Engagement ring has a huge flaw :(

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

RobbieAndJuliahaha :  My ring isn’t bigger than hers, just more sparkly and brilliant, because of the higher cut and clarity grade. I didn’t make people react differently to our rings, I’m just examining the reasons why. I’m not sure why my story has you so butt hurt, but you are welcomed to stay mad. IDGAF… All things aren’t equal in life, and some people will have a better diamond than you. I happen to have a better one than my co-working in this instance.

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Helper bee

Sorry but I cannot notice any inclusions :/ honestly it just looks like a nice diamond to me!!! It is honestly something that only you notice. Dont feel self conscious about it. Upgrade later on if it bothers you after few yrs

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Busy bee

Where did he buy it? maybe the stone can be changed if it bothers you that much. If it does bother you a lot, I think you should talk to him about changing it. It’s your ring, and even if he was excited about this stone he could be very excited about another that you like better. He may be disappointed at first, but if he’s like most guys I think he’ll come around once it’s worked out in a way to make you happy

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2019

I can’t see any inclusions as well. I have an SI2 as well but can’t see it either (of cos every inclusions are different). I have tons of friends whose been engaged and I’ve never actually stared at their rings to see if there’s any inclusions. 

So I wouldn’t be worried 🙂 wear it with pride and flash it with pride!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

People post on here about the HUGE MASSIVE FLAWS in their diamonds, and I can never see anything wrong. I can’t see anything wrong with your diamond. 

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I bought an Art Deco vintage ring as an alternate to my more expensive better clarity but smaller stone e-ring. My less expensive alternate is full of flaws, it’s a handmade piece so it’s imperfect.. But I actually love it for that very reason. I love imperfections. It’s just a diamond at the end of the day, the most valuable thing is the love.. And that’s worth more than any diamond could hope to be. 

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Busy bee

Unless it’s really impacting the sparkle, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

I have a very (to me) noticible inclusion in my sapphire, which is why we were able to get an untreated stone that was much larger and more beautiful than we originally budgeted for. The inclusion is like a little freckle or birthmark to me, I actually love it.

And no one has ever noticed, not even my fiance or my sister. I literally took my ring off to give to my sister and pointed to the inclusion when I first got engaged and she laughed and said “who on earth is going to look at your hand long enough to find it?” 

She was totally right. No one’s ever noticed, because all they see is “pretty, blue!” (in your case “pretty, sparkly!”) and they move on. Don’t agonize. 

If it does impact the sparkle, perhaps think about changing it, but really, an inclusion makes a natural stone pretty special. If you want large and flawless, however, moissanite could be a great compromise. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2017 - City, State

Ideally you should be happy with your ring, so hopefully you learn to love it, or maybe you’ll get a different one in the future. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but I’m just gonna put this out there as a general assessment of rings:

Most people don’t notice flaws in rings. Of those who notice, most don’t care. Of those who care, most won’t say anything. Of those who say anything, all are assholes.

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Helper bee
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gardener09 :  Dear bee, you have a beautiful ring, perfect color, and down the line when you can afford to upgrade you can always do that as an anniversary gift, It shouldn’t cost so much to replace the center diamond to a higher clarity like an si1 but if you ask me I think it looks gorgeous as is.

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Helper bee

There are basically 2 options – keep it or change it.

If the clarity bothers you, you should adress this issue. The definition of I2 is that flaws are easily visible to the naked eye. Does you Fiance like the ring?

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Blushing bee

Did your fiance pick it out? Was he proud to give it to you? Was it a gift? Then love it for that it is – a gift showing your finance’s commitment. I can’t ignore the entitlement. 


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2017

I don’t see anything either

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Helper bee

Clarity was super important to me too. We sacrificed color to get the clarity I wanted, and then I even made sure to get a setting that covered the one small inclusion. An I2 is really low and would really bother me. It’s pretty obvious in your picture too. 🙁 If it’s something that bothers you I’d definitely switch it. It has to be on YOUR hand the rest of your life. 

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Bumble bee

gardener09 :  bee, I can’t tell, it just looks like the light hitting it/shadows etc. I doubt people will be able to see it just by you showing them your ring. I kind of like the idea of imperfections in a diamond, no relationships are perfect right, but unique and beautiful with their own flaws 😊

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