Eating lunch at your desk

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veganeh :  I eat my lunch at my desk 3-5 days per week. There is a policy against this, but I’ll be damned if I starve all day because I can’t leave my desk for 30 minutes

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I eat at my desk by myself in my classroom every day during my prep period(in fact I’m having lunch right now). No actual rules however I have to be careful about my food and make sure there’s no allergens in it. I once accientally brought a meal I made using peanut sauce forgetting that I have students with peanut allergies. I opened up all my windows and doors to air out the room praying that nobody would have a reaction(they didn’t). 

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When I taught, I would eat at my desk. There was a strong suggestion that you eat in the staff rooms, but groups of people stress me out and quick lunch was the only break in my day – I needed some way to decompress.

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I eat at my desk almost daily. 

We have no rules, but we don’t have a very big fridge, so I try to keep it limited to a small container if I bring something that needs to be refigerated. 

I do occasionally bring packets of tuna to eat, but I make sure to eat them when everyone else is out at lunch (Im the only one that eats in the office daily), and I throw the packaga away outside or in the bathroom rather than in the office. 

We have a break room, I go eat in there occasionally if I want to be alone. Most people aren’t even aware we have one, so nobody ever goes in there.

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It depends on what I have. I like to take leftovers, soups, curries. So for those I will heat in the microwave and sit in the kitchen areas. If I have a sandwich, I might eat at my desk.

I like to take a break though. I’ve found I’m a lot more patient, I switch off easier at home time and the day seems to go quicker if I have a break away from my desk. So sometimes I’ll take a sandwich and eat at my desk but then go for a walk. Sometimes I go for a shorter walk and eat my heated food and work an extra 10-15 mins. Sometimes I hear my food and read my book. Occiasonally when I have a lot on I work through at my desk but I don’t make a habit of it. If I’ve done a week of working through lunch, then I’ll start to crack down the following week and make sure I go for a walk, so I have to get a break.

I eat snacks and fruit at my desk throughout the day but I hate using my desk bin for fruit. Even though our bins are emptied daily. So I’ll always go put my fruit in the kitchen bin. Which is why I get irrationally upset when people use my bin for anything but especially fruit or tea bags.

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I usually eat at my desk, since I like to use lunch time when I can to work out. Some people eat together in the kitchen, some at their desks. No rules about what you can/can’t eat – work provides catered lunch, so whatever we’re eating is being eaten by everyone, and already smelling up the kitchen area and all around the office anyway! We also have a big snack stock, and people are always eating or drinking at their desks throughout the day, even if it’s not lunch.

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We have a policy that we can’t eat a full meal at our desks… however, all the managers do. I can eat like quick snacks. I work in a hospital, so they worry about mice. There has been a few in the office since I’ve started.

My last job at a bigger hospital didn’t care though. I was always super cautious about what I brought in though as to not disturb people there. I was in cubiles there and now I’m in an room that I share with two other girls

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I work in a wet lab where no food/drink is allowed at our desks, no exceptions. We’re allowed to take as many breaks as we need, as food and drinks are only allowed in the break room.

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I don’t eat at my desk because I like to have a proper break , and also because I find it really annoying when other people do it. I used to sit quite close to someone who never. stopped. eating. And she wouldnt just eat, she ate incredibly loudly, and it would be things like chips which could be loud anyway, and then she would somehow manage to make it ten times louder than it needed to be. It would make me want to vomit. Whenever she was actually at her desk, I would either have to leave the office and go and do some lab work, or Id have to put earphones in and turn the music up really loudly so I could focus on my work. Thankfully shes not there anymore, but now I seem to be extra sensitive to eating noises, so even the normal eating noises sometimes made by the person now at that desk make me feel a little yucky. Theres no policy other than in the labs of course where there is no putting anything in your mouth, whether its food, water or a pen, but I would prefer any eating in the office was kept to a minimum, so I choose not to at all. 

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I eat at my desk 75% of the time, and the other 25% I eat with my husband or with coworkers. Our office doesn’t have any rules about what we can eat or heat up.

I like eating at my desk. I have my own refrigerator, we have a cabinet of snack and booze, I have my dogs with me, and I get a lot of work done!  

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I eat at my desk. Lunch is my downtime and I don’t feel like chatting. The closest park is 20 minutes away so it’s not a good option – I’d rather take a 15 minute lunch at my desk and get home sooner. The office has a couple small lounges where people eat, but no rules that you have to eat there.

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In my office we all eat at our desks. We have a small kitchen, but no real breakroom. The only exception is when we are doing a community lunch (someone’s birthday, or a ‘just because’ thing), and we’ll take over one of our meeting rooms where we all eat together. 

We’re all workaholics and super social, so it works for us. 

Thankfully, no rules regarding stinky food or anything like that.  If someone has something really stinky, they tend to take the trash out when they’re done as a courtesy. Otherwise, we’ve never had any real issues. 

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TravelingBride31 :  As a North American, I think the European culture has a much healthier attitude to work/ home balance and wellness in the workplace. Eating in a communal staff room with other co-workers with plates and cutlery and everything sounds so much better than scarfing down a quick sandwich with one hand still on your keyboard (something I’m frequently guilty of). I want to try getting out for a walk at lunchtime whenever possible, small differences can go a long way. 

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I  teach and am in constant contact with people all day. The people in the lunch room gossip and I really don’t want any part of it. I happily interact with everyone during the day, but I like having a break from people. I am careful not to have stinky food or allergens in my room, but I do eat at my desk. 

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1. Do you eat lunch at your desk? Why/why not?

Yes, almost every day. It’s pretty much what everyone does at my office, although there is a kitchen area with seating and other places people can go to eat if they want to socialize.

2. Does your company have a policy around eating at your desk, or food in the workplace? (Ex. No food with a strong odor, no food allowed in the office period, etc.)

No policy. We do try to be thoughtful about things though and be reasonable about strong smells. However, given that we have places other than our desks where we can eat, people who are worried about a strong smell of their food can just go there and it’s totally fine. People in my office are pretty conscious of that, so although I can smell food from my colleagues, it’s never been an issue for me. 

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