(Closed) Entertain Me: What's your worst customer service story?

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@mchitt329:   Mine was with a bridal shop.  It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, I called to make an appointment, the lady ended up asking me for my measurements, then told me not to bother to drive down to her store, because they had no samples that would fit me.   The drive was about 35 miles.  No big deal.  She didn’t want a street size 14 woman in her place.  Horrors.  I was in tears when I hung up the phone.

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David’s Bridal, first day of wedding dress shopping. I have an appointment and I take my Maid/Matron of Honor, SIL, and good friend who would have been a Bridesmaid or Best Man if she wasn’t relocating to Korea.


We arrive and the place is packed. It takes forever to just get someone’s attention. In the meantime we are told to browse. Finally we get set up with a sales girl. She takes us to a fitting room area with no chairs, so I ask for chairs for my three girls. I get an eye roll and, “Well we usually ask that you don’t bring so many people with you.” Really, did someone tell the family of nine all seated in chairs next to our area? They find chairs. Ok, let’s do this.


She asks what I want to see. I tell her what I like, making note to say, “emphasize my waist.” It’s my best asset. She comes back and we cram into the tiny room. We try on a few flops. She never takes out the unwanted dresses, so static electricity is building in the tiny fitting room. I find a dress I sort of like and she leaves me in it for 10 mins while she walks off god knows where. I stood around ready to get out of the dress for a long time. After dress #3 she has stopped showing me things that emphasize my waist like I asked.


At no point did she put a veil on me, or a sash, or any kind of accessory. Eventually my Maid/Matron of Honor starts grabbing veils and sashes since the sales girl wouldn’t.  After a while the sales girl tells me her opinion of Maid/Matron of Honor, that, “some friends like to live vicariously through us and get a little excited to play dress up.” I informed sales girl that my Maid/Matron of Honor was married and simply knew how this experience was supposed to go.


I left pretty upset about the whole thing, and we saw the sales girl leave, too. I can only assume she was ready for her break, and that’s why we didn’t get the best treatment. The customer survey after my visit pissed me off even more because it asked about all these offers I never got, like seeing shoes, jewlery, discounts, etc. I was very honest on the survey, and ended up getting a call from the store manager. The manager was super nice but I told her I wouldn’t be buying a thing from them in the future.

ETA: The 10 min disappearance wasn’t the only one either. She left us alone several times throughout the appointment.

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@mchitt329:  Everywhere else I went was amazing, thank god! This was probably a bad day and a bad sales rep.

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Worst customer service story is actually wedding related.  I had an appt with a local bridal salon, called ahead, the whole nine yards.  Go in with my Maid/Matron of Honor. Give the sales attendent a run down of what I’m looking fir dress-wise.  She asks how many dresses I’ve tried on prior to her store.  I tell her and she flat out tells me that the number is ridiculous, and that I should only have to try on 5 dresses and then be able to find The One.  Mmmkay. Then she asks for my budget.  I tell her $2,000 and she scathingly says that she doubts she can find anything here that low.  Oohhkaaaay.  (And I remember thinking, and what desses in here cost over $2,000? the stuff is just so…cheap.)  Then she stands up and is like “okay lets see if we can find anything here that meets your budget and requirements” and just follows me around the store making comments about how This Dress and That Dress are over my budget.  At no point did she pull dresses for me or help in anyway.  It was totally unreal, I was just shocked by her rudeness and lack of customer serivice.  And to this day I cannot figure out why she was so infernally rude to me…I was dressed nicely, was polite, etc.  If this had been my first appt at a bridal salon I would have been in tears, but instead I was just so gobsmacked that I laughed about it for the next week.  

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Mine would be a local atheletics store in my town. 

Its a store that makes trophys, medals, they do embroidery, letterman jackets, iron ons, etc. 

My SO has a little brother that plays high school sports so I wanted to go have some T-shirts made with his last name and number on the back. The one’s that have the iron on letters, nothing major. 

I go there on like a Thursday, I believe and order two shirts, the lady told me when they would be ready, which would be the next day (Friday) and that she would call me, I also pre-paid or paid up front when I placed my order, so the shirts were already paid for even though that hadnt been made yet. Friday came and no phone call (no big deal), they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. I figured they were swamped so I decide to wait till Monday. Monday came and still no phone call, I decide to give them one more day and wait till Tuesday……no phone call on Tuesday, so that afternoon I decide to call them and see whats up. The lady I talked to said she could not find my order ticket and that she would call me back…..she didnt call back….

So once again, I called back on Wednesday, telling them the situation and that I called up there the day before and was supposed to be called back (at this point, I have talked to three different people) the person asked me for my name and they also couldnt find my order then he finally found my order ticket and said that there were no shirts with the order, he then told me that he would get them done today and that I could pick them up. I ended up not being able to pick them up on that day because I had to work late so I told him that my mother would be able to pick them up tomorrow, he said that was fine, end of phone call. 

The next day, my mom goes up there to pick up the shirts…..guess what? 

THEY COULDNT FIND THE SHIRTS, but somehow they once again found the ticket order but no shirts. So the guy told my mom that he would get on them right away and they would be done.

Well my mom had to go to a quick doctors appiontment, she told the man that it would be no longer than an hour for her to get done. Her doctors appointment ended up being like 30 minutes so she was back before an hour, she walked in and there was a lady this time, she told the lady that there was some shirts that she had to pick up and the lady told her that they were not doing any orders today because of one particular bulk rush order they had to do.

My mom ended up having to get a little rude and the guy that did my shirts finally came to the front and told the lady that my order was finished…..

So they ended up loosing two shirts (several times) that I had already paid for….

In the end, my mom let them know that they had lost two customers, including her and her daughter.  

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Wow….so many…where do I begin?! LOL!

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The worst customer service story where I was a customer? I work in customer service, so anymore it takes quite a lot to get me really irritated. But I’ll share one from wedding planning:

Husband and I went to Men’s Wearhouse to get tuxes straightened out/signed up for and whatnot. We went on a weekday afternoon, thinking it wouldn’t be too busy as it was prom season. So we get there, walk in, and all