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I think if you’re body is telling you you are hungry, then you are doing the right thing by eating healthy snacks. If you were on the smaller side to begin with I imagine you would gain weight faster. What you are eating seems like the weight gain is probably healthy, but I would ask your OB at the next appointment just to be sure.


ETA- Maybe some more fiber and protein would help curb the hunger of longer, if you are really worried about it.

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@ams12: way to go, that is really healthy for being pregnant!

my schedule during the first trimester went like this…

7am: giant bowl of honey nut cheerios

9am: apple and whole wheat bagel

11am: eating everything in sight

1pm: a big mac

3pm: ice cream

5pm: eating everything in sight.

It was so bad. The second and third trimester, I ate really healthy. But month three was when I craved EVERYTHING. Then it was gone and done with for the rest of the pregnancy.

Yogurt is a great snack as well. Maybe some more fiber to tie you over too.

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I was the same way for about two months during my pregnancy in the end of the first and begining of the 2nd trimester. I was the same.  I woke up in the mornings so hungry I could “gnaw off my own arm” as I told my Fiance. I made sure I snacked all day whenever I was hungry and was eating snacks like carrots and celery and crackers. I could eat a full meal and still be starving afterwards it was that bad. Your meal plan is excellent. My only suggestion would be to add some peanut buttter if possible maybe with the celery. It adds protein and it is filling. And you can always get the lower fat versoin.

As for the weight gain I would not be too concerned aqt the moment. I have been yo yoing every time I go. One month I gained 5 pounds then I lost 6. Last month I gained 2 lbs. We shall see what will happen in 2 weeks.

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Considering the fact that you’re eating healthy foods/snacks, I’d just trust your body to notify you when you’re hungry.  It sounds to me that you’re body is in tune with what nutrients the baby needs- just go with it.  If you’re doctor is concerned about the weight gain, then you’ll have to re-evaluate. 

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You’re eating an awful lot of fruit, which has sugar in it.  Sugar can do wacky things to your blodd sugar levels and ultimatly make you feel even more hungry since it can give you a crash like a candy bar will do.


Starting off the day with eggs (protien) is great but if you have cereal (carb) and then follow it up with oatmeal (more carb) you’re setting yourself up again for not having anything in your tummy to work on.


Greek yogurt is wonderful since it has high protien in it.  


Watch out for things like bagels though.  Some of them are so large that they can be almost the same equivalent of about 6 slices of bread.

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I start my days with a smoothie (frozen fruit/yogurt/juice) and either oatmeal or eggs/bagle or english muffin. I noticed the smoothie helped my fruit cravings and on days I eat the bigger breakfasts of eggs+bagels I have less of a need for snacking throughout the day. Maybe you can try that, but you are eating healthy which is all that really matters 🙂  

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I agree with the other posters – try to eat more veggies and fiber, and less fruit.  Other than that, you’re doing a really good job.  Don’t be too worried about the weight gain.  I’ve gained 8 lbs and I’m only 9 weeks along.  I’m also still running 2-4 miles a day, and eating healthy but it could just be a lot of water retention, extra blood flow, and increased breast size.  😉  I’ll just pass along what everyone’s been telling me, which is “it’ll all work itself out if you keep doing what you’re doing”. 

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at first I was eating a TON, I was just always hungry – maybe because when I got the tiniest bit hungry I started to get nauseous? 

now (14 weeks) I feel like I get full so easy…. 

I think as long as you’re not indulging in things are that aren’t so great for you, you’re just eating what your body feels it needs. 

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your diet looks very healthy to me 🙂 your body is telling you it’s hungry because it needs food and nutrients for your baby – my general rule of thumb is go with what your body is telling you! as long as you’re getting lots of fruits and veggies and drinking water, you should be fine.


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In early pregnancy you don’t actually need to be eatting any more than normal. It is only during the last bit where your body NEEDS more food. The extra calories you should be eating at the end of pregnancy is the equavalent to an extra sandwhich!

When my doctor told me that I was floored, but it makes sense. Your body doesn’t actually need anymore food just yet (it’s just your hormones playing up) so I just tried to drink ALOT of water. I didn’t deprive myself of anything I deperately wanted but I didn’t go crazy either.

Your diet looks fine! Way heathier than mine hahaha. Don’t stress anything too much and just go with the flow.

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