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LittlePumpkin:  So I can use this as a bitch thread for my shitty coworkers?! ๐Ÿ˜€

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I am at a job that frequently works the night shift. I had a coworker once who was so exhausted after a 24 hr shift, poor thing, that she fell asleep on her feet, crouched in a ball holding her knees. I thought it was hilarious! 

I also once had a coworker who was one of the good ole southern country boys that had a lot of interesting theories. One theory was one his grandfather told him; that at midnight exactly on Christmas Eve, all the animals in the fields bowed down on their knees at the same time. I tried to tell him that Jesus was actually born in spring and that many people have been awake at midnight Christmas Eve and never saw a thing, but he was absolutely SURE it was true. He was a great worker and good guy but that one had me scratching my head. ๐Ÿ˜€

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I work in childcare and when there are ~ethical or behaviour management discussions so often you’ll hear the older ladies say things along the lines of “probably a generational thing” or “it’s different if you’ve got kids” um… Sorry for not having kids yet but you’d probably judge me for that anyways? And I really don’t think that having kids would make me change my ideas on whether or not kids should be given extra food if they’re hungry… Lol otherwise they’re great. 

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Dogsbody92:  I work in child care too! I love it there and I love the people I work with, but we had this one intern who would help in the classes, and when she was in my class, she critiqued everything I did, saying she would do it differently. Most of the women said they had the same problem with her. Guess who’s back this summer. And she’s back to stay. Yippie!

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LittlePumpkin:  That fry container IS freaking cute, but it’s not enough for me! Lol!


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Aww, those are some cute stories. I like the sleepy girl falling also on her feet :3

I don’t really have any, I loved my coworkers, but can’t think of much.

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A former co-worker of mine (let’s call her D) had a serious alcohol problem. I could smell it on her every day, but she never drank at work until one fateful Thursday.

D came in a few minutes late and looked a bit worse for wear. She walked in with her travel mug and put it in the fridge, which I found odd but to each her own. She sat down at her computer and started showing me all the things she had purchased at K-mart earlier that morning, including a set of teeth-whitening strips. D proceeded to put said whitening strips on her teeth and thought she would wear them during work for a bit. That’s all well and good, but she was absolutely astonished when it was difficult to answer the phone and schedule appointments with plastic strips covering her teeth.

After that debacle, she decided she would go to Office Max and get a stamp made with our return address. It took 3 trips to Office Max because the stamp kept coming back incorrect; each time she returned to the office, she was goofier than before.

I wised up to her tricks and took it upon myself to investigate her cup in the fridge. (This is the part where I expect people will tell me to mind my own business, but this is a very small company where I am the only employee except for the two co-owners and I will not let one drunk idiot make us look stupid). I took a sniff and was met with an overwhelming aroma of Chardonnay. I informed my boss, but I also let him know that I didn’t see her drink from the cup at all (though her several trips to her car during the work day raised a few suspicions).

D was let go later that day.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to be a drunk, be a drunk on your own time.

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LittlePumpkin:  This is actually my friends co worker, but he just told me this story this past weekend

They work at a car dealership and one of the guys was always napping on the job, being lazy etc.

One day he was napping in the back one of their mini vans, he woke up and sat up to find a family and another sales man in the car ON A TEST DRIVE. He is 6’3 so he sat up and scared the shit out of everyone LOL.

unfortunately he was fired that day, but he was also caught another time sleeping in the front seat when the opened the car to show it. 

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MrsWoods47:  haha oh no! 

morningcoffee:  oh I don’t mean they’re overeating, more that sometimes others think things are becoming a power struggle when it’s really just a kid who likes food or needs to pee more often haha. 

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