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  • poll: What was your engagement ring budget range?

    Under $1k

    $1k - $3k

    $3k - $5k

    $5k - $10k

    Over $10k

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    @inky_1:  Honestly if he doesn’t mind stretching the budget go for it. 400 dollars will get you exactly what you want and you will love it forever. In 10 years that 400 dollars will mean nothing monatarily but it will mean a lot symbolicaly.

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    My fiance and I never talked exact numbers.  We went shopping together and I picked out some settings that I liked that were reasonably priced in my eyes (under $2,000).  Then I let him pick the stone from there based on how much he wanted to spend.  I still don’t know exactly how much he spent, but I think it was slightly over $5,000 (that includes my wedding band as well, it was a set).

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    I didn’t really know how to answer the poll. My ring has an heirloom diamond from my fiances grandmother.  We only had to purchase the setting.  The setting cost about $3500.  So that is all my fiance had to pay for!

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    Would it be possible to get it on sale if they are having a sale any time soon that is?

    My partner got my ring on a half price special!! So managed to get a ring that cost just over $3k for $1800

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    I didn’t have a set budget in mind and Fiance went shopping without me, since it was a surprise. He didn’t have a set budget. I think under $1,000? Anyway, mine was $500.00.

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    @inky_1:  My Engagement Ring appraised in the $1-$3k range when he first proposed. Longer story short, DH ended up proposing with a hand-me-down family diamond + a new setting rather than purchasing a diamond himself…. neither one of us knew that he would be doing that at the time I was dropping ring hints, so things didn’t necessarily go as expected, but I love my ring so it worked out 🙂

    Your ring choice isn’t too far over budget, so that’s good! For example, most of my ‘ideal’ rings (pre-engagement era, hehe) were in the $7k range lol but my suggested budget range for dropping hints was around $5k, sooo I was just a bit off there 😉 haha.

    I believe most of our friends spent about $5-7k on their rings, so if I could vote for them that’s what I’d enter haha.

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    When we started to look he said it should cost at least $1500, and I put ban on anything over $3k, and planned on staying as close to $1500 as possible!  I wasn’t paying a penny but I’m naturally cheap (I mean frugal! lol).  But we ended up with a diamond from his mother and the ring it was originally in was worth $2450 in 1982, it was later put in another setting (with MORE gold), we’re having it recast, but I’m afraid to do the math for fear it will now be over $3k.  However we’re having it appraised with the recast so we can have insurance on it so I’m sure I’ll find out before long. 

    But that’s all just our personal thoughts and preference, really it’s what he/you can afford and want.  That’s all that matters: that you’re both happy and comfortable with it.

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    The budget really needs to be considered along with income levels.  A 6k ring for a guy making 24k is spendy… a 20k ring for a guy making 150k is considerably easier to swallow.

    I see a lot of rings ‘in real life’ (ie: outside the jewlery shop in real light) and the truth is, unless you spend a TON of money on it, it’s really hard to tell the differences in ‘quality’ (diamond quality, platinum vs white gold, etc) unless two rings are right next to each other.  Even then, rings are rarely so pristine that the sweat, dirt, and grim doesn’t overhwlem the 1% better quality differences.  So of all the things to ‘blow’ money on, I’m not sure a ring quality is the best call.  BUT… if you find a design that just screams “THE ONE!!!” to you, and it’s within the feasible pricerange… you’ll regret not doing it. (I have a friend that ended up going back and exchanging at a large loss)  The extra grand might seem like a lot now, but 30 years from now you won’t miss it one bit and all the time spent looking at it over those years will more than make up for it.

    That said, in the ‘do as I say not as I do’ file… for my wife, I spent 10k (.83 carat, IF, D, EX[girdle width slightly thick] in a platinum veragio setting) and was making about 60k a year at the time.  But I did that because ‘sparkly’ jewlery is a huge thing for her and I knew that the extra would be well appreciated.  We ended up skimping in other areas that weren’t as important to her in order to kind of ‘make up’ for it… flowers, cake, etc…  A friend of mine had a fiance that couldn’t care less about jewlery or sparkly things and he spent $300 and she was just as happy.

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    His budget was “5k, give or take 1k” and he set that budget because that’s how much he had set aside specifically for the ring. I’m strongly STRONGLY against going into debt or dipping into your emergency fund for luxuries like these. Otherwise I wouldn’t have allowed it, haha!

    In the end, he could have gotten a 1ct average mall store quality stone, but we shopped online together and ended up with a stunning .75c, hearts and arrows ideal cut with near perfect ASET and Idealscope imaging, SI1 clarity (completely eye clean, only crystal is under a prong), D color and a medium blue fluorescence with no hint of cloudiness. Truly stunning, and I’m happy to cut back on wedding expenses to make up for it. He picked out the setting himself (also a twisted pave band, but platinum) which I confirmed as perfectly my style, but we customized it to have a low profile six prong head. Couldn’t be happier! Ended up being between 5-6k but I’m not comfortable saying how much exactly. 🙂

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    My e-ring and two diamond bands were about $1600 total. We got a hell of a deal.

    I won’t lie though, now we are in a better financial position we are planning our first upgrade.

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    Ok, so my engagement ring was about 2 months of his salary.  More if you’re talking net.  He set the budget – I would have been happy with less from him, though it is what I’d pick out for myself and I adore it. 

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    I didn’t vote but we didn’t have a budget really.  I just knew how much I wanted to spend and was not comfortable with the ring being more than $200.

    Our budget is super tight and we just cannot justify spending any more, especially since we’re planning this wedding ourselves, have a house and 3 kids.

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    Have you heard about moissanite?  It’s a beautiful clear stone that is almost as hard as a diamond but 1/20 the cost.  They are simply beautiful.  If you want a big, blingy ring that will last forever, I suggest you start checking out the moissy forums on here and browsing the pics.  Mine is a 1.4 cushion cut center stone and 2.17 ctw.  LOTS of bling.  No one that’s seen it has questioned if it was a diamond or not and we only paid a little over $1500.  The diamonds that I liked that looked similar to my ring were $10k and up!

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    Get the ring.  He gets you.  It’s a lifelong decision.  You can upgrade in the future, but who wants to start out with that in mind.

    $400 extra is really nothing, mine SO had to pay double what he thought his budget was going to be.  But my ring still cost a third of what his motorcycle was, and his bike is just another “luxury” item that he doesn’t even look at everyday.  Our engagement rings rarely leave our fingers!

    Best wishes!

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    He was willing to do 15k+ and thought that 15k should be the minimum. I wanted it under 5k. In the end my ring was 8k but appraises for his range so we met in the middle.

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