Embarrassing song for mother/son dance?

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Busy bee

Serious question: is she wanting to use the version where all the animal sounds are incorporated from the scene where Simba is shown to the rest of the animal kingdom?!

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Bumble Beekeeper

Well l’m with you OP in hating cringeworthy things, l’m easily embarrassed . The implications of “I loved her first” etc for eg…….


I’ll have fi deal, but if she is obdurate, or he is sick of arguing , just make sure the dj plays a ( much shortened) instrumental version or something. There is, incidentally, no need to tell her this beforehand, it is a very minor deception. 

So, l’d do that and stop talking about it if poss. 

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Helper bee
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Bee, the bride, the MOB, heck even the some of the bridal party get a lot of input into most weddings.  The groom’s family is often overlooked or an afterthought (I am a minister and officiate a lot of weddings).  This might mean a lot to your fmil.  If you are genuinely bothered by it, the conversation should be between you and your Fiance.  Then, if he agrees, let him talk to her.  I don’t think it is worth potentially hurting her or damaging your relationship.  If your Fiance agrees, maybe you could tell her that he would like to pick out the song as a tribute to her and then help him pick out something that you find more fitting.

Best of luck.

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Bee Keeper
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hickoryhills :  Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I was being silly in my comment. I don’t think the trap version of The Circle of Life will be one that Future Mother-In-Law actually enjoys. You may get a chuckle out of it, though.

naturalbee18 :  It’s a good beat, isn’t it? I didn’t know that there were people creating so many remixes of Disney jams, but now that I do know, I’m not mad about it!

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Honey bee

So. I think it’s a bit strange.  So the saving grace is your husband doesn’t want to dance to it. It’s HIS wedding too. So he can say no mom can qe pick something else? Easy done. 

Plus the song is so long and hard to dance too. Most of the time at a wedding I can barely see what is happening during the dances because everyone is standing around and I’m short and can’t see. So I head to the restroom. 

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Bumble bee
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Im definitely with you in that it is a cringy song mostly because i hate it when mothers of sons pull the “I loved him first” card it just screams mother who can’t let go and accept that she isn’t #1 in her son’s life any more. It also comes across as smug to the wife as like hey you may love him but I loved him first nana booboo. I also never understood the sentiment simply based on the fact that it is a (hopefully) different kind of love not better or worse (although to be fair when a man marries the love for his wife is supposed to supercede all other love) so it is comparing apples and oranges to me. But all that being said it is their song and its not like you have to dance to it so I would just roll my eyes at it and move on


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

I would cut the chanting/Zulu at the start – start the song at about 1 min in and let play for about another minute, then done!  Nobody needs 4 minutes lol, Borrring.   
The song is super slow and hard to dance to but if that if what she wants, it should be ok once its trimmed.  The things that would make it ‘funny’ would be the chanting etc – people may not even recongnize it without it.

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Busy bee

That is a super weird mother son dance song and most importantly you can’t dance to that. I would be vetoing it. I don’t at all get the bees saying that you shouldn’t get a say because it’s not your dance. That’s absurd to me, of course you get a say it’s your wedding.

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Sugar bee

I’m surprised you’re getting so much backlash. I would also think it was a bizarre mother-son dance song. I know people love the Lion King… but regardless of how beloved, a song from a cartoon kid’s movie is not my idea of wedding appropriate. 

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2012

I think it’s a horrible choice.

I’m normally of the camp of picking your battles and asking yourself if this is a hill you want to die on. For some people the choice of song is just “whatever” and something they couldn’t care less about but for others there might be other reasons they care.

My Mother-In-Law picked a super cringy/cheesy song for our wedding. It was a random one she found while googling “mother son dance songs” so it’s not like it was anything special. I can’t remember the name but it was so bad. My husband is very very easily embarrassed and hates being the center of attention. He would have been mortified to dance to such a cringy song and we both had to put our foot down on choose a new one. I’ve seen a lot of really cringy parent dances in my years as a wedding photographer and was determined not to have that experience at my own.

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Sugar Beekeeper

OK, I definitely wouldn’t pick it personally either, but some of you get embarrassed much too easily. Lion King has been a Broadway show to mostly adult audiences. The song has been around long enough now to stand on its own. I would not feel that I had a right to veto. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

I’d try to go with the Elton John version or another version. The entire original song would be a bit odd.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2018

Omg how embarrassing 🤣🤣. I know someone who got married and we had to sing them out of the church to ‘can you feel the love tonight’ 🙈. 

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Busy bee
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I mean, I love that song but I can’t imagine it in that context. That being said, ALL mother/son dances, daughter/father dances, husband/wife dances (basically, any slow dance that people are meant to WATCH) make me cringe to within an inch of my life, so I am not the best person to make a judgement call on this one. 

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