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Honey bee
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Okay,  Wow, I read it all.  I can totally understand why you’re hurt but you’re doing the right thing by cutting her out.  I know it’s hard but she sounds toxic, nothing you ever do will please her and she will always disappoint you.  I’m sorry you’re feeling like this but it sounds like you have an awesome group of friends and She is not one you need.


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Busy bee

@ladyartichoke:  Agreed. It’s hard but try not to let her get to you. My very best friend in HS dropped me senior year for her new friends. I didn’t stick around trying to fix things nearly as long as you have, but it still hurt that she could just ‘forget’ me like that. Things got a little better, then much worse towards graduation. (She hid her engagement to her boyfriend of THREE WEEKS from me and then blamed my SO of THREE YEARS going to basic training and me being sad about it as the reason.) It was hard but it wasn’t worth it to try to keep being friends with this person that I no longer knew.

It might help to let go of the person she is now, move on, and just remember the good things you shared in the past. You can still remember the times when she was a good friend and be happy you shared those times. She’s just not the same person anymore, and if she doesn’t want to keep good friends, that’s her loss.

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I totally agree with the PP.  This girl basically stole from you….your happieness, your trust, your things!  She is toxic and you need to get her out of your life for good.  She you have known here a long long time that is true…but IMO she has NEVER been your friend. 

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Just out of curiousity.. you said you were a big girl and she was skinny.. what on earth did she take?? The only things I borrow from friends are their clothes! In any case, just delete her from FB… you don’t need to be a part of her life on a daily basis if she doesn’t want to  be a part of yours. I have often been a part of one way friendships and they are more stress than joy. Cut your losses and just don’t respond to her attempts at using you more.

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@BelleoftheNorth:  wow.  that was an earful.  it is not uncommon for childhood friends to grow apart and for you, it sounds like you really did everything you could to keep this going. 

unfortunately some people are just selfish & immature and don’t recognize a good friend when they have one.  based on what you wrote, i personally wouldn’t waste any more effort on her.   

i always told my son to “surround yourself with good people who really care about you.  the others will just use you.  true friends will always have your best interest at heart.” 

your friend doesn’t sound like someone you should be around. she is too much of a negative influence.   sounds like your family has seen it for years.  that being said, if she does make an attempt to visit, or call, i would engage but just don’t let her use you or compromise your integrity.

good luck.



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Wow… did I write this??? haha. Sorry, I really am. (( hugs ))

 I feel like we’re in the same place. I have several friends like this and invited only a few of them to my wedding. They didn’t even RSVP one way or another only a few told me last minute they weren’t going. It still hurts that they still treat me like I mean nothing to them at all. 

Friends grow apart. I thought if we lasted through college and life after high school we may be friends for good… but I’m seeing how wrong I am. πŸ™ It’s hard to let go and even more awkward when you run into the same people occasionally and realize you have nothing in common. 

All I can say is, yeah she sounds like someone you don’t need in your life. I would write her off for the flaky person she seems to have become and move on to better friends. They’re out there, I’m in the same boat of finding new friends with you!So sorry you’re going through this. 

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This sounds like a friendship I went through we were friends for 13 years we grew up together. in high school she started going through a lot of stuff sleeping around, lying, stealing. She treated myself and all of her other friends like crap. I stayed friends wih her because I felt that that was a time In her life when she really needed a good friend I let her lie to me she snuck out my house to go sleep with a guy I was seeing. What I would consider effed up. She would refuse to call or text me back unless she had no one else to talk to or If she needed a ride. But I still stayed friends with her she was going through a tough time and I was the only person who wouldn’t lead her down the wrong path and who would stay there. Then we graduated she went through countless boyfriends i got engaged. Around then we had stopped talking I realized you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped she was always pushing me away and it finally worked.  She’s really messed up now and getting help i can’t help but feel bad for not bein there for her but you have to choose to be around people who make you a better pefriendsss hard saying goodbye to a friendship and honestly I will still always be there for her if she really needs me. 

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I would cut her out. Defriend her on facebook, stop calling, texting, emailing, etc. She is a bad friend, and you shouldn’t waste your time anymore. You sound like a really nice person, and I wouldn’t tolerate it anymore.

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I know its hard but I think its best you move on. She seems like a real bad friend and I think you know you deserve better. Its hard but just like everything in life it shall pass. You are wasting your energy on this girl while you could be enjoy life with the friends that are there for you.

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