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@Nikikita:  Well first…congrats! That is so awesome for you!! And super cute btw.
and second…yay! someone who is willing to type a long story too! I am new on this site and was scared I would talk to much lol.




This is the story about my boyfriend and I.




Well first off I am 24 and He’s 23, even though our Birthdays are only a year 2 weeks apart I never thought I would be with someone younger that me.
I have been engaged a couple of times (two times in high school because I was moving and I was a rebellious teen) but of course when I moved away those “engagements” fell through lol. I was born in NM but grew up my whole life in TN, except when I moved to Texas in HS and when I moved back I got a hostess job at a restaurant, where I met my best friend for 5 years now. He stood by me through a LOT of jobs.
I have a hard time holding down a job. See we were both raised in southern Christian homes and know our manners but me being half irish and half mexican and being raised by my survivalist dad, the oldest only girl with 2 brothers and a sea of male cousins, and my aunt (I call her my mom)…who is just as abrasive and feminist as Rosanne (in the show Rosanne) I may have a slight attitude problem and people have told me I come across either as angry and hostile (only at first!) or very silly, when you get to know me (I’m very energetic and friendly, I’ve been told my personality is that of a labrador retriever) which is why now I have figured out I should just NOT work with the public. I am a vet tech, and LOVE animals which is perfect since working with people never ends well.
He on the other hand also has a survivalist dad, but was born in Cali, raised in a big city in Flordia and Georgia, hes a rocker and has been in bands. The oldest with a little brother but has a slew of female relatives and is very charming and funny. Even though he can look angry hes actually very social and never meets a stranger. And unlike me he is very responsible.  And his muscial talent has given him that lead guitar confidence (ok hes mildly arrogant).




Well he was my best friend and developed a crush on me but I told him no…and put him firmly in the friend zone…for 4 years. For two years of that time I dated this guy and that and he was always there to mend my broken heart or to listen as I screamed in the woods at night while we sat on his car hood and drank beer until 5 am. He was my partner in crime when we would call out of work and drive to other towns until the sun went down. Or wait until dark and jump elementary school fences and play on the play ground and talk.
He never cared about my attitude problem or that I would wreck my car into yet another fence to stop from hitting an animal.
(He knew I was crazy, even though we’re hunters, we understand the difference between food and fairness and unfair advantage of a 2 ton machine and a bunny even if I am a wee bit more crazy about it).




He never made me feel stupid when I would get confused in video games and run around in circles shooting at the sky and give up because I can’t do inverted controls, or when he has to take over because I got myself into a fight with 40 creatures and no health left. We matured together and helped each other simmer our tempers and let go of our anger at the world.




For the other two years, I was in this volatile relationship and he always stuck by me. Grant it… he began a relationship with someone equally crazy because he said he had “given up” even though he would randomly bring up how I should be with him…but always “kidding”. When the guy and I broke up…it ended very violently. And my best friend took action in a way that only big-city-rockers-stuck-in-a-small-town can. (He was not alone, I have guy friends, and brothers!) And his relationship fell through too one month later after mine.




But I couldn’t be in that town anymore, I had been through so much that year; car fire, almost lost another best friend-who later became horribly ill, another friend living with me after a broken engagement, mom getting cancer, an accident that required 2 reconstructive surgeries on my face, a slight drug addiction, a law suit that ended with a furry four legged companion in my name (the only good thing in that whole two years besides my best friend being there) then a break up that shattered me to my core. I made plans to flee to Texas with my birth mother, but in the months before I left I would drown my sorrows in pitchers of beer while he listened patiently. And one night, while drunk, I kissed him. I apoligized the next day, and hated myself. I felt something strange toward him but I was drunk half the time and in no state to try to persue anything. But it happened again a few weeks later.. and again… until I started to pick myself up. He always said “don’t worry about it, it’s ok, you’re just going through some stuff” but I felt bad because I knew he used to like me. (Didn’t know he did at the time so naturally I felt like an even bigger jerk later).
After I left to TX he was always there…skype…google chat…countless hours on the phone-even close to 2,000 miles away he was always there and I was there for him. I half heartedly dated a couple guys but they all fell to the wayside for my best pal, who always came first. For my birthday last year he flew to visit me and our friendship changed to a relationship beyond what I have ever had.




