(Closed) EEEEEKKkkkkkk!!! Epic failed centerpiece and feeling very defeated

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Bumble bee
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I actually think your sort of there. I think you need a filler where the sponge is. Something quite busy and green and I think you should put something in the class part of the vase maybe some crystals and i like submerged lights as you suggested. Also different heights with the stems would help you get a great looks and those wood twizzle things in the 1st picture would achieve that and theyre cheap

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Worker bee
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My personal opinion is that the white kind of throws it off the peacock colours – maybe swap it for another deep blue colour? I personally feel it needs some more blue up top ๐Ÿ™‚ 


I agree extra filler will boost it out a bit and the lights/stones in the glass will really add to the colours. I completely agree that you’re nearly there, and it’s hard to ‘see’ the finished article ahead of time so don’t beat yourself up about it!

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Sugar bee
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I’m sorry, I can’t see your inspiration photo. I am also NOT good with flowers, but my family owned a florist for years. What I would suggest, is:

1) You need to cover up the oasis. (styrofoam). You’re not really supposed to see this. One way you can do this is by adding another row of the purple flowers that sit a bit higher at the bottom. 

2) It looks really odd the way that there is nothing in the vase. Usually there would be stems. But one thing you could do is to get some pretty marbles and put them in. Another thing you could do is that… Fake snow type stuff (cheaper but I think the former would look much better) You could also do a fruit, but I’m not sure what would work with your colors without being insanely expensive. 

3) Vary the heights of the tall stems a bit more. Right now from this image it looks like they’re all the same and it makes it look a little… shmeh. I’m not sure whether you cut the stems long enough to do this (I’m guessing not since they’re not in the vase. But FTR, florists generally would let the stems go through the oasis), but if you do – pull some up higher and some lower. I also would not put them all in a perfect row. Maybe vary them some. 

4) Greens! Real might actually be cheaper, but I’m not sure. Add some greens! You don’t need a lot, but it will really fill them out and it will look less one dimensional.

Don’t worry – you’re almost there. They look Ok now, but I think with a little bit of effort, they could be really great!

Good luck!!!!

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Busy bee
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I defnitely think you need a deeper green and blue in there…and keep in mind that your inspiration photos are professionally edited, and in special lighting, so they are going to look extra fancy as compared to ones taken at home with your house lighting shining down straight from above.

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@Mrs.LemonDrop:  Just what I was thinking!

Vary the heights, cover the styrofoam, and put something in that vase. Also, add some greens and maybe some of those twig looking things.

@Mrs_BB You definitely need a lot more flowers! I think also your colors are a bit off. What you have are pretty, but they’re not lush and elegant like the pictures you post. I would stick with two rich colors, perhaps a deep blue and a green. I would lose the teal, pink, and white. In your original ‘help’ post, notice how full the styrofoam is, and how the tall peacock feathers are sticking out. Vary your levels and fill that styrofoam sucker up! Then assess your vase! You’re almost there! 

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i personally really like yours. If i was a guest at your wedding i would be very delighted. 

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Busy bee
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@Mrs_BB:  I agree with PP that varying the heights of the stems and filling in that empty space would help complete the look.  You can get bunches of hydrangeas from any fabric store – if you have a Hobby Lobby close by, make sure you use the online 40% off coupon ๐Ÿ™‚ The tall vase does look kind of plain without something inside of it.  You could use the usual fillers or just fill it with water to give that magnified look (just an idea!) and I like how the inspiration picture you’re working off of has the same flowers down inside the water.  Have you tried that?  It looks great – a few more small touches and I think you’ve got it!

I am also a peacock bride getting married on April 20th!  Date Twins!  Deep breaths…it will be perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

ETA: I’m also looking for advice on how to make mine better…any suggestions??

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Sugar bee
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As been said before, you need to cover the Styrofoam. The first thing I would do, would be to shorten the long stems so that the greens come closer to the ball. Right now, you have this awkward space where there’s mostly just “sticks” and that doesn’t look good at all. Also, the pale blue flowers in the bottom (as well as the white tall ones) look off to me – could you remove them and use them for another arrangement? Perhaps on the cake table?


If you remove them and shorter the remaining flowers, I would then cover the base with moss (you can buy that at Michaels I think) and add some darker blue mid-height flowers. As it is now, there’s this height difference that’s really pronounced and I think you would achieve a smoother look if your additional flowers were a litter taller than the current ones.

