(Closed) Engagement Ring on a College budget!!! Help!

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Another alternative would be a white sapphire.  Beautiful and cheaper than a diamond, but nearly as hard as a diamond (jewelry stores will give out warrantees for them, but not for moissanite.


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There’s nothing wrong with having a moissanite, but it rubs me the wrong way that you “want to show it off as a diamond.” Either get a diamond you can afford or embrace having a moissanite. 

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there is always the pawn shop:)

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Hi @ayirk723:  First & Foremost as this is your DEBUT Post on WBee… a BIG Welcome to “the Hive”

CONGRATULATIONS on finding the man of your dreams…

Getting Engaged is a big step, so with the wisdom of my age (I am an Encore Bride / Older Bee) let me give you some advice

TIP # 1

Nothing wrong with getting a Diamond Promise Ring now / soon… and a GORGEOUS Engagement when you guys finally Graduate / Get Jobs and are in a better place

Obviously you have somewhat of an issue with Mossy if you plan to pass it off as a Diamond… so why not just have a Diamond to begin with.

A Promise Ring means you can tell the world now, that you are “promised / betrothed” to each other, and the official ERing will come later on

You’ll be surprised how “accepted” this practice is… across the ages (so your Peers, Mom & Dad, Grandparents etc).  And nothing to be scoffed at.

Then some of the pressure is off… as you’ll still be “technically” engaged, just not all the way to planning a Wedding with a Date etc (which is what being Engaged is really about)

All the major chain jewellery stores feature Promise Rings… example, here is the link to Zales they list 358 options from under $ 50 to over $ 1000, in various metals with or without gemstones (lab created – semi precious – precious… including diamonds)

http://www.zales.com/family/index.jsp?fg=&fd=Promise+Ring&categoryId=2109181&cp=13337262&fv=Ring+Style%2FPromise+Ring&size=96&ff=PAD&s=A-StorePrice&page=1&kpc=1' defer='defer

TIP # 2

Whatever ring you do choose be it as a Promise Ring or ERing… don’t try to make it something it ain’t… anotherwords, it is pretty silly to intentionally pass it off as a 2 Carat Diamond if it is a 2 Carat Cz.

Just like you should embrace your Man for all that he is, so should you embrace the ring he gives you as the “symbolism” of your relationship.  I am sure you don’t base your relationship on a lie, so why would you choose to lie about the ring that represents it.

Doing that truly only cheapens your relationship, and tells me you have “ideas” of grandiose that will ultimately set you up for disappointment further down the road.  Not a good thing.

TIP # 3

I am an oldfashioned gal… but my reasoning is found in a life I have lived, and much I have either experienced personally, or witnessed.

When it comes to something so important as a Promise Ring / ERing… don’t buy that for yourself (or put any money into the mix).

IF a man wants to marry you… trust me, he can find the means to buy you a ring.  It might not be the Hope Diamond, but it will be the best that he can offer / afford.  And you should be able to accept that for what it represents (his gift to you)

Again, don’t cheapen the relationship, or take away a man’s one big gesture (we dream of the Wedding… they dream of the Proposal) by buying your own ring to make it happen.

That says… Trying too hard (or pressuring him too much)… and has definite pangs of desperation attached.

Don’t be THAT GIRL.  Men don’t like / love unconditionally forever a girl that is desperate… they love them til they find one that isn’t.

Men LOVE Confident Women… who know what they want, and have standards.

That isn’t to mean you cannot be practical… cause you can.  Find out what his budget is, and then look for a ring you like that fits within those parameters.

In that way you can both be happy…

He’ll be over the moon in love having provided you with something pretty and shiny… knowing that you’ll be his Wife someday… and you’ll be happy cause you found something that you both can love, and will be PROUD to wear it.

Remember, when it comes to men & gifts (and particularly ERings) it isn’t about how much something cost but that they actually went out and did this thing for us.

(Think about it, that really is all we ever want… someone to love us, accept us for who we are and find some way to express that.  It is the gesture that counts, and not so much the actual gift)

Otherwise, you could be THAT GIRL back in HS who went out and bought herself a ring and told everyone she had an “imaginary” BF… who none of us ever met… but we thought she had the world by the tail cause she was 17 and HAD A RING

In reality, she had a ring… but no real man.

Better to be the girl with a REAL MAN and NO RING.

Hope this helps,


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I would just buy something believable and then upgrade when you can afford to do so, since it does sound like you want a lot of bling (nothing wrong with that).

If you want to pass of your moissanite as a diamond, clearly you won’t be happy with moissanite. Moissanite isn’t the best diamond sim out there… you’d be better off getting something like asha or CZ. I am not a fan of lying to people or pretending to have $$ that I don’t… so that’s not something I would do. Do it the old fashioned way – work hard and get a diamond when you can both afford it.


