(Closed) Eat, Drink and be Married? YIKES!

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The absolute best thing I’ve done to manage my weight and maximize my health is to STOP BUYING JUNK FOOD! If I have it in the house, it will end up in my stomach. No more chips, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, etc are allowed inside my house. If I really want them, I’ll go to the ice cream parlor or buy an individual serving bag of chips. But that Family Size bag is not allowed in my grocery cart.

The time you used to spend consoling yourself with pretzels or chips could easily be spent going for a walk. You could even bring a cell phone with you, and chat with your mom while you walk. And anytime you spend watching TV – start out using the elliptical during the commercials, and eventually, work your way up to running during the entire show.

As for your fiance – take advantage of his garbage disposal abilities 🙂 A friend of mine, who is really tiny, is married to a guy who is built like an in-shape football player. She’ll eat until she’s reasonably full and give him her leftovers, which works out perfectly for them both.

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I am in the same boat. I am the heaviest I’ve ever been and I am NOT looking forward to picking up my dress this month. No way Jose.

However, all this is better said than done. I’m trying to get back to my routine/rules for living healthier – not necessarily for losing weight. I work in an office and my goal is to drink two full 24oz bottles of water every day. It helps me from snacking. And, we stopped buying pop for the house. Only one glass of pop when we go out to eat. Cutting out pop makes a huge difference. And, because we eat out a lot (us and me at lunch), I bring home at least half of every meal from the restaurant. Helps curb eating rediculous sized portions.

Good luck to all of us!

Random fact I saw the other day (true or not, I don’t know but it caught my eye), that most brides lose weight the month before the wedding due to stress and not eating regularly. So, maybe I’ll have that little extra-credit to look forward to, but I’m not depending on it.

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I am with you! Fiance and I used to go to the gym together like 5 times a week, but this past year, I worked full time and was a full time (graduate) student. The gym was just not a priority, and there’s nothing like friends, pizza, and wings to help wind down the stresses of a week! However, yeah, I gained 20lbs, too. I wish I had an elliptical at home. My biggest excuse is that the campus gym is always so so crowded you have to wait forever. But the membership is included in tuition, and you cannot opt out. No way I’ll pay for a separate membership somewhere else, even if it is crowded, when I already have that one! I also agree with redherring; I don’t buy junk food at home. I have to focus on taking lunches to work, though. THAT vending machine haunts me, but it’s the quickest/easiest thing to do for me — I often work a 6 hour shift (say, 10-4) with one 15 minute break. I am always hungry for lunch, and if I don’t eat something there, I am starving and overeat for dinner. There is never an easy answer!

Good luck to you. I have “resolved” (NOT for New Year’s, though, just in general haha) to lose at least the 20lbs I gained, though my goal is 30 altogether. My plan is to watch the lunches at work and go back to the gym!

I am also stealing whitesonnet’s idea for drinking more water to feel full. I might have to start keeping a food journal, too.

redherring — I do that, too! My fiance was a football player and wrestler, and he currently works outside in a physically demanding environment when he isn’t in school. I have seen the man eat 8 apple dumplings in one sitting! Whatever I don’t want, he’s happy to take haha.

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Also gained 20lbs…also on the curvy side…these DD’s don’t do anything to help me look slimmer…I’m NOT looking forward to wearing the dress, being the center of attention or having my photo taken! I need to lose the weight and am having a hard time getting motived. The good thing I do have on my side is that once I get going with exercise, I lose the weight fairly quick and I think I’m procrastinating because I know this…however, it’s not the smartest way to go about it!

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The hardest thing is trying to get in shape when you’re busy as all hell with work and commuting. I’d suggest starting with your intake–if you start changing your eating habits and making them healthier, you’ll start dropping some pounds even without getting on the elliptical at all and it won’t cut in as much to your very, very full days!

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I know how all of you feel!  I started this week of no potatoes, bread or pasta.  I used to eat those 3 at all my meals in double doses at some sittings.  This week I’ve done really good.  I have had potatoes at 2 meals!  I feel a lot better.  I think that is one of the keys if you can’t get a workout in then skip the food.  Also as much as I hate to say it… skip the wine!  Especially at night.  My trainer says that wine is nothing but sugar and if you drink it at night and you and go to bed you are just filling up with sugar which turns to fat.   She figures one glass of wine is almost 200 calories which is a lot.  I’ve cut that back as well.

It is so hard but we can do it!

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You can do it! Stop buying bad foods–you’ll save tons of money! Bonus! Use it to buy some workout clothes that help motivate you to work out. I know if i have somethign I know i look good in, i feel more confident at the gym. but if i have something that is unflattering, i wanna get in and out as fast as possible.

20 pounds isn’t that much! It’ll take a few months, but be consistent! WHen i was super hard core, I stopped eating after 6pm and I didn’t have carbs or whitre sugars or liquor (wine in particular is hard for me to give up!) after 4pm.

Since you’re so busy, focus most of your attention on your food. That’ll help take off most of those pounds, and use cardio (30 minutes a few times a week! you can do it! Watch tv at the same time to ‘treat’ yourself) to help strip it off faster. If you find you have time on the weekends, do weight training on Saturdays. Every little bit helps. Cut back on the sodium (I lost 7 pounds of just nasty water weight before the weddinmg by cutting down to <1000mg/day, but i don’t do that unless it’s an emergency lol. in general i just try to stay away from processed foods and canned soups) and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. No soda! no fruit juice! The water will feel like a ridiculous amount at first but soon it’ll just make you feel good!

As for your Fiance, tell him he has to be on board, too. Think about the money you’ll save on chips/pretzels, and use it to go out to a nice dinner, just the two of you. I can’t believe chips are like $4/bag. Ridiculous! So we don’t feel guilty when we go out for steaks (all veggies on the side, a salad, no bread, and a glass of red wine for a treat).

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ejs — Canned soups are one of my biggest weaknesses. They’re so fast and convenient and sadly I enjoy the taste. I do at least try to buy lower sodium varieties, but that is probably something we should consciously try to cut back on.

vintage — Bread and potatoes, not only are they also two of my favorite foods, but I have an overabundance of them, too.

My fiance’s family are farmers, and it is great to have such access to homegrown vegetables that we can ourselves. However, we also eat a LOT of meat and potatoes (both grown and processed ourselves, of course). On one hand, it’s great because I know that it is as organic as it is going to get, and I can make sure my hamburger and sausage is as lean as it can be, but it’s still probably a lot more meat than I should be eating. Don’t even get me started on the lard they use to fry things. I’ve gotten Fiance into olive oil at least!

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I agree about not having bad foods.  The only snacks I have in the house are healthier ones, no cookies and candy.  Plus, just because your Fiance eats 2 pieces of chicken or 4 pieces of pizza doesn’t mean you should!  I have the same problem because my husband eats a lot and doesn’t gain weight but I need to make sure that I don’t eat the same amount because women need fewer calories than men do.

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try to shop the parameter at the grocery store meaning … veggies, fruits, meat, low fat dairy and bakery bread. Stay away from processed food in the middle. Like Jillian Michaels says — the longer it can sit on the shelf, the longer it will sit on your waist! my only exception here is cereal, i find that one bowl of cereal (approx 150 cals) can make me last though the morning until lunch.

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I gained 20 pounds as well. We are 89 days from getting married and I WILL NOT get married at this weight. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Since last Tuesday I have worked out on my elliptical I started out at 1 mile, then 1.5 the next day, then 2 the next day and I’ve been at 3 for the last few days. I want to turn my alarm clock off at 540 but I know if I dont get up, my weight has defeated me once again.

You have to decide for yourself that enough is ENOUGH! When you decide that you truly cannot spend another second being overweight you will do it.

The next thing I’ve been trying is calorie counting. I eat lean cuisines and I count everything that I eat, I hold myself accountable for it. I also watch the Biggest Loser. If those 500 pound people can push themselves to lose weight why the heck cant I?

I’m just at that point….I’m done playing the victim…poor me for being fat and lazy and letting myself go??? Not anymore! I’m going to be a hot bride and I’m going to love every minute of it because I will have busted my butt!

I hope some of you get the fire under your butt like I did!

I truly wish the best for you all!


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I know it’s tough, I wrote a post about that yesterday! I wake up every morning at 4:45am and workout with my Fiance to P90X, it’s a hellacious (and that doesn’t even begin to describe it) workout. I highly recommend it. But if you follow the diet (which is really just cutting bad stuff out and eating more healthy stuff- so not a diet but a lifestyle change) you’ll have the results too. Just force yourself to stick to it for 3 weeks and you’ll have formed a habit. So by then you should be back on the wagon so to speak.

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