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  • Wedding: August 2008

I have an antique ring with a 1.16 ct diamond in the center, and has .70 carats of diamonds around the setting. It’s definitely a flashy piece, but so far nobody has been so rude as to comment negatively about it to my face. And if anyone comments behind my back, then that’s their own petty jealousy.

I’d venture to guess that if any of your coworker’s husbands offered to upgrade their rings to a 1.5 carat diamond, that NONE of them would refuse. 

Please don’t hide your ring, or be less proud of it. There will always be petty and jealous people who will try to bring you down because you have something nicer than they do, and they can’t stand that (like a nicer ring, better relationship, nicer car, you get a promotion, etc). It says nothing about you, except that you’ve worked hard to earn some nice things in life, and unfortunatly are surrounded by people that are too shallow to be happy for you.

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My hands are so small, everyone thinks my ring is HUGE. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s not–it’s a perfect little vintage ring and I love it! There’s always going to be people with bigger and "better" rings than you have who try to make your ring look puny…and those with smaller rings who try to make your ring look gaudy. You can’t let them get to you. It’s your ring, damnit, and if you like it, you should wear it proudly!

 Also, the e-ring is not something a mother is tactful about–she would definitely tell you if she didn’t approve!

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Blushing bee
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my e-ring center stone is about .5 carats, with two .25 side stones, and eight accent stones on either side of the side stones… it’s hard to explain, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ my center stone is fairly small, but i have small hands, so on me it looks fine. plus, we’re college students… i did not want him to break the bank for my ring at all, not when we’ve got student loans and grad school to pay for. 

i don’t buy into the whole "don’t settle for less than a carat" mentality, nor do i judge if someone’s ring is much larger than mine. as long as the ring was lovingly chosen and you like it, that’s all that matters. ๐Ÿ™‚ be proud of your ring, don’t feel bad!!

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The same thing happened to me, but the first time, it was a very good friend who said it, and she actually meant it as a compliment.  My guy got me a gorgeous 2.5 carat super clear solitaire diamond with a very simple setting.  It’s just what I told him I wanted, though much bigger than I would have picked for myself.   There have been times when I’ve felt self-conscious about it, but I love it, and while there’s no way I would let him reset it with more diamonds (well, not yet at least!), it’s not as big as some of our friends’ rings, so I’m comfortable.  I don’t show it off, but I’m happy to flash it when people ask to see it.  I love the fact that my fiance had such a great time learning about diamonds and that he put so much effort into finding something that would be big enough for his ego, but understated enough for me. 

Regardless of what your ring looks like, or what other people have on their fingers, they all stand for the same beautiful thing, and that’s what your co-workers should be celerating.  But in the end, they’re just jealous and that’s their problem.

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I don’t know that your co-workers are jealous – as posters here have noted, people can and do love their smaller rings (like me)!

But I do know they are b*tches. There is no way they meant to be anything but insulting towards you.I’m glad its gotten smoother, and I would suggest you just try to swallow the hurt and move on, but now you know that these are not people who are going to be happy for the good things in your life – so I wouldn’t bother sharing.

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Worker bee

I work with women who all sport 2.5-3ct rings, in fact one of the girls ( she got engaged recently) said that she told her fiance not to even bother with anything less than 3cts ( this was before he proposed, with at least 3ct ring). I honestly believe that it’s your own personal business ( and your fiance’s of course). I don’t think saying anything other than a compliment is appropriate. I may not like round diamonds in particular, but that doesn’t mean I will rip apart next girl who gets round diamond ring. It’s just bottom line rude and it’s her ring that she will wear, so why should I make her feel bad ?

Also, depending on how big you are same size will look differently on people. I am 5’9" but my friend is 4’11". If we both wear the same ring it will look much smaller on me than on her.

Tell people to mind their own business and just enjoy your engagement. Congratulations !


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Haha, mine’s umm… maybe .2 carats if you combine all the stones (and there are 15 of them!). Most people don’t even notice it’s an engagement ring, but it’s very me and I love it. Once they do know it’s an engagement ring I usually get a pitying look and that’s the end of the conversation. The people that know me well love it because it’s so fitting for me ๐Ÿ˜›

To each their own I say – people have different priorities, tastes and lifestyles and all of these things affect their choice of ring. 

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I encountered the same thing with my 1.8 stone. I was so excited and then ended up becoming really uncomfortable at work because of those types of comments. It definitely deflates your excitement a little when you suddenly feel self conscious. Even compliments like ‘wow that’s a big rock!’ are a little uncomfortable. I don’t think people realize how rude it is to comment on stone size – big or small. Regardless, I’m sure your ring is stunning and the most important thing about it is that your fiancé picked it out just for you;)

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

There are jealous of you plain and simple!!!  Just keep flaunting it and smile back to those mean b*&^*(ch. lol  By The Way congrates!

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Blushing bee
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@July2008Bride:  Own it, girl! My ring is over 2 carats and I love it.  The bigger the better with diamonds.  Don’t let some brats get you down.  They are definitely jealous.  Your ring sounds gorgeous!

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I’m right there with you.  My ring is a little over 2 ct and with my small hands, it must look larger because I am fairly consistantly asked “IS THAT 3CTS?!?!”  As if it were that big…that gives someone the excuse to ask the size.  I guess I should start carrying around my certification papers with it.  If you like it- it’s all that matters.  Haters gonna hate….even when they know diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  

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Helper bee
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@July2008Bride:  I think they were jealous. If they wanted a smaller stone on their ring, that’s their choice.

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@July2008Bride:  Maybe it’s the area that you live? I live in Orange County, CA and people here have huge rings! I got a 1.5 and it looks average size at best. I actually wanted a 2 carat but I’m still really happy with it.  Your coworkers are CLEARLY jealous and RUDE.

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