Elongated Cushion Moissanite Vendors – Not ACC or OMC please :)

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Wah!! Is there a pic?? I don’t see it! 


Im doing around 2.5 if it’ll be a halo and a 3ct if I’m doing a solitaire round.

I want a really thin halo around the ACC if I do that. Idk why I’m weird and think every stone that isn’t a round cut looks naked without some sort of a halo. Like it looks unfinished or something. Idk I’m weird lol. I just want a thin one.

Here’s what the top would look like. Double claw prong and thin halo:(obviously not an oval)

And then this would be similar to the band size with Ucut French pave, I would just have it go 3/4 down instead of 1/2:

3 carats of oval perfection πŸ’Ž #halo

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I would just have different detailing underneath and probably with a cathedral.

So if I do the ACC I think I’m doing the new august vintage Amora. Did you see the link from it on my post? Omg it’s ridic and it’s a DEF color. The jeweler from good ol gold reviews it and can’t stop saying how amazing it is. And since I saw what it would look like in a halo,  I think that would for sure be my pick if I’m doing the halo. 

Im going to email Michael now and see what he thinks. He has all the vendors so I’ll have to ask him about the new august vintage. I’m sure he could get it. It’s 1500 for the EF color. 

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LOL yes girl I thought that same exact thing when I was reading your posts that’s why I was going to message you. I was like..wth this sounds just like me! Haha 

yes I saw the picture! Is that a 3 stack? It’s gorrgggggg

They sell the “rectangular” one here 

Your custom cut Rectangular August Vintage Moissanite

So you can tell them the dimensions you want. I would do elongated too. I don’t like square. There’s one video “reintroducing the august vintage” from good ol gold. It was a little while ago. He was saying they perfected the cut. That video omg lol. 

Henri daussi is 😍😍 I’m sure someone could create the same look!

i wanted the 3 row pave too at first but one jeweler told me that they’re nice when you first get them but overtime they get really dull, plus the stones can fall out so easily. So I said ok NM on that one. Happy Jewelerys IG is like drooooollll. I can’t stop stalking that thing. I get so many ideas from there. parade jewelers from Australia is amazing too. That’s where I got the solitare ring I would want, if I went that direction. It’s here:


or this one but with a 3ct stone 

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I like the double prongs better tho I think. Idk what happened to that video.. i don’t think it came out. 

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So those are the two I’m stuck between lol, and I really can’t decide at alllllll

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michellelynn9175 :  glad you find it helpful! and thank you, I love my set too. So, I am going to try to address your questions. 
The moissy with the most fire is definitely my cushion (neo). Keep in mind that it’s in large part due to the size of the stone (2 carat equivalent) and the cut. The bigger you go the more fire. Then, it has to be the tapered baguettes, due to their cut too and last would be the baguettes (zaya). I think the straight baguettes have the least fire due to their straight lines but they do have some fire too; but it’s simply not the same effect. Here is one photo of my round (I think it’s 1 carat) diamond, my princess cut diamonds next to my moissy for comparison. Here you’ll see more of those rainbow flashes in the cushion, while you can notice red, purple and blue flashes from the round diamond, but not as much as the neo. Once again, hard to give a true comparison due to the settings too that are so different. The princess and straight baguettes had similar effects in this lighting. If you want I can try to take pics in different lighting for you. Just let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see. 
When comparing all of these, it’s tough to accurately compare them since everything is different sizes and cuts. What I can honestly tell you is that when my diamonds have crazy fire, it’s also when the moissy do, and when the diamonds are more “tame” same goes for the moissy. Biggest difference is that the moissy’s fire is wilder (for lack of better word) but that’s what I love about it. I don’t pass my moissy as diamonds, but nobody has ever asked me about any of my stones. If anyone mentions them it’s to compliment me on how pretty everything is, diamonds and moissy included. 
I also wanted to add that the zaya are colorless while my cushion is near colorless, and i can’t speak to the diamonds they belonged to my mother. 
Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.03.18 PM

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Johnathan puts the link to AVCinc at the end of his video. Better than diamonds has it and then august vintage cushion inc. has it. I haven’t done tons Of research but followed the link on his video. 

the Dakota is so pretty. I love the cathedral, It’s just SO high. for me I would be afraid of smashing it constantly πŸ˜‚  I love the Eva. That thing is gorgeous. I agree with it looking better than the Dakota. So you want a flush halo? I’m the opposite I want mine set down a bit. I like the crown of the center stone above the halo. I almost like the kind of peekaboo halo, not really a hidden, but an almost there kind of style. If I’m getting a beautiful center stone I don’t want to take away from it too much.  I don’t really like round halos but the Eva makes me love it!

I like the small cutlet too. I emailed Michael and asked about the AVC if he might know something. I would think he might. We will see. If not I can always go with Harro.

i remember seeing that video of the brilliant cut. 😍 I can see why you chose it. I love both, idk why I just keep flocking back to those chunky facets lol. 

The Neo diamond cut is really pretty too. 

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