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Honey bee
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LOL He was upstairs getting ready for bed, I was downstairs laying under a blanket and I let one rip and it was a gross one. He called down to see if I was coming to bed and I said yup and flipped the blanket off, and the smell just wafted right up the stairs. He was like WTF?!?! We laugh about it but we both still after 2.5 years try to avoid farting in front of each other!! 

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I can’t think of many… though I like to tease my fiance about this…


the first or second time my Fiance met my brother, he was over watching a movie with me.. cuddling, messing around, etc..  he went to leave & accidently backed into my brothers car in the street..  put a pretty sizable dent in two of his doors!   luckily my brother is pretty easy going.  Fiance claims it was the sex that left him in a daze.   yea yea yea..


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@LadyBlackheart:  It would be hard to pick between the time I got my finger stuck in the hand mixer and the time we both came down with food poisoning on a camping trip…actually, about 75% of our marriage has some embarassing moment in it….but we do it with style, that’s what counts I guess.

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Sugar bee

@LadyBlackheart:  That is beyond hilarious! Of course mine is a fart story too. Darling Husband (bf at the time) and I were spooning in bed after misbehaving, if you catch my drift, and I was big spoon. I should’ve known being big spoon, naked, after eating popcorn was a mistake, but I didn’t, and just as Boyfriend or Best Friend drifted off to sleep he straight up naked popcorn farted on my bare thigh. It was the first time he had ever farted in front of me, and he thought it was so funny he nearly fell out of bed. I’ve been dealing with his farts ever since. 

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I was really embarrassed when I pulled my car out of the car port at our old apartment, I was too close to the wooden post and knocked my side mirror right off ๐Ÿ™

Thankfully I still haven’t farted in front of him (while awake that is) and we have been together for 7 years!

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Honey bee
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I have IBS and a few times (a long time ago – I have it under control now), we were far from a bathroom, so he had to pull over so I could go in the woods. It was mortifying… but Darling Husband handled it very calmly, which helped.

  @Nona99:  I actually got my hand caught in the hand mixer while it was on! I was making a triple-layer cake. I called Darling Husband crying, and he snuck home from work to check on me and mixed the final layer for me. Also, an embarressing moment…

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Worker bee
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My best fart story (and the first really embarrassing thing I remember) happened when I wasn’t even awake. We both still have twin size beds, and they’re both against the wall, so when we spend the night together, we can get into some pretty weird positions. I also end up with a lot of bruises from kneeing the wall, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, apparently Fiance woke up and I guess I let one go.

On his face.

I also talk in my sleep. I’ve said weird stuff. But the face-fart wins. And the fact that apparently very early in our relationship I forgot to flush the toilet once, so I’m not allowed to tell him “girls don’t poop” or he lets me know he’s seen mine, and that it doesn’t smell nice. To which I have to ask: whose does, anyway? 

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I don’t have any as high quality as you ladies (but I suppose that’s a good thing?) BUT I do have an awesome one from my fiance’s cousin. They were on their honeymoon and stayed a couple nights in this really secluded place with no power, running water etc. The bathroom was literally a hole in the floor. The first night, this cousin got food poisoning and needed his wife to hold him up over the hole so he could shit his guts out. Must be love!

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Can I just vote pregnancy as a whole?

The farting while laughing is a bad one. And peeing a little bit during crying.

Or when I was like 8 weeks pregnant, I had the WORST craving for pizza. But it was like 10pm, so I couldn’t get any. Then I realized I could have an English Muffin pizza! So I jumped up and started making one!

Darling Husband was like “What are you doing?” And when I told him, he went “No.”

And I SOBBED. Uncontrollable, my-dog-just-died SOBBING.

It was mortifying. And I just couldn’t stop!

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Bumble bee

@LadyBlackheart:  omg the story is hilarious!!! I wish I could think of an embarrassing moment with my fi but we’ve always been super comfortable with eachother!! 

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Helper bee

ohgod, the most mortifying thing is a long story. He still teases me about it and I still can’t get over feeling embarrassed.

He was away for the summer at an internship and I was going to visit in a few weeks. He kept hinting he had a surprise for me that was:

-worth a lot
-meant a lot to him
-gains value as it gets older

I swear there was another one too.. but reading that list tell me how many of you wouldn’t say that was a ring!? I’ll admit the last one threw me off but I was thinking antique? I asked all of my girlfriends and they agreed with me so I wasn’t crazy.

However… we had only been dating for 8 months at that point. I knew that he was really, really into me, because the first few months of the relationship we had to have a few discussions about taking things slower, but I was terrified that he was going to propose.

I knew one of my friends had turned down her boyfriends proposal at first for the same reason, but accepted it later, so I proceeded to have a very lengthy discussion with her about how she handled it.

ANYWAYS cut to the day I finally go to visit him.

He is at work, I got there about 3 so I had a few hours to kill. He lets me go on his computer so I logged in to browse the internet. However… I had a huge intuition moment that told me to look into his history. (I have never done this before, or after this instance) I see that he has been logged into my facebook… and reading my messages.

Now, I’m in full on panic mode. He’s seen my conversation with my friend and why is he even looking at my stuff to begin with? I only had a few minutes at this point to determine a plan of action. I decided I needed to confront him about it even though I was bad because he was breeching my privacy too.

So he comes home and I feel bad because our happy reunion is tainted with my knowledge. I immediately fess up and ask why he was on my page. He was kinda quiet,  but then said “I saw what you said to your friend when your profile was logged in, and I had to check to make sure you weren’t telling your family and everything…”

and he proceeds to pull out…
a holographic Charizard pokemon card.
(this is another story that I wont include but lets just say it meant a lot to me)

I start BAWLING. like… I don’t think I’ve ever been that embarrassed in my life.

It was quite awkward at the time, but now at almost 2 years it has led to very open conversations about being life partners. So I guess it broke the ice but dear god no one could pay me enough money to relive that.

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Bumble bee
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embarrasement? pshh that would require us to actually CARE how stupid we look in front of each other….

I farted really loud accidentally in front of him after only a few days and i blamed his dog. LoL he started cracking up and he’s like “the dogs not even in the room!” lol he still tells his friends/family about that one.

Then about 6 months ago… I realllyyy had to pee so i was running to the bathroom and I got to the bathroom and got my pants down and slammed my butt on the seat so hard it cracked the seat. I go out to Darling Husband and i get this really fake shy look on my face and im likee … “sooo we MAY need to stop at Lowes tomorrow”….”whyyy what’d you break”….”theres a chance I may have broke the toilet seat..” laughing he’s like “noooo”…  and runs to the bathroom to check and starts cracking up making jokes about my fat ass. He calls his brother right away to tell him how my fat ass broke the seat. I get embarrased when he tells everyone and i feel the need to explain but its still hilarious… i mean come on he’s alot heavier then me and I’m the one who broke the seat. LOL


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Sugar bee
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i can top everyone. i had horrible, debilitating food poisoning once and it coming out of both ends for 12 hours. in the bed once. and i was too sick to clean it up myself so…yupp.

worst thing EVER. Fiance was so good about it but i’m still mortified to this day. we don’t speak of it. :X

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