Endometriosis Concerns while TTC

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mainely :  I don’t have endo, but your symptoms definitely sound concerning to me. The cramping during menstration shouldn’t be debilitating, also sex shouldn’t hurt (maybe it could be uncomfortable in certain positions if your husband is particularly well-endowed – but it shouldn’t be painful). I’m 33 as well, this is my 12th cycle TTC and my OBGYN is wanting to be very proactive for me. You should definitely find an OBGYN (or RE) who is proactive for your case. If you do end up needing a lap, that could set your TTC back several months 😬. Have you had any labs done or any infertility testing? 

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mainely :  argh @ your regular doctor. Are you wanting more than one child? My doctor did tell me the 12 months before referral, however, I’m in Canada and it can take 6 months to get in to see an OBGYN where I am. She referred me in April (8 ish cycles in?) and requested preliminary blood work (CBC, thyroid, cd3/21 progesterone). I need to have more cd3/21 labs done since my p was borderline and the OBGYN wants FSH, LH prolactin as well…. our cases are different but our ages are the same and there are doctors out there that will take you seriously. Is it hard to change GP where you are? 

Personally, I would not jump right to a lap without the baseline testing done (labs, ultrasound and SA). When I lived in the USA I had intense ovarian pain and saw an OBGYN, diagnosed with complicated cystic structures in both ovaries and had a lap for ovarian biopsy a week later (was not cancer as they were worried about). This article is a good summary about the workup associated with endo and it’s pretty recent 2015


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mainely :  I don’t have endo but my sister does. She has very little symptoms though (basically, only spotting between periods and instestinal pains) so it took several doctors and 2 years of unsuccessful TTC before she got diagnosed, at the ripe age of 29.

The good news is that she had surgery and got pregnant 3 or 4 cycles later. 

If you are not pregnant when you reach the 12 months milestone, I would tend to agree with your OB on the lap. You can finish your labs in the meanwhile, to make sure everything else is OK. 

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I don’t have it but my mom did after having 4 kids and ultimately har a hysterectomy because hers was so bad. She was in constant pain more than you described and had serious heavy bleeding. As in in bleeding through a super tampon and pad in 1 hour. She would miss work because it was debilitating.  She had to go to the ER when it finally came to the final straw and she couldn’t tolerate the pain.  She said it was worse than labor. I have really really bad cramps the first two days of my period and wonder if that’s anything like labor contractions I will not survive! I also have constipation like you described during my period. Some of what you said sounds similar to myself and I don’t have it so maybe it’n nothing but maybe it’s something. Best thing to do is see your doctor even if it’s not in direct relation to TTC. I’m sure you’d want to know before it gets worse if you do have it. 

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mainely :  I have endometriosis, diagnoses on laparoscopy. My periods have never been heavy or painful particularly, although I’ve been on BC (Mirena, pill or implanon) for 14 years. I was diagnosed due to painful sex, which was why I opted for a laparoscopy because I didn’t want a life of painful sex!! It was ablated a few years ago and it’s been improved since but still occasionally painful. I do have prementrual bowel symptoms but tbh thats never been a huge issue for me, I just get on with it.

Ive been told it will come back and possibly worse. I’ve been recommended to see my gynaecologist if I’ve had no success TTC after 6 months (which is early for a referral in the UK, usually we wait 12 months unless you meet certain criteria) as he estimates a 30% chance of difficulty TTC. We’ve not started yet though. 

Please please please though DO NOT take more than the recommended prescribed dose of pain medications. This needs to be addressed ASAP by a doctor. I am an emergency medicine doctor and I’ve seen numerous unintentional overdoses that have lead to significant harm or death… even people who’ve only taken “a few more” than the recommended. Absolutely stop doing that and get some medical advice for your analgesia. 

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I have endometriosis and it affects me about 80% of the time, and makes my life hell every 10 weeks (I’m on nuvaring and run 3×3 weekly rings back to back, 10th week off). If you’re in doubt and your doctor is offering a laparoscopy, I’d take then up on it. I was managing from a week after surgery, and fine after two, but typical diagnosis is around 8 years and after a quick day surgery I knew. They can also clear lesions which should help your fertility if that is an issue.

My doctor reckons my fertility is around 1% and fi and I are basically coming up with our “kid battle plan” as a result of that info. Without having had the lap, we wouldn’t be as prepared as we are now. Its a scary procedure (esp compared to, say, an ultrasound) but it will either let you know or put your mind at ease.

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I have endo. I will try to answer your questions but feel free to PM me with any questions.

My endo journey started at 18. I started having major stomach issues like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and pelvic pain. I actually saw 4 or 5 doctors before I went to the gyno. I had my first laproscopy at 19 and that’s when they found the endo. My gyno advised that I should TTC at 19. I had my second surgery at 22 and the endo was smaller but my pain was unbearable. I went to an endo specialist who said I needed pain management and yoga so I never went back.

My whole life has revolved around my endometriosis. My biggest complaint is GI issues. I have chronic diarrhea and pain from endo growing into my colon. I’ve seen more GI specialits who offer little to no relief. I have bad periods that are usually 6 to 7 days longer and extremely painful. Most months I wake up crying on day 3 due to the pain. I do not have anything strong for pain so I take aleve. Too Much Information I can only wear tampons on very light days because I can bleed through a pad in two hours, I have alot of clots as well. I do have a thyroid condition too. 

We starting TTC the day after our wedding and it’s been two months of negative tests. I do not temp at this time but use OPKs and I am pretty spot on with ovulation so I think I will need fertility help at some point. Based on my medical history my gyno is giving me a shorter time frame than a year to begin testing for fertility. 

I would absolutely do an laproscopy ASAP. The longer you go without endo treatment or answers the worse it can get. The surgery itself isn’t too bad. Find a doctor that will listen to you and if yours isn’t, it’s time to find someone new. 

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It definitely sounds like you have endo.  I was diagnosed with endo 2 years ago, I had a lap done to remove an ovarian cyst and that’s when I was diagnosed.  I had been experiencing symptoms almost identical to yours for about 2 years before my surgery.  I had Mirena before my surgery, and I hated it, so I had it removed during my surgery, and then went on birth control after the surgery. While I was on the pill, I was mostly symptom free. My pain significantly decreased (though it never went away completely).

I got married last October, and went off the pill after I got married, since we wanted TTC immediately.  My endo pain returned with a vengeance within a matter of weeks.  I had a second surgery in April to remove endo lesions, 2 endometriomas, and several fibroids, and my endo was also staged at a 4 (the highest it goes).  It was everywhere including my liver and bowel, and I had a 4 hour surgery done.  My fertility outlook at that point was pretty bad, so after recuperating from surgery, and at the advice of my OB and surgeon, we have opted to do IVF.  Age has played into our decision as I’m 38 and don’t have much time to waste.  We start IVF next month.

I would advise you to seek out the advice of a specialist who is knowledgeable about endo.  There is Facebook group  that has been an absolute wealth of information for me.  It is called Nancy’s Nook, and you can find an endo specialist in your area via the Facebook group.

I wish you much success in getting a diagnosis, sometimes that is half the battle.  

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As you’re seeing, there’s not really a threshold for pain that means endo. There are women who have it and don’t have any symptoms. So i don’t think the fact that your pain only lasts a “short” time matters. Ditto the amount of blood.

A lot of women with endo are able to get pregnant, it just tends to take longer. I would go for the lap if i were you, because you shouldn’t be in that much pain!

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