(Closed) Ectopic pg and methotrexate.

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I haven’t had methotrexate, but I have given it. I just wanted to pop in to tell that I am glad they are figuing this out for you and it sounds like you are moving forward. Lots of well wishes!

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Hugs to you, miscarriage is a terrible thing to go through!  I can’t remember if anyone here has had an ectopic, but I know for sure that one of the bloggers on hellobee has.  Maybe she could be of help?  

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So sorry..never been pregnant but took methrotrexate pills for a year and my doc warned me about getting pregnant while on it but I could not say as to the effects in the way you have gotten it.

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Sorry to hear you are going through this. I had an ectopic a few years ago. At the time I did not know I was pregnant (only around 5 weeks along). Severe abdominal pain sent me to the emergency room and that’s how the ectopic was discovered. I was given a methotrexate injection and sent home for the weekend to let things take their course. Unfortunately for me, the methotrexate was ineffective and my tube ruptured over the weekend requiring emergency surgery to repair my tube. On second thought maybe this isn’t the best story to tell you. Sorry. Not trying to scare you. It sounds like your situation is under control! I just wanted to share because I had methotrexte before. Anyway, I have been perfectly healthy ever since. I have regular cycles, ovulate normally, and my gynecologist has no concerns about my ability to have a normal pregnancy as a result of the methotrexate. 

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I had a miscarriage about 7wks ago. It ended up that I didn’t have an ectopic, but I had started spotting, my betas were not rising like they should, they couldn’t find the pregnancy on the ultrasound, and I had severe abdominal pain on one side. We decided to be extra cautious since I only have one tube, so I took the methotrexate. It was a shot in each butt cheek/hip. The shot itself stung/pinched a bit. I had never had a shot in the butt before that I can remember, so that was new for me. I didn’t have any side effects.

I started bleeding 3-4 days later. Bleeding stopped in about a week. My beta didn’t go to zero until 3 wks after the shot was administered, but was lowering slowly. I didn’t think the miscarriage itself felt any worse than my previous miscarriage (without methotraxate).

I was told to prevent pregnancy for 3 months because it would not be safe for the baby, so that is where we are right now. From what I know about the drug, it kills cells that are multiplying quickly, which is why it works to help you miscarry. I feel back to normal and don’t believe I have any residual effects from the drug, but we will still wait the 3 months to TTC again.

I know these past few weeks must have been terrible for you 🙁

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A friend of mine had an IUI which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy, and she had the methotrexate shot.  She has since recovered, and had the endoscopic surgery to ensure there is no tube scarring or blockages.  She has since been cleared to TTC again 🙂

Methotrexate is an immunosupressant.  It is indicated in small doses for autoimmune conditions such as psoraisis and rheumatoid arthritis.  I took it for several years for psoriasis, and they do strongly caution against pregnancy since it inihibits cell division, but in small doses it also leaches folic acid (which is super duper important to a developing fetus!!)

It is also used in chemotherapy since it prevents cell division & growth.

In ectopic pregnancies it is used so that the zygote/embryo doesn’t continue to deveop, which is particularly important if the pregnancy is in the tube- a developing baby would rupture the tube and future efforts to concevie would be affected.

Sorry- that got longer than I thought it would!!  Anyway, hope that helps, and BIG HUGS, I’m sorry you’re going through this 🙁

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I went through the same situation in February.  First off, (((hugs)).  It is a special kind of hell to go through the state of limbo that you’re in right now.  I totally, TOTALLY get it.  My betas kept going up, but then leveling off, going up, then dipping.  After 3 weeks, there was no sign of anything in my uterus, so I was advised to take methotrexate JUST IN CASE it was an eptopic pregnancy.  Darling Husband and I decided to do this based on the negative effects an eptopic can have on getting pregnant in the future.

A couple things:

1) I got my period (started bleeding) 2 days after the shot- it was like a regular period- not heavier or worse cramps than normal

2) I had no side effects that I was cautioned about- no upset stomach, vomiting, headaches, etc- just laid low for the weekend and let myself mourn the loss.

3) I was told by my doc to up my folic acid levels for 30 days- apparently methtrexate can deplete your folic acid resources and that is not a good thing if you’re planning on gettting pregnant right away.

4) I really found it helpful (emotionally) to do something to proactively move the miscarriage process along.  Like you, I knew that this wasn’t a vialbe pregnancy and it was somewhat of a relief to be “done” with the process.

5) Like a PP said, my beta numbers didn’t go down for a while- the lower the numbers get, the slower they move, so don’t be concerned if it takes a couple weeks to get back to 0.

Did your doctor tell you to wait until you’ve had one full cycle to start trying again?  I was told the medication would be out of my system in 10 days, but that we should wait to try again for other reasons- more general reasons after a MC. Darling Husband and I decided to take our doctors advice and wait bc we didn’t want any guilt later on IF something happened in our next pregnancy.

PM me if you want to talk- the whole situation is fresh in my mind and I’d be happy to lend a shoulder. 

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first of all i want to send you all the love in the universe. i have never been through what you are going through though i had fears and my heart goes out to you.

i follow vlogs on youtube for this incredible woman. she took a good while ttc, she had a misscarriage and an ectopic. right after the ectopic she got pregnant and had the beautiful amazing baby boy you see so much of in her later blogs. she inspires me and i thought you might enjoy her vlogs. here is one very specific to her ectopic and methotrexate. 



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