(Closed) Engagement Rings: Are our Men wasting their hard earned cash

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can I just say… Somedayhisbride has been attacked almost regularly on any board I have seen her on.. And it is sad that the Bee has gotten this way.. I was glad to see two Bees stick up a bit on this one when I didn’t see her do anything wrong. 

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@Moraz:  +1

Everything in the world has an ‘artificial’ value assigned to it, but the value of most things is influenced by supply and demand. That’s not true for diamonds, because the diamond industry stockpiles diamonds in order to control the supply to make it seem like they’re more rare than they are, which inflates the price.

Compare the value of diamonds to the value of precious metals. If you buy a chunk of gold (or platinum or silver, or heck most things), you will be able to sell it for near the price you paid, or even more. Some people do stockpile things other than diamonds which affects their price, but not nearly to the extent of diamonds which are controlled at the source, whereas there are many different sources for metals like gold.

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@future_behal:  This again? If you haven’t posted in a while, then you must have missed the last 20 threads about the exact same thing that got shut down by the moderators. 

There is nothing new under the sun on the WB ring board.

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@future_behal:  It gets feelings hurt and people arguing everytime. Making a thread questioning the value of diamonds on a board that is technically devoted to engagement rings, most of which are diamonds, is offensive to a lot of people. Personally, I couldn’t care less what people wear on their left hand. I don’t understand why so many other people do, or why there is so much debate about this on board devoted to enagagement rings, all of which are made of one kind of “worthless” stone or another.

Nothing good ever comes from threads like these.

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I don’t think she meant to hurt anyone’s feeling so much as ask opinions – not looking for a debate really-  just expressing how I read it bc she said not meaning to offend anyone 

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Too many posts (not unusual for this topic) for me to read.  But my thought is I love my diamond rings and really don’t care about the exchange in monetary value.  How many people drive brand new cars off the lot even though they know they automatically go down in value by 50 percent?

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The video is also wrong,  E-rings and diamond E-rings have been around far longer then the 1930’s, they just became easer for every one to afford with new mines open so the marketing was kicked up.



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I love diamonds, and I love my engagement ring.  But I already know my Fiance cares for  me and is serious about me  and our relationship.   It’s in his actions every day.  To me, the ring is just something that shows our commitment and intention to marry.  

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Is a diamond ring neccessary… no. Is it a good financial investment…no. Do I want one…. absolutely! I also think about it on a cost per wear basis. I’m going to wear my engagement ring every day for the rest of my life. I’d rather have a nice ring than a 2k wedding dress to wear one time, because I’m going to get more use out of it. And it costs a bit of money to get quality mechandise that will last a lifetime. That, and I like what engagement rings symbolize, be them diamond, moissy, gemstone, or anything else. 



I have an heirloom ring so all this isnt really an arguement for me anyway. 

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For me personally, I love diamonds and I did want a really nice one for my engagement ring. But to be COMPLETELY honest (and I know this sounds horrible), I like the large amount that was spent on it. The dollar amount is what represents the worth/value in my mind because it’s not like I’m a diamond expert. I don’t know anything about them in reality, so I have to go with the society-created price.


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@future_behal:  if you are happy with what you have, you should tell that to your partner so that he can save that money. 

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@future_behal:  I completely understand what you’re saying!  I, too, love diamonds,  but I agree that society  does dictate the value of diamonds and many other things as well.  Otherwise, all diamonds would be created equal.  For some, the more value their diamond has, the more value they give themselves. As much as I love my ering, I know that it’s the character of my Fiance who has the true value and a diamond is for my pleasure and it would be a sad situation if the size and the quality of a diamond plays a factor in the quality of one’s relationship. 

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