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here is my expierence with them:


Where do I start. I booked their service because my Husband and I have very particular taste in music and they have an online system where you can add songs you want played. I trusted that a moderately priced DJ couldn’t screw things up if I was really specific in my instructions. WRONG. After trying to add out intro and first dance songs I realized they only had 1 of the 4 songs and probably would not have a majority of the music we wanted for dancing. I contacted them 6 weeks before our wedding to tell them I was going to provide a USB with all the songs we wanted to play and I just needed to know how to get it to them. Dave said my DJ would let me know the best way to get it to them.

After a month I still had not heard back so I asked again, how do I get the music over to you? About 2.5 weeks before the wedding they told me DJ Mark had been assigned to me and would be contacting me shortly to go over everything. After another week I called them again because DJ Mark had never called. They finally got him to call me 10 days before my wedding. I overnighted him the USB with our songs and an instruction sheet telling him what to play for the last song of the night, what kind of music we like/don’t like, how to pronounce peoples names, ect.

DJ Mark called me the Monday before my wedding at 9:15 pm (um, some people get up at 6 am, I was already half asleep and thought it was rude to call that late) He said he looked over some of the songs and would spend more time on it this week. I asked him if the instructions and name pronouncing made sense and he said he would let me know if he had any questions.

Wedding day: During cocktail hour I stop over to see if he has everything or has any questions, he says no. As we are lining up to do introductions he asks me what song the parents walk out to. My heart stopped. Why would you ask me that when it was on the instructions sheet? So I ask. He “never saw” the instructions sheet in the package with the USB. WHAT????? Why then, when I asked the other day if he understood specific things on the sheet, and if he didn’t know WTF I was talking about, why didn’t he say anything? So I try to remember everything I had said on it in less than a minute. I about had a panic attack. My Husband was so pissed he almost stopped the introductions to go into the hall and yell at DJ Mark. It was awful.

But it gets worse. I had to get up from my dinner to interrupt DJ Mark who was chatting away eating with other vendors (FYI – I didn’t buy you a vendor meal since you were to start at 7 and dinner was served at 7:30 but glad you ate one anyway) to do toasts that should have already been done.

We had 3.5 hours of dancing time. Our USB contained 2 hours and 45 minutes of “must play” dancing music and 45 minutes of “suggested” music. Needless to say not only were “must play” songs not played, but three times my husband or I had to tell him to turn whatever song he had put on off. We didn’t want requests, but he took them. He obviously didn’t even listen to the songs we sent to know if they were fast or slow because the whole night was choppy and all over the place. He would stop songs abruptly before they were even over and it would be silent. It was all around terrible.

My Husband spent the next day reflecting on our almost perfect wedding and were so disappointment by the DJ. If it wasn’t for the fact that all our other vendors were amazing I would have felt my wedding was a disappointment.

You would be better off with an IPod than Elite Signature DJ’s

Here is the communication with ESJ: 
4/23 – BD paid in Full 
4/23 – BD emails ESJ/Dave at 10:53 am and says she has a set list of songs ready and asks how to get them to ESJ. 
4/23 – ESJ/Dave emails BD at 1:05 pm that the unknown DJ will let her know how to send the files 
4/23 – BD emails ESJ/Dave at 1:25 pm they do not have the introduction song, first dance or mother/son dance songs and asks again what the best way to send those over will be 
4/23 – ESJ/Dave emails BD at 1:28 pm and says again that there is no way to send the music until a unknown DJ is assigned and specifies what is the best way to give those files 
5/10 – BD submits the event planning form and timeline to ESJ via online portal 
5/14 – ESJ/Nancy calls BD for 3 minutes. BD says she has the files and needs to know how to send them 
5/21 – BD emails ESJ/Dave at 1:55 pm again asking how to send the music. She offers to mail a USB or upload the files onto a file sharing website like Dropbox 
5/21 – ESJ/Dave emails BD at 2:23 pm and says he forwarded the email to operations and my DJ will be calling me soon 
5/23 – ESJ/Christy emails BD at 11:27 am and says DJ Mark has been assigned to her. ESJ/Christy says DJ Mark is reviewing the submitted planning forms and will be contacting her shortly. 
5/29 – BD emails ESJ/Christy at 8:52 am informing her that DJ Mark has never contacted her. ESJ/Christy never responds to the email 
5/30 – BD calls ESJ at 6:02 pm and informs them again that DJ mark has never called 
5/30 – DJ Mark calls BD at 6:34 pm and they talk for 4 minutes. BD explains the urgency of getting the songs to DJ Mark. DJ Mark suggests either mailed them to his home or just giving him a USB the day of. 
5/31 – BD sends the USB of songs along with instructions for the DJ 
6/1 – DJ Mark emails BD at 5:02 pm saying he received the thumb drive and will look over the songs this weekend. 
6/4 – DJ Mark calls BD at 9:17 pm and talks to her for 10 minutes. He says he doesn’t know all the songs but will review them. BD asks if the instruction sheet made sense and DJ Mark says he will let her know of any questions.

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