(Closed) Engagement Ring Advice – KWIAT, Tulip Ring with a Cushion Diamond in Rose Gold

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Helper bee
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Is there any chance that you can talk to a friend of hers or maybe even her herself to get some ideas of what she likes? Sounds like you might want to get something in white gold. With only one rosegold bracelet, she may not want that for her ring that she will be wearing every day, for the rest of her life. 

Maybe ask her, what metal, shape of diamond, style she might like. With her liking sapphires, what about a diamond with her favorite color sapphire halo around it?

What size ring does she wear? I think that would be an indicator of diamond size. If she is tiny, a larger ring might be overwhelming on her hand. Is a larger ring a symbol of status where you live? or would people mock it? If she is sporty, would it be a hindrance in her sport activities?

Lots of things to think about first. Or you can have her pick out 3-4 of them and you choose your favorite knowing she will already like it?

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Sugar bee

jeffb:  How exciting for you!

I would probe for more info from your girlfriend so you can investigate what she really likes, tastewise. Maybe do a little, casual & romantic window shopping one day. Also, Is she the kind of woman who enjoys surprises? Or does she like to have a hand in decisions that you make together? I know for me personally, I wanted to choose my own ring (but my Fiance isn’t a jewelry guy). I sent my Fiance emails with rings and we picked it out together. It was fun & exciting that way, but that is just me! 

If your Girlfriend enjoys being surprised and has loved the jewelry you’ve picked out in the past, maybe you can go with your gut and not consult with her first. Some people must have the element of surprise in their engagement and it’s important to them to keep it a secret. Ask yourself if you fall into that catergory.

I do think rose gold is gorgeous with diamonds and would suit her skin tone the way you’ve described it. (I personally love it.) I think 2-2.5ct is very large, but it’s all relative. I think a size 6 finger could support a larger stone, but it might get in the way of some activities. I have a large opal cocktail ring in that size range and it sits in a box. A 2-2.5 carat diamond is super impressive though and I’m sure absolutely, drop dead gorgeous in person. As a gem collector, I would never, never say NO to it!! 

Good luck!! Keep us posted.

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Sugar bee
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jeffb: Great taste! Something to think about is perhaps open tulip prongs, so you can get more light passing through the center diamond. For a rock that big, the play of the light would be amazing!!

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Bumble bee
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A 2-2.5ct cushion is not going to look that big, so I wouldn’t worry about the size, however at your price range you won’t be getting a stellar stone at that size range. Personally, I would get a stone on the smaller end of that range (maybe 1.8-2ct) and get something of really high quality, and would therefore get a platinum or white gold head. It makes no sense to get a high-quality color centerstine if you’re going to set it in a yellow or rose gold head.


Also, please for the love of god make sure the stone you get from your “jeweler in NY” is GIA certed.  Just trust me.

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Helper bee

I would try to get a feel for her tastes, for instance while you two are walking around town you can stop to peruse a jewelry store.  If she says “Oh, that’s nice” or something about a ring, pay attention to the style, metal, stone shape, etc. and go based on that.

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Buzzing bee
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omg that ring is GORGEOUS!

I think she would love anything you get her.  From the sound of what you are wanting to get her she will be one happy lady!

If you can afford the 2.5, I’d get her that.  Or go with the 2 carat with better specs if you would have to compromise on the C’s to go with the 2.5?

I’m not sure if the setting being rose gold would have an effect on how the diamond shows “color”.  I’m sure some othe bees could help!

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Helper bee
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I would say white gold or platinum are the safest bets, especially if she doesn’t wear much jewelry already.  My fear with rose gold is that, although I truly think it is the prettiest, is that it is trendy right now.  But, it would look good on her skin.

I wouldn’t compromise on quality to go with a huge stone. I have a 1.75 round brilliant (not my engagement ring), and on my size 6 fingers it seems huge. A bit overwhelming for me, but I’ve never been too much of a jewelry person (until recently and my Darling Husband has been giving a lot to me).  So, I totally agree with the above posters.

And, I think the ring you picked out is gorgeous.

For what it’s worth, I am totally type A and like to have a say in EVERYTHING. But, I absolutely love the fact that my husband picked out and surprised me with both my engagement ring and wedding bands. For me, it was special he went through so much effort and showed he knew me so well–he knew when I would like without us ever having spoken about it. So, I’m a surprise her type of girl (but, do please give her the honest option of trading it in and make sure she can wherever you get it from).

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Busy bee
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After looking at pieces from the collection you’ve given to her, I think the ring you’ve tentatively picked out is a much ornate style than the pieces she wears.  Therefore, I wouldn’t buy the ring you’re contemplating without knowing it fit her style.

I think you really need to get a solid sense of her style, or, if you really want to surprise her, choose a great stone, place it in a simple solitaire qqtemporary setting, have the surprise proposal, and then ring shop together.