We were getting out of the car to go into my apt to watch a movie when he grabbed my hair and just kissed me! I was stunned and just turned bright red and ran into the apartment and didn’t say anything about for a few days. Neither did he.
The night before he left we were watching a horror movie and he was sitting next to me, and I cuddled against him because it was January and I was cold!
I could feel him staring at me while I was watching the movie and inside my head I was like :”What are you doing?!…Ok I should do something…why am I wanting him to kiss me? He’s my best friend! Stop it!”
But I looked at him and I kissed him and he kissed me back….he left the next morning and we talked about how bad LDRs are but we both love bad ideas.  (Its kind of a funny joke between us. Like hey! Lets drive to a place 2 hours away with out calling to see if it’s open…yay bad ideas!)




 All our friends finally confessed to me that they had been waiting for me to “jump on the band wagon” for years. That they have always said secretly we were always dating and just didn’t know it. For the past year we have dated faithfully, long distance with visits every so often. I am moving back in the spring and we are moving in together. We have talked about engagements. I thought I was ready with my ex but looking back on it 3 years ago I was not. My boyfriend and I have grown together and matured A LOT. Its amazing how much can happen to a person emotionally and mentally in 5 years. He’s my best friend and the ONLY person who can calm me down when I am going on a rampage about the evils of Wal-Mart or government conspiracies, and I’m the only person who can get him to lighten up and not take life so seriously, like it’s a giant boudler on his shoulders.
After being best friends for 4 years and dating for 1, we still can’t stay angry at each other for more than an hour and even when I don’t want him to he will make me laugh when I am trying to be mad! We talk about and through everything.




Because of him I am a better, more mature, patient person who is easier to get along with and more forgiving. And because of me he is calmer, less judgemental, less critical of himself, and is a more positive person…. and he goes to church again! We aren’t perfect but God put us together for a reason. Even if we’re only 24 and 23. πŸ™‚




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My Fi and I were long-distance for a while during the beginning of our relationship.


We met at a mutual friends christmas party.  Both of us were not going to go, but circumstances changed and we both ended up there.  His parents, and later his grandma, came over to the party too!

When I arrived (late, like I said I almost didn’t make it) My friends mom came downstairs and told me there was a cute guy there, I didn’t pay her much attention till woah, there was a cute guy there πŸ˜‰


We talked like, all night.  I barely saw the girl who’s party it was, lol. We ended up scheduling a date the next day, actually with his parents to go refuel their airplane at a nearby airport that has cheap gas.  At the end of the night, well he had to go home he was tired and all his family had left, people were still there, I walked him to their front door and asked for his number.


So the next day (Chchristmas Eve) I show up to his house and am invited in for a cup of coffee and he had gotten up early to make a coffee cake, kinda his signature thing is making breakfast.  He makes a mean coffee cake. We go with his best friend and his established girl friend, his dad and a friend of his dads who needed some twin turboprop time on his logbook.  

We hung out 3 or 4 other times going flying, doing other things always with his parents before we had our first real date.  We went downtown to go ice skating on the small outdoor rink they set up and went to dinner.  It was super fun, and we were super awkward too πŸ™‚

We had a few dates before we had to go back to school for the spring semester.  I went to school locally, he was about 4 hours away.  I had already started, actually it was my first day, and we were supposed to meet to drive his mom’s ferarri testarossa.  However, it was raining and she doesn’t allow it out in the rain.  So instead we played video games and whatnot untill his friend from out-of-town arrived.  Literally his mom was stalling his friend as we were making the decision to become girlfriend and boyfriend.  

We were long distance during school.  We literally saw each other twice, once when he came down for a weekend and we went to a concert, and once twoards the end of the semester when his parents and I flew up to see his band concert.  It got challenging, especially as we grew more and more together, somehow, as we were apart.  We called each other rarely, but skyped almost every other night, even if just to do homework together.  Usually we did just do homework or cook dinner together, lol. But literally thats what we did.  It was fun at first, but then got hard.  We never admitted to each other how deep our feelings were, lol.  


Finally we both graduated and moved back home, which are about 10 minutes from each other.  Shortly into our summer I told him I loved him, and he immediately and totally admitted it back.  His sister got married, we went to the wedding together.  We cuddled in bed when we went to his parents mountain house.  

The summer after we graduated, we were cuddling one night at the mountain house and he asked if I could see myself marrying him some day.  I said yes πŸ˜‰

About a year and a half afterwards we are engaged and planning a wedding for about 2 years after he originally brought it up πŸ˜‰

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