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About a year ago my mom and I were talking to friends about The Doobie Brothers. We thought they were brothers whose last name was Doobie….nope. We just learned that ‘doobie’ is another word for a joint. 

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Slingshot:  You and everyone else here need to watch this video. LOL.


As far as myself, up until I was about 15 years old, I took offense to this sign:

I thought, “Wow, that’s really rude that they are calling the children ‘slow.’ Why can’t they just use the word disabled?” Until I finally realized that grammatically, it should read “Slow: children at play.” As in slow down your car. Haha!

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UK-bee:  I almost choked on my lunch LOL!

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I am far too old for this but I am facinated with snow. I grew up in LA so I never had it. Snow is something you visit on vacation. I went to undergrad in  St. Louis and the first snowstorm I ran out the dorm in my pajamas and ran wild in it. I have since lived in snow, hate driving in snow but I still get so excited by it. So dumb. When I lived in Central New York and talked about how I never lived in such a snowy enviroment people just blinked and looked at me like I’m crazy. Now in Vegas and visit snow once every winter.

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gijanedoe:  LOL that video, though!!!

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My sisters and mom used to walk around saying bra’s and when it was finally time for me to get one I told my sister I wanted a ‘brawl’. She laughed at me and I didn’t put it together until 3 years later when I went shopping at Victoria’s Secret and the sign said Bra Sale. I started laughing I told my best friend that it was spelled wrong. She got a good laugh out of it and explained.. Felt like an idiot.

My godson (he’s 2.5) loves to play hide and go seek, he started a new thing to help him find his parents. He will say ready or not here I come then “daddy/mommy/whoever he’s playing with, make a noise!” I guess my name threw him off because he started running together the last part so it sounds like ‘NIKKI MINAJ’ I lost several games from cracking up.. He also yelled this out at the grocery store and embarrassed the crap out of my best friend 😀

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I always thought that the ‘D’ in the disney logo (you know, the one with the castle behind it) was a backwards ‘G’ when I was growing up. Even now I can’t unsee the G.

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wannabmrsp:  All I can say is any adult I have ever interacted with exects more than and off-handed thank you when recieving a gift. Anyone aruging otherwise is probably terrible at Thank-You’s too.

It’s like saying you don’t need to write thank you cards for your wedding gifts because you made a speech thanking everyone…..Fail.

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nowyouareaghost:  I always thought the Y was a P that was silent or something lol.

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One time at Girl Scouts, we played a game of get-to-know-you telephone. The leader started the telephone game by whispering a question in one girl’s ear. The question traveled around the circle, then the last person, rather than saying the question they heard, instead answered the question aloud and we all answered the question in turn.

I was positive the question was “what’s your favorite tree?” so when all these girls were saying stuff like Oreos, banana popsicles, sundaes, brownies, etc., I was laying the judge down pretty thick. Obviously, I was clearly superior to these fools, who did not even know what a tree was! So when it came to my turn, I very snobbishly said “well MINE is a palm tree.”

Everyone laughed at me and I got so mad I stormed out and slammed the door. The question was actually, of course, “what’s your favorite treat?”

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What about the first time you ever said a swear word but didnt know you said one, didnt know what they were? I forget how old I was, but my mom was in the kitchen and my brother was at the table eating. I was putting a piece of toast in the toaster waiting for it to pop up, after it did I took it out and was humming a tune that goes like this… fuck fuck fuck, fuckkkk fuck fuck fuck la la la.. my brother is now giving me the evil eye so I say WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT? my mom says.. thats a bad word, dont ever sing that again.   Cant believe I still remember that when I cant even remember what I did last week. 

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My favorite one (my sister in law said it)

We were discussing purchasing half a cow. And she had this look of pure confusion on her face until she suddenly blurted out why would you buy half a cow? Like for the milk? Lol, we still laugh about that 

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