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jeffb:  So I live in NYC and my circle of friends are all professionals, most with professional degrees (JD/MBA).  All of us have solitaires in the 1.5-2.25 carat range. Most are round brilliant although a few women have cushion cuts. All of our settings are either platinum or white gold.  One has pave diamonds all around, but the rest are just plain bands. (People’s wedding rings are eternity or partial eternity bands of varying diamond sizes, based on personal preference)

I think you could certainly go up to 2.5 carats without being tacky. From what it sounds like, you have bought your lady very simple, elegant, classic jewelry, and if she wears it, I imagine she likes it.  I like the Kwiat setting, but the way the basket is, you won’t be able to have a regular wedding band sit flush with the ring. You would either have a gap between the wedding ring and the engagement ring (which someone who doesn’t wear a ton of jewelry might not like) or have a custom ring made to fit around the engagement ring. However, a custom ring might look funny worn on its own, and since you describe her as “sporty and casual” I think she might prefer to have the option of just wearing her wedding band on its own sometimes after you are married.

I think my friends’ ring choices are pretty typical among the women we work with.  Most of the female law firm partners I know have rings that are really similar to the ones my friends and I have (and when I got engaged, a few people with more complicated/unique settings quietly confided in me that they wish their husbands had bought them simple solitaires).

If I were you, I would get her a solitaire in a simple white gold or platinum setting.  White gold especially would not be expensive, especially in the context of your budget – $400-$500. Then you can give your brand new fiance the option of swapping the simple setting for a more complicated or unique one, if it turns out that’s what she wants – but my money would be that most of her friends and colleagues have very simple solitaires. Also, if you go to a wholesaler, your budget will buy you a really high quality diamond in the size range you are looking for. I might be biased because I have one, but I think a high quality well-sized solitaire is elegant and classy.


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Busy bee
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jeffb:  First off, congrats on your upcoming engagement!! That’s so exciting! Second, that ring is very spectacular!! But…given what you’ve said about your future fiancee (e.g., sporty, wears little jewelry, wears classic pieces), I think the ring is a bit much. As a previously poster mentioned, it’s quite ornate, and, in my opinion, it’s something that would suit a serious jewelry-wearer. As others have mentioned, I think it’s really important for you to try to get some hints from your girlfriend or from her friends about what she prefers. Perhaps she would be totally into a ring like that, or perhaps she has her heart set on a solitaire. This will also give you clues about what diamond shapes she prefers. I have found that most of my friends have one or two shapes that they absolutely love, so it’s important to find out if your girlfriend has a preference.

In terms of size, I think 2-2.5 is an amazing! With an over-the-top setting, I think a stone that size could be a bit too in-your-face, but with the right setting, it could be perfect. As others pointed out, make sure you consider the other C’s as well, not just carat. Really educate yourself on them, because, depending on the shape or size of the diamond, some C’s can become more important than others. You sound like a man who will do this though ๐Ÿ™‚ One question for you…you mentioned your girlfriend likes sapphires, so why not a gorgeous sapphire ring? Not all women want a big diamond. But again, you need to find out her preferences a bit more.

On another note, Kwiat is amazing. My fiance proposed with a Kwiat ring last year and the craftsmanship of it is INCREDIBLE. They do the most gorgeous claw prongs (on most of their rings, not the one you are looking at), as well as open baskets so that the side profile of the diamond is unobstructed and a wedding band can sit flush with the engagement ring. Each setting is built around the diamond that you pick, so you know it will be perfect. Also, they have a “something borrowed” policy, which would allow your girlfriend to borrow a piece of jewelry for your wedding day, up the amount of her engagement ring. They simply insure and ship the jewelry to you, and then you ship it back. With your timeline in mind, just know that their rings take a good 8+ weeks to make.

Good luck, and keep us posted on your search ๐Ÿ™‚

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Blushing bee
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Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! I think you have a very healthy budget for what you want. I also have a size 6 ring and a 2.5ct cushion and cushions are generally cut a bit deeper than rounds so I don’t think it will look too large. If you choose to go with cushion though, make sure to shop by measurements (face up length and width) and not only carat weight because the same carat weight can produce very different looking cushions. It is also considered a fancy cut so it needs to be something you can evaluate the stone in person or have your jeweler evaluate it for light performance/see the stone to make a judgment on it. I suggest you visit pricescope and look up YouTube videos by diamondinfoman to get more education on cushions. 


As for setting I think plain platinum or pavé solitaire would look best based on how you described her. 

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jeffb:  What about a diamond solitaire with sapphire side stones, similar to this:

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

jeffb:  Who cares if it “fits in” to the crowd? If she wants it, get it for her.

I will say that we run in part with “that” type of crowd in NYC (I guess?) and I don’t know anyone with a stone larger than 1.5ct other than myself, and mine is a cushion (1.65) so it looks more like a 1.3ct round.  In fact, almost everyone I know within the “top 5%” scene (mostly doctors, high-ranking attorneys and c-level execs) have center stones around 1ct or less.   If you’re worried about looking ostentatious, I would stick with a stellar-quality stone under 2ct. 

You can always incorporate sapphires as surprise stones on the inside or even under the centerstone, depending on the style ring you choose. I don’t think you have to get a solitaire, but a halo of that size is probably going to look gigantic. I’m partial to 3-stones, as it’s what I have ๐Ÿ˜‰

As far as getting something that “upon further inspection is truly spectacular,” that’s fairly easy- just get a really nice stone! G+ color, VVS2+ clarity and excellent cut with 0 florescence and good dimensions should do the trick ๐Ÿ˜‰

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