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First: congrats!  So exciting 🙂

Second: if you don’t really want moissanite, and plan to tell people it’s a diamond, I’d honestly look into other alternatives.  Most ladies who get moissanite rings pick them BECAUSE they’re moissanite, not despite it.  My ring is real diamonds, but lab created.  It’s not a TON cheaper than mined diamonds, but is a great alternative.  This is the company Fiance got is from: http://www.nuediamonds.com/

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@ebarnes0:  Wow, they have a pretty awesome lifetime guarantee! I can’t find the lab created diamonds on their web site, do you know if they’re listed somewhere? Or do you have to contact them directly to see what they have in stock? 

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My personal opinion: if you want to “show something off as a diamond”, buy a diamond that you guys can afford (or go the CZ route). Moissanite does not really look like diamond. I would suggest buying a diamond online (a LOT less markup to pay than in a brick and mortar store) via a reputable vendor with a good upgrade policy.

If you’re set on moissanite, I’d suggest Schubach Jewelers OR ordering a loose stone from BTD. If you’ve never seen moissanite in person before, I highly suggest you do that before commiting to one – especially if you’re specifically wanting something that will act like and pass as a diamond,


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@mrsmay07:  You click on the “jewelry” link in the top left corner, and you can select from “solitaires”, “multistone”, etc.  The warranty is amazing for sure!!  I actually broke the band 2 weeks after he proposed in an accident at the bar I work at on weekends, and they were so shocked it broke at all that they replaced the entire ring free of charge.

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I HOPE YOU READ THIS!!!! I work in jewelry and recently got engaged. 

You don’t need to go for the moissanite to save money. Just go for smaller diamonds (I’ve explained that better below). And yes, like most people have said on here, people shouldn’t be looking to see if the diamond is “real” or not. BUT, having said that, anyone with a real diamond ring is probably going to be able to tell the difference. It is not easy in pictures, but in person, nothing looks like a real diamond unless it’s a real diamond.


Now, here are some ways you can get her a very nice DIAMOND ring without going broke.


Do not go for a solitaire. You should look into “illusion settings”. Surprisingly hundreds of smaller diamonds can cost MUCH less than one large diamond. Example: a one carat solitaire diamond ring may cost $5,000, but an illusion setting with a total carat weight of 2 carats will cost about $3,500. Below are a couple of examples. I tried them all on when picking out my ring. A couple other ways to save money but still get great quality diamonds: go for round cut. They are a less expensive cut. If your fiance prefers cushion or more square cuts, you can always get a round cut diamond with a square halo and you can barely tell the difference. Another thing, get white gold, NOT platinum. The difference is minimal and platinum costs MUCH more. White gold is still VERY durable. Also, halo halo halo! Halos are a great way to make a ring look bigger and more blingy without breaking the bank on the center diamond. 

This top ring is mine. It has over 100 diamonds and is almost 2 carats but it costs less than a solitaire diamond would’ve. It is very big and shiny but VERY affordable. It has 9 smaller diamonds that form the “center”. Most of the time (like in this picture) you can barely tell if it is a HUGE center stone or a bunch of smaller stones. I absolutely love it and so does everyone else. My fiance was also in college when he purchased it. 










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@ebarnes0:  Those aren’t lab created diamonds, they’re lab created diamond simulants. http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Nue-Diamonds/internet/Nue-Diamonds-Eco-Diamonds-Do-not-honor-their-return-policy-Internet-1000196
If you hover over the “shipping” tab on any of the rings, they tell you it’s a diamond simulant (CZ).

Lab-grown colorless diamonds typically cost as much if not more as mined diamonds: http://gemesis.com/diamonds/single/?base_color=421

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@cmbr:  There is a lot of confusion out there with them for sure.  It’s a very new process (wasn’t quite perfected until 2012), but I did take my ring to a jeweler who confirmed that it is lab created diamonds.  And they do honor their return policy, at least they have for us 🙂

Here is the info from their site:  http://www.nuediamonds.com/synthetic_diamond_rings.php

It is certified.




This specific Ripoff Report was exposed awhile back as being posted by someone within the mined diamond industry.




Regardless, I love my ring and it doesn’t matter to me what it is – if I found out it was CZ it wouldn’t change how I feel about it.


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@ebarnes0:  the website repeatedly calls them “simulants” and also lists their hardness as an 8.5, which is CZ.  I think CZ is gorgeous, but it’s definitely not a lab created diamond.  I’m sure your ring is gorg and its good to hear that you’ve had good customer service though.

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why don’t you seek out boutiques/shops that let you upgrade your ring later?

that’s what my fiance did.

1/10th of a diamond (tiny)

0.5 carat + halo (upgrade)

1.2 carat + halo (2nd upgrade)

planning to upgrade again in 5 years!

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Arg, sorry, editing because I’m an idiot today and put this in the wrong thread. Forgive me, op! =P

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