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My mom has eczema and steroids made it a LOT worse for her and cause a bunch of other health issues, so I’d stay clear of them if you have other options!

I would try coconut oil! It seems to help my mom, and when I was buying a tub a guy in the store stopped me to tell me about how he has eczema on his hands and rubbing coconut oil on it is the only thing that has ever helped him with it. It’s natrual and so good for you, so it’s worth a shot! 🙂 Good luck!!

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My husband had bad eczema all his life until he met me. He was on a lot of strong creams to try and control it and antihistamines to help the itching. When I moved in he went from a house over cleaned by his mother (he’s a man child) to me who hates cleaning! I do minimal and wont use cleaning products as they make me feel ill. Baking soda and vinegar is as good as it gets. Its helped his skin so much! He no longer scratches himself till the sheets are covered with blood. We also adopted a dog and if I put clean sheets on the bed and don’t let the dog in the bed his skin will flare up a little he seems to react better to the dirt. It wont work for everyone but I do recommend cutting out any cleaning chemicals you might use. 

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My son had bad eczema (his face looked like he had burns) we had a dermatologist tell us to mix some white vinegar with warm water & do a compress, we used to just add a bit with his bath water it help now you’d never know he suffered for such bad eczema now

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I would look into something called leaky gut or look into food intolerances. A lot of what we put into our body comes out in the form of skin ailments. Having suffered from chronic hives for 2 years I went to a naturopath  and found out what I was consuming is what was hurting me!

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As far as i know ecsema is a auto immune responce. So there is something going on that shouldnt be. Something you are proably reacting to which is making things worse. If you cant visit a Naturopath i would start with Gluten. Food intolerances usually show themselves in your digestion (your ability to poop ok/too much/not enough/gas bloating) or in your skin. I would also look into getting rid of dairy. start there. try getting rid of each for 3-4 weeks and see what happens. It wont be imediate and any gluten you get explosed to will stay in your system for up to 2 weeks…so it may be hard. Dairy might be easier to get rid of .

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commenting to follow


Right now I’m running the humidifer on high at night. Washing my clothes in Free and Clear laundry detergent. Using the Crystal as deoderant (not exactly working…). Using Cetaphil to wash my face and body. Using Eucerin Intensive Relief. Coconut oil on my face. 

It’s better but not all the way cleared up. I have it on my upper arms and legs. It’s not fun. 

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when I was still in the hospital as a baby I developed eczema in my inner arms around my elbows and I got it on my stomach as well throughout childhood. It flares up every once in a while. I guess mine is kind of mild. If I put unscented lotion on it and don’t scratch it will typically go away. When it gets really bad I have a prescription cream I get from my dermatologist. 

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Eczema is different for everyone.

Mine generally isn’t too bad, I’ve had it off and on since I was little, for maybe a year I’ve had patches on the back of my wrists and hands. Diet doesn’t seem to affect it, and contact with grass or products with fragrance always make it flare up. I use gentle laundry detergent and Dove body wash.

Occasionally if it gets really bad I use hydrocortisone (steroid) cream, but the 1% over-the-counter stuff for a couple days works fine. And I really like a lot of lotions with oatmeal. Some people swear by oatmeal baths.

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My sister is a pediatrician so she sees a lot of eczema. She recommends taking an omega 3 or fish oil supplement as the oils help moisturize your skin from the inside. Whole Foods has a few liquid omega supplements that are very tasty and don’t smell fishy.

She also recommends oatmeal baths for acute flare ups and not to shower every day as it can be very drying. Coconut and vitamin e oils/creams have also helped her patients.

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I know one person who followed the naturopathic treatment option for this and saw great improvement. It was essentially no gluten, no dairy, no yeast, no sugar, nothing fermented. Plus very expensive supplements. I followed this for another autoimmune disease and it did help. All this being said, chronic conditions are what they are. I’m never going to be cured and that shouldn’t be the expectation. 

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Tisa85:  Coconut oil generally doesn’t contain anything that would be considered a perfume, it’s just the natural scent in the oil.  Most of my products are scent free or low on scents but I’m fine with coconut oil.  Obviously avoiding it if you’re allergic to coconuts is a good idea.

I actually have 2, the typical one that is solid at room temp, and a liquid one (ENT wants me using that one).  Out of convienence I tried the liquid one on my face and I found the solid to be better.  Using the coconut oil in between topical meds has been beneficial as improving the dryness that remains once the irritation is reduced helps it from flaring up.

I’ve always had a bit of eczema that would pop up and be kind of stubborn but I don’t know what happened this year.  I had multiple different types and I was pretty much covered for a little while.  I’ve gone through multiple prescription creams and while it sucks to keep going to doctors and starts to get a bit confusing as to which is best where, having the multiple options has really helped.

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I haven’t had it in a long time, but I noticed that chlorine in hot tubs made my eczema really bad. The only thng that helped me was George’s cream, it comes in a big tub at the drug store. The steroid cream didn’t really do much for me.

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Second all the PPs to try and find out the cause of your eczema. A lot of it can be caused by diet, so I’d try an elimination diet and see if you can find a food trigger (if there is one). Night shades like tomato are a big irritant for diet triggered eczema.

Mine flares up when I’m stressed out. My skin also doesn’t like certain metals and that sets it off. My skin also prefers actual old-school soap (I use Dr Bronners) to the detergenty stuff that is more popular now.

I try not to use any harsh creams, but my eczema is fairly manageable. When I get a flare up, I’ll stop using anything with perfume (soaps etc). I use treatment creams with manuka honey. I’m not sure if that is as common as a treatment outside of Australia/NZ. 

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