Egg Donation – thoughts?

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I have actually looked into this and I wasn’t eligible. I imagine it would be hell going through the hormones. Unless I knew the kid and knew it was from me it wouldn’t bother me. In fact I would have liked to know that a piece of me that lived on even if it never worked out for me- I was single at the time. 

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hibeesknees :  I haven’t donated but did IVF to get my daughter. It’s rough and I wouldn’t put myself through weeks of shots, twat wand appointments, and ultimately surgery for a few thousand bucks. 

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I looked into it as well and was also ineligible (underweight/low BMI). I think it’s a great thing for someone to consider as long as they don’t have any emotional attachment as far as the egg/child goes. I don’t really have any attachment to my eggs so I would be okay knowing that I helped another couple have a child. 

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i think it’s incredibly selfless to consider. I’ve done IVF x 3 and can’t imagine putting myself through this voluntarily (and honestly I wouldn’t do it for $4k). I’ve heard of egg donors having fertility problems later in life, though. My understanding is there is limited research done on the long terms effect of these hormones in your body. I’d ask a lot of questions about that if you’re seriously considering (and you plan to have children later in life). 

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I have a friend who has done it twice. She made 10 grand the first time, and more than that the second. That being said, she has “desirable” DNA. No family mental or medical history, physically attractive, college education etc. I know that drives up the price. From my understanding it was an annoyance, but worth the money in her mind. 

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I tried to donate my eggs- I talked with 2 companies, filled out questionnaires, gave pics… I guess what they do (or how it was 10yrs ago) is they put my profile in a catalogue and potential customers could choose. I have good health and decent physical features, college education. But I was never chosen.

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I think I would be a surrogate for someone I loved before I would be an egg donor. I’ve had one child conceived naturally.

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I would just be worried about the pain and the long term effects from the hormones as PP mentioned. 

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I wouldn’t be eligible but even if I were, I would not want to take the possible life-threatening risk the hormones & extraction procedure would have on me.

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I have a friend who has done it 3 times and she was happy with the decision each time. Now she’s looking into becoming a surrogate. She has three of her own children and is incredibly fertile. The last couple who used her eggs had twins and they send her pictures every now and then. She has a wonderful heart and felt a calling to help couples conceive. I think it’s an amazingly selfless act and I would do it if I were fertile. Unfortunately I’m one of the women who requires help. I think it doesn’t hurt to make an appointment and get some info. 

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I wouldn’t do it for 4k, just having friends who have done IVF.. it’s a lot. 10k? Itd depend on my financial status. Currently I wouldn’t but if it were back when I was making 20k a year? Yeah.. I’d do it.

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I think it’s something very generous to do and takes amazing individuals that have such generosity going into it. The money you are paid is nothing compared to what you’re giving and the process you’re going through.

However, for me personally, it’s not something I would ever be comfortable with. It’s multi-faceted but just simply comes down to too much sentiment around it for myself.

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hibeesknees :  I’m in the UK and wouldn’t do it for the following reasons:

1) I have endo and coming off the pill and taking the drugs you have to take would cause a huge flare up and could really cause major damage. Plus I may not be accepted anyway

2) The amount paid is very low: it wouldn’t cover the risks for me personally

3) You do not get anonymity so any child that was born using your egg/s can trace you once they turn 18. I’m CFBC and wouldn’t want that

In general though I think it’s a great thing to do. I know a few people struggling with fertility and if I didn’t have endo and would be allowed to remain anonymous I would probably do it.

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