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Sunshine1234:  Not a doctor. But I had bad eczema that started on my eyelids. The elidel actually cleared it up in a week… But it was reoccurring (as eczema usually is.) you’re definitely not supposed to use elideal or any steroid cream for long periods of time. My Dr had me use the elidel for 10 days. If it hadnt cleared up by then to come back.


do you know the cause of the eczema? It’s usually triggered by stress, allergies. Atopic eczema is usually caused by contact.

 My eyelids were roughed up from allergy season that caused me to rub them and damage the skin. I soon had eczema start up on my inner elbows and a couple of years later on the left side of my neck.

I have what I refer to as the ‘homocidal trio’, which is allergies, asthma and eczema. My SIL is an NP and she told me often when you have two of the three the third shows up.

Eczema is extemely touchy. What worked for me might not work for you; and mine got so much worse before I got it under control. 

I tried traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, I saw 6 specialists. Be aware for Doctors to say they don’t know why it happens… It just happens, and there’s nothing you can do.

Ultimately I stripped down my diet for three months – No wheat, No gluten, no soy, no dairy, and no sugar. I did a 7 day juice fast. I think 70% of my diet was dark leafy greens.  My naturopath also put me on supplements…

And DH and I made a THC infused coconut oil cream… Which I actually only used on my eyelids and where is the only place the eczema hasn’t retuended since. Of course using Cannibis as a treatment is pretty controversial and I’m not sure if it would even be an avenue you’d be able to try. Now that my other skin is healed (from the infection)… After I have my baby Id like to try it on the other affectEd areas to see if it will have the same result.  

I can’t stress enough not to scratch it! Scratching it makes it worse and makes it spread. I scratched my arms so much it caused an infection, which spread through my skin layers. Also, some people on the Internet say use scalding hot water on the affected area because it gives the relief Scraf hing would… Do not do this! It dries it out, and again makes it spread. Warm water only, and moisturize As soon as you can after it’s been wet. Make sure you keep the area clear of any make up or anything that can irritate it. This is unfortunately trial and error… Some people swear by cetrain oils and creams but only you’ll know if they will work for your skin.

After I got the infection under control the only thing that really helped long term was honestly the diet change, and exercise (yoga and cardio). 

To this day, I don’t know what caused my eczema as I’ve had allergies my whole life and asthma since I was ten. It showed up when I was 28 and although I have it under control my Dr said to be prepared to deal with it from now on, as it’s likely permanent. 🙁 

When saw my derm i had it under control through diet, exercise and a moisturizing regimen that worked for my skin… So he prescribed me lower percentage steroid cream and stressed not to use it more than 2 weeks at a time at most because the steroids thin the skin. Luckily I haven’t had to use them much. 

Like I say, eczema can be different for everyone… If you’re lucky and find out what’s causing it, that’s your best option…Good Luck!!

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I get mild eCzema and I use cocount oil but not sure it would work in your case! I have read a lot avout diet and it as well! Best of luck! Hope it clears up soon!

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I hate eczema! I have had it on and off since I was a little kid.

Eczema needs lots and lots of moisture to clear up. I would recommend getting a really thick facial lotion and putting a bunch on before bed. 

I’ve also had good luck with hydrocortisone cream, but it’s not good to get it in your eyes so I wouldn’t use it on your eyelids. 

ETA: peanut butter causes my eczema (usually on my inner elbows) and I love PB so I can’t stay away from it. I can usually keep it at bay with a good lotion. 

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Sunshine1234:  for me, what works when I’m having bad outbreaks is cutting out the alcohol and really staying hydrated. For lotions, I use either Bliss body butter or Eucerin. But for the affected areas, the only thing that has ever worked for me is a Mexican ointment called Quadriderm NF.  It seriously clears me up in a matter of hours. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

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I’d understand if you say no, but do you have a photo? Last winter I got this really terrible dermatitis that started around my mouth. I used a steroid cream (P.S. Steroid creams are really bad for your face – especially long term. They thin the skin.) The cream made it go away, so I’d stop using it…. and then he dermatitis would come back with a vengeance. I never got a real diagnosis and I don’t think it was eczema, but it was red and sorta itchy/painful and really dry/scaley looking. (I might still have photos, I’ll check.)

I switched to an organic Neem Oil based soap, stopped using anything with Sodium Laurel Sulphate or Fluoride, and quit letting shampoo/conditioner run down my face in the event that it was an allergic reaction to soaps, dyes, or scents (runs in the family…). I stopped using ALL makeup (and I mean ALL. Not even mascara) in the event it was a reaction to chemicals. I started using a Fage Yogurt mask and giving myself buttermilk washes to calm the redness and help re-set the skin cultures. I also went to Origins and had them look at my face and recommend me some (exorbitantly expensive) organic lotions (one of which was made of mushrooms and seemed to help a good bit). I also stopped putting anything on my face that might have any oil at all, as that creates a film of no-air that traps in any germs and lets them multiply.

Not sure if any of this would help with eczema unless it was misdiagnosed. But those are the things I’ve tried for my skin afflictions. These things plus reduced stress and the end of winter really helped a lot. My skin has been fine ever since.

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Protopic changed my life. 

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I will also attest to diet and eliminating certain foods

gping milk and wheat free has helped me in the past

i take b12 fish oil and other vitamins 


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my sister also has in her hair and some parts of body, theres a line called shea moisture and it has elminated it almost completely. the line is sold almost everywhere including ulta, target and walmart and its the black soap body wash and bar

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Sunshine1234: there are different kinds of eczema. does yours start with little tiny blisters (kind of flat under the skin) before it gets raw and tender? if so, that might be Dischoid. I had that on my hands. Elidel and other topical treatments did absolutely nothing for me. moisturizers soothe it but don’t heal or prevent it — it is totally different from the more common kind of eczema that’s triggered by cold and dry weather.

mine flared up badly with heat and sweating or humidity. I lived in a hot climate and didn’t have AC at home. it got better during the winter and flared in the summer. after I moved away to a cooler climate and started working in an office, it got much better.  

some other things that I think *maybe* have also helped for me were the fact that I treat my body more healthily than I did back then, and just simply age. I’ve heard that some people outgrow it eventually. but IDK, it could have been any combination of these factors. 

I know that’s not very useful advice, but I’ve had this for over 10 years. it’s all I could ever figure out! no dermatologist has ever been able to help me. 

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My mom uses As Good As Gold skin stick from http://www.perfectlyposh.com/caitcalvert and she loves it. It’s only $13 and super easy to apply due to it being in stick form. Also it’s all natural! 

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