, the day of my missed AF.

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Only 15dpo, but I’m definitely pregnant!  My first sign was really just a lot of fatigue and a harder time getting myself to get out of bed in the morning.   We’ve been trying for awhile, but I never ever attributed it to pregnancy- thought I must be catching some type of flu.   I started feeling bloated and have sore boobs at 11dpo.  And by 12dpo, some minor cramping and insomonia.  I never had any implantation bleeding, but I know some women do.   Really all you can do is wait.   I have had months of trying were I got what might be implantation bleeding and even a late period (which is unusual for me). I really thought I was pregnant, but all bfn and my period came.  If you do test before your period (which i don’t really recommend- I did and it made me more paranoid) use a frer.  The digital tests were negative on 13dpo and not possible until the day my period was due (14 dpo)

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this might sound odd but with all my pregnancies, my very earliest sign, before any cramping or tender breasts, my urine would go very, very clear and I wasn’t drinking anymore water, it would just suddenly have no colour to it at all

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Early pregnancy is so much like PMS and when you first start TTC you will symptom spot like crazy. It took us about 6 months and the first few I was CONVINCED I was pregnant- until the tests would all be negative and I would start my period. 

The month I actually got my positive test my symptoms were per usual except as a pregnant lady my sore boobs didn’t quit hurting for the next 3 months. 

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Fingers crossed for you! Could be implantation bleeding.

With both of my pregnancies the biggest non-normal PMS symptom was aching legs when ascending the stairs. The backs of my calves were so sore like I had been stretching them or something. Of course, tight/sore beasts, bloating and cramping too but those were normal PMS symptoms. After my period was late and I knew I was pg I also had that tugging sensation in my uterus – like I could feel the cells dividing, lol. Nausea reared its evil head around 5 weeks. 

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Everyone is different, but here’s my experience 🙂  I had a lot of typical PMS symptoms like the bloating, boob pain and fatigue, but here’s the things I felt that were out of the ordinary for me.

I remember I had extreme vertigo and restless sleep on 4dpo and 5dpo (never experienced anything like this before, nothing in my diet/habits have changed).  TMI: On 7dpo I had a huge random gush of ewcm (i’m always dry/sticky during luteal phase) after having extreme tightness on my ab area all day, it literally felt like I did a thousand crunches the night before.  I had a super squinter at 8dpo and a more defined squinter at 9dpo after waking up to mild nausea.  After all of this im currently 25 weeks pregnant with a very active little girl 🙂

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