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    We’ve gone through things like this a lot for several different reasons. I just precook for the week on Sunday’s and cook both of our foods. So in your case I would roast and sauté a ton of veggies, make his grains (we eat rices, pastas and oats) bake/sauté my meat. And then you will both have food to eat throughout the week. You just have to heat it and eat together so at dinner or lunch time his plate might have grains and yours meat but you share veggies. It makes it so you arent constantly cooking two sets of things just heating them up! 

    I also midfully plan dinners that we can both eat when I want to cook throughout the week or weekends. Spaghetti with Zucchini noodles would be great For y’all! Or Alfrado with Spaghetti squash! Veggie Pizza with Califlower crust! You can always top yours with Chicken or Pepperoni on the pizza. Youll want to look for recipes like that, that replace the carbs with vegetables, he shouldn’t mind since hes a vegetarian (I’m assuming he like vegtables) and if he feels like he needs the carbs he can always grab bread or heat up some of the rice thats already ready to go in the fridge! 

    We are also mindful of where we go to out to eat, places like Subway and Chipotle Are great if you’re in a hurry because he can get a sub or burrito and you can go carb free with a salad or burrito bowl. And steak resturants are the best for dining in because you can easily get chicken or steak and veggies and he will have plenty of meatless options with the soups and salads, vegtables and all those rolls! 

    Let me know if you need more recipe ideas! Like I said we’ve done this a ton of times! 

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    My fiance is lactose intolerant so I still eat dairy when I want to. But he also recently went gluten free, as his sister did it and it cleared up some health issues she was having, and he’s also been feeling better since. He hasn’t given it up completely (gluten free beer just isn’t the same lol) but we’ve made some major adjustments in the kinds of foods we buy and make ex. gluten free pasta, lots of rice, etc.. I still buy foods that have gluten for myself and he leaves them alone… for the most part lol

    It isn’t often that I make separate meals for us. Usually if he wants something different then he’ll make it himself and I’ll eat what I want to. It’s not too much of a hassle for us, despite having the tiniest kitchen ever right now. Maybe you two can plan ahead so that you’re not preparing meals at the exact same time? 

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    I’m curious to see the answers on this thread as my Darling Husband and I just had a discussion about this over the weekend. We realized that that majority of the time one of us just isn’t happy with the dinner. I’m either unhappy because of how unhealthy dinner is or he is unhappy about the lack of carbs (or butter/cream lol).

    We are trying out a few recipes that we both agreed on this week but we are also looking to prepare different meals and are curious about how difficult that will be. I foresee him just running out to grab food while I make my dinner because I just don’t have it in me to cook 2 different meals.

    I do like the idea that a PP had about meal prep. Maybe we’ll give that a try this weekend.

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    My SO is Chinese, who mostly likes to eat legit Chinese food, and I am from the south, love southern food, and eat vegan 5 days of the week.  While I do like Chinese food, and have learned how to make many of his favorite dishes, I have no desire to eat it weekly, much less daily.  So 80% of the time we eat totally different meals, though sometimes I make it work so that I can eat a portion of his meal.  An example is that I make a Sichuan Pork and potato dish for him.  In the process I sautee the potatoes before braising them with the pork.  Before Combining the potatoes with the pork I take out a portion for myself and then braise them in a vegan broth.  I usually make roasted or sauteed vegetables that we can both eat as well.  

    Lately he has been working a lot, so another thing I do is grab him takeout from his favorite restaurants and just cook for myself.  This may seem expensive, but a lot of real Chinese food is really cheap (2 meals for $8).  

    Another thing I do is to make large portion meals for one of us, that can be heated up throughout the week.  For instance, one week I may make a batch of chicken and wintermelon soup for him, that he can eat for a few days, that way I can focus on cooking my own meals.  Then the next week I will make vegetarian chili for myself that I can just heat up through the week and focus on making his meals.  

    It can be a hassle sometimes, and I have noticed I will often eat really simply because I am cooking for him, but for the most part it works for us.  


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    We’ve wandered into the Paleo diet off and on and are now on our own thing with regards to healthy meals.  We don’t eat the same breakfast as each other more than once a week.  We do both eat meat, but we’re trying to go vegetarian once or twice a week at least.    Our goal right now is beef once, fish once, veggie once or twice, chicken the rest of the time.  Plus leftovers for lunches, of course.  Otherwise we’ve been trying (very lazily) to make salads for lunches.

    The thing about meat is you can throw it into anything, so it’s not like you’re making two meals entirely.  He’s having salad, you have taco salad.  He has a squash stuffed with quinoa, you throw some chicken into yours.  Pasta is easy, just split the sauce and add sausage or ground meat to your own.  For soups, make it with a veggie broth, then add a little boullion to your own bowl with some sliced meat.

    Another thing we started doing recently was adding flax to just about everything.  Flax is full of good nutrients and you can’t even tell it’s there.  Sprinkle on top of whatever.  Mix it into cookies like flour. Last night I ground it and dusted our pasta dish with it before serving.  It’s full of fiber to help you get rid of those extra carbs 

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    I was vegetarian for awhile while my Fiance wasn’t, and I usually cooked dishes where meat could be added after, or on the side. So I’d make a big pot of veggie soup but cook up some kielbasa for him to add to his. Or make a really nice side of veggies we could both eat and then cook him chicken and tofu or beans for myself. That usually worked really well.

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    I voted other for ‘sometimes’ we mostly eat the same thing but if I’ve cooked something for myself, when he is at work, that he doesn’t like and I need to eat the other half then it may happen when we are together. 

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