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desertgypsy :  I’ve been doing EMDR for a while. I’ve experienced nightmares on occasion but I have not had it as intense as you. I’m sorry you are experiencing this. I’m sure it feels helpless. My therapist explained to me that the sessions can “open wounds” and result in feelings you don’t know are festering during the in-between session time. I assume you have told your therapist about what is happening. Perhaps they can end your sessions with some guided mindfulness (or you can do it via an app or YouTube)? I know that has helped me tremendously post-EMDR. I don’t know what you are currently doing or what may help for you but I would encourage you to try some things that may help “get it out”…I already mentioned guided mindfulness – I use the insight timer app (free) and really like the “teacher” Meg James. I would also try nightly journaling to see if getting stuff out on a page helps relieve your mind before sleep. I struggled with journaling – I never knew what to write! – so I found writing prompts online, cut them into strips and just pull one out each night. Just starting writing about something can get you in the groove to write about things that you need to get out. I really hope you are able to find some calm while working through this stuff. It’s heavy and draining but so, so important! Be proud that you are persevering! It takes a lot of strength! 

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desertgypsy :  

Here is the wellness clinic I use.  I am very fortunate; it’s about five minutes away and run by true healers.

I pay $725 for a two hour infusion, *but* that includes $200 for the therapist and $50 for anti headache and nausea meds. Not everyone needs those. I’m just prone to both, so I get them prophylactically. 

And, two hours isn’t necessarily the protocol for everyone.

A lot of people just have a partner or friend sit with them, or sit through it alone. For me, therapist assisted works best.  Ketamine just roto rooters out crap from incredibly early.  Many things of which I had conscious memories, but no idea how traumatic they were.  You’re processing everything in a pleasantly dissociated state, so it’s comfortable enough to really let everything come up that needs to.

Again, my response is atypical.  I am unusually verbal and have exceptional recall.

Your brain knows what it needs to heal itself.  

As I said, after the initial blitz, I’m getting by on a booster every six months or so.  My first round was six, back to back two hour sessions on consecutive days.  That was exhausting. And I had not yet discovered the benefits of working with a therapist who really understands the process.  I work with a trauma specialist.

I will be more than happy to share anything about my experiences.  This stuff is saving lives every day.  Ketamine as an anesthetic has been around for 50 years and is very safe. Oddly, it’s antidepressant effect was discovered by accident.




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