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Helper bee
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@Mrs_BB:  Dont get frustrated. A: you need more flowers. B: your color scheme is off. You need more jewel tones. You seem to have a bit of a beachy tone right now. 

Something to think about is that you have a tall vase, so you really want to wrap that green foam ball in something because when your guests sit down and look up at it, that is what they are going to see, not those beautiful flowers. I would definately put some pebbles in the bottom and hide a little LED light in it. Fill the ball in with HYDRANGEA first, the flowers you have there right now are pretty small and it will take too many of them. If you want to bring in some color, dot in some alstromeria on the ball. Then put your gladiola on the top. Maybe add a few feathers by cutting them down and using floral wire to hold it on to the Glads then you can stretch that out a bit and not puchase as many. 

Hope This Helps… Good luck, don’t get frustrated, keep trying!!!

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Ok…first of all….”Frankie Say Relax”. You are doing just fine….it’s not as bad as you think. At all.  I worked in a flower shop and I make my own wreaths. Here are my tips…

– When I think of peacock, I think purple, turquiose, citron/bamboo green and magenta or dark pink. I see white in your sample. There is no white I can see in the original. I would remove that. I would also use navy blue in place of white, if you need another color.

– When using flowers, always think more. Always get more than you feel you will need. Always. You can return anything you don’t use. Also, don’t make yourself stick to a certain kind of flower because you like it. Get things you love and things that you like the color of…this will open you to more options.

– To get a fuller effect, you will need to add depth to your piece. This means, things need to stick out more, “flop over”…yours is very linear. Start sticking things at different heighths. You will need to cut some. Also don’t be afraid to put things in at different angles. To achieve this, you will need to make yours a lot fuller, so you can stick other pieces into it. Since you have feathers, I would pick those to hang over the side as they are whispy and flexible. Also using some feathers as fillers would work too.

– You need greenery. Bells of Ireland or something similiar will go great, I feel. But you need a lot of greenery. If you can’t find artificial ones, look for full leaf greenery. Even if you have to use flowers you don’t like to get their greenery…you can remove the flowers for the green.

– Lights are not needed. When you have something this full, this full of color, it will be enough. Look at your inspiration…none of them have lights. One has candles. If you want exra light, add candles (real or fake)…one on each side. Remember to work in odd numbers…3, 5, etc.

– When adding something to the vase, consider greenery…something thin and wispy…remember, you want a peacock. ๐Ÿ™‚ This will also give you additional color and volume. I also love the look of orchids in vases…look at your sample. One of them has orchids in the vase that are blue-ish purrple. Greenery will add color, you won’t have to worry about doing it a certain way and it will take up room, along with adding visual interest.

– Don’t be afraid to add more and more. You really are much closer than you think!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I admire you for doing this…I wouldn’t try this if someone paid me. You will be so proud of yourself when you complete it!!!

Just so you know I’m on to something, here is a wreath I made… You may not like the theme or style, but I wanted you to see the overall effect… See how I made it “full”? It has different textures, sizes and depths.

Best of luck to you!

 EDIT: I just noticed in all your samples, there are orchids…you need orchids. Please PM me if you need help with anything. I am not working and I have the time!

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i personally really like yours. Good luck!!!!

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Helper bee

@Mrs_BB:  I’ve got a suggestion that may help.  If you want it to look like your inspiration pic, you need to make sure that you don’t put all the flowers in so that they are ‘pointing’ up.  The inspiration pic has the stems entering the styrofoam so it goes straight in relation to the curve of the ball, not angled.  Basically, the stems entering in near the ring of purple flowers at the bottom need to go in almost horizontally.

I also think shortening the stems may help it look less sparse and a little fuller.  The stems don’t offer nearly as much coverage as the actual flower portion.  If the flowers are closer to or touching the styrofoam you won’t have nearly as much showing.

ETA: Another thing you can do to make it look fuller and more like your inspiration pic is to use bigger, fuller flowers around the base.  Yours are smaller than in the inspiration, and so you have to use much more of the other flowers to cover all the styrofoam.

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Bumble bee
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Your colors are definitely off. Stick with more of a plum purple and teal. Don’t throw in the blues, pinks, or lime greens. If you stick with the two colors I think you’ll achieve the look you’re going for. 

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Too many colors in the snapdragons? Pick 2 color and use your other colors in the rest using different flowers. Your arrangement also looks too “rigid” so you definitely need more filler with a variety of textures and length. Also your flower width ratio to your vase looks off. Inspiration pics look like they’re using really thing vases. Remove the pink bunch of flowers you tied to the base of the vase.

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