Eating lunch at your desk

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Worker bee
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veganeh :  We have a super nice kitchen and I pack lunches every day, but I usually eat at my desk so that my feet stay warm next to my heater! LOL!

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Helper bee
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veganeh :  I work in a legal office and we all eat every meal at our desk everyday, including snacking in between lol. No policy against it yet as I think as long as we behave like adults it won’t be an issue. However, I have seen workplaces there are policies against it.

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Busy bee
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My office has several eating areas, but most of us eat at our desks (on my team anyway). Some days I choose to find a different spot (rare). 

I don’t think there are any formal rules, but there are norms that people follow when it comes to food odor.

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Bumble bee

I eat at my desk all the time.  A lot of us do. I don’t mind as I like my office space and it’s cozy and convenient.  Plus I always have tons of work to do, so I like eating at my desk and working through lunch sometimes. We’re allowed to have food around the office whenever we want as long as we clean up after ourselves and don’t leave anything smelly around. When the weather is really nice, I will sit outside in the courtyard and eat lunch there and watch the swarms of people go by and just soak up the sunshine.

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Busy bee

I always eat at my desk. The “kitchen” has a bench with 3 chairs. It doesn’t have comfortable lounges or city skyline views, just a view of the cabinets and the smell of a fridge that only gets cleaned out once a year! My desk is a much nicer place. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I work from home now but at my last job I never ate at my desk because my annoying co-worker would always come bug me about something and I wouldn’t actually get a break.

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Blushing bee

I eat at my desk mainly coz I don’t eat during my lunch break. Me and my partner go out during our lunch breaks for a walk and so I eat my lunch while I work at about 11:45ish. 

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Bumble bee
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I eat lunch at my desk- but it’s not like a sad, can’t-get-away-from-work desk lunch. I prefer being at my laptop and can browse articles and other sites like Weddingbee during it. Otherwise I’d probably just be sitting in the cafeteria looking at the same stuff but on my phone. No rules about food but if I decide I really want something smelly that day I’ll eat in the cafeteria. 

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veganeh :  I work in various schools. Some of the lounges are depressing and I won’t eat there. I prefer eating in my rooms/office so I can wind down a bit or read without getting bothered. If someone is with me and I brought tuna, I’ll preemptively apologize and eat it anyway. One of my rooms definitely hangs onto the smell, as I discovered with Brussel sprouts this year. So I just save those for another day. As far as I know, there are no rules about what I can eat or where. 

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I work in an office enviroment and eat lunch at my desk almost every day. I have my own office and can shut the door, when needed, but I rarely do. My lunch breaks are only 30 minutes so that I can leave at 4:30 every day, so it just makes more sense to me to stay at my desk. Plus our kitchen/break room is pretty small and also serves as the printer/copier space, so there are faculty members constantly coming in and out. Some colleagues of mine who work in cubicles are discouraged from eating at their desks, but there’s no official policy against it.

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Sugar bee

veganeh :  

1. Do you eat lunch at your desk? Why/why not?

Yep I do. I normally go for a walk at lunch to stretch my legs or do errands so that takes up most of the ‘break’ part. 

I also don’t love small talk, so I’d probably prefer eating at my desk anyway – but the walk excuse makes me look less antisocial lol. 

2. Does your company have a policy around eating at your desk, or food in the workplace? (Ex. No food with a strong odor, no food allowed in the office period, etc.)

No official policy, but I do avoid eating anything with a strong smell. 

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Bumble bee
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veganeh :  Pretty much all of us eat at our desks because the phones don’t stop ringing lol, so we can answer calls if we need to. 

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Busy bee
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My boss doesn’t allow it because of a)odor and b)it looks unprofessional. Our office is one that the general public can enter, so I get it. We all have our own offices with doors, but we keep them open. I generally eat in our lounge or outside on our patio. We have to stagger our lunches, so I never have to worry about a co-worker bugging me during mine. 

(So I only eat at my desk when she’s absent. So does everyone else, lol!)

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Sugar bee
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I’m in my own office and usually eat lunch at my desk, then I’ll take off for an actual break and run errands or something. 

The rest of the employees here sit an an open office type space, they all pretty much eat at their desks. We have two nice breakrooms, but no one really uses them unless we do a team lunch and all sit in there together which is rare.

We don’t have any rules on eating at your desk or what kind of food is acceptable, we’ve never had an issue with people bringing “stinky” food to the office.

We are also a satellite sales office, so we don’t have any customers actually coming in to our office or anything.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I do on most days because of work/calls. I close my office door so that I don’t bother anyone (either with smells or with having to walk by and see me stuffing my face like a starving caveman).

No rules about food. I smell all kinds of things in the break room around lunchtime because people microwave stuff in there and I’m not bothered by it at all… but it does make me really hungry 😝

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