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I just got engaged 1/5/13.  I knew it was coming soon because my SO and I have been together for over 4 years and have talked extensively about being married and our future. The day it happened we celebrated Christmas in the morning because we were apart on Christmas Day.  There was a small bag just big enough to fit a jewelry box under the tree that I was really hoping would be a ring.  But when he finally let me open that one it turned out to be pearl earrings (which were very pretty by the way!)

Later that day he started to get very figedity and nervous and kept saying he wanted to get out of the house.  He then said that we go downtown for a carriage ride (something I had suggested we do a while ago).  I said okay, thinking that he was just bored and needed to get out of the house.

But when we parked the car he started getting really awkward.  That’s when I knew something was up.  He kept stopping in the parking garage to kiss me and tell me sweet things and all I was thinking was “Please don’t ask me here!”  

Finally we made our way to the carriage.  I was extra excited when I say it because the carriage was one of those cinderella carriages!  

At this point he was extra quiet and awkward and I didn’t know if he was going to propose or break up with me!  I mostly figured he was just tired from the long day.  But about half way through, he told me he wanted to check his phone to see the time since we were meeting up with his parents for dinner.  As he let go of my hand we turned down a cobblestone alley and I looked out the window to look at the old, historic buildings.  When I turned back he was holding an open ring box!  He said to me, “You know I love you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?”  Of course I said yes!

The best part was getting hot cocoa afterwards and giggling the whole way to dinner.  It was simple and perfect.

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I had been working abroad for two months and finally came home. While I was away he had put a ring on hold and I had no idea. Another month went by and it was time fothey family’s big vacation. We’ve been renting this beach house every year since I was 12 and the place means a lot to me. About the second or third day we were there I think I had pulled a muscle and my leg was so stiff and painful. So when my fiance kept asking me to take a walk on the beach I kept turning him down. 

He must have asked me about 3 times over the course of a half hour so i finally said to him “ok, you really want to go?” and he responded by giving me his puppy eyes and shaking his head. So I changed into some crummy old shorts and a tshirt while he was fumbling around in his bag (which I didn’t notice at the time). So I limped down the beach and we walked all the way down to the pier and the whole way he was unusually sweet and talking about the future. Then walking back (about sunset) he kept edging me toward the lloose sand further from the water and close to the dunes. I was reluctant but some how he got me there. When we were almost back to the house but far enough and covered by the dunes he said something about how many hours ( he calculated 3.5 years into hours for this haha) we’ve spent together and how about forever and dropped down on one knee with the ring and proposed. I was totally surprised and said “of course” (which he teases me about not just saying yes). 

We made it back to the house where my mom was sitting on the top deck. I held up my hand, couldn’t say anything. And she just stared at me. It took her a minute to realize the shiny new ring on my finger. Then she went all crazy and ran in and got the rest of my family who all came running out. It wasn’t until everyone was hugging us that I really teared up (only a single tear on the beach). So my cousin took a picture of us right then with me holding up my hand. I told him later I would have dressed nicer and did something with my hair if I had known! But we still have that picture sitting on our dresser 🙂 

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We went on a trip to cape cod and I was obsessed w all the light houses. It was raining on and off so weather wasn’t that great and the bus schedule was a bit of a nightmare because it was just a day trip to martha’s vineyard. As we were going towards my fav lighthouse which was made of redbrick he started hicupping. I didn’t put two and two together so I told him to drink some water and hold his breath lol. Then he said we should climb up to the light house so up we went and at the top you can see 360 ocean views and all of martha’s vineyard.. spectacularly beautiful! when we were alone he proposed on top of the lighthouse and I was so excited it was almost like a silent movie.. till this day i actually have no clue what he said. I said yes and we spent a few min enjoying the moment then came back down the lighthouse as a newly engaged couple. Then we called our parents and friends.. then we went to go eat lobster rolls. =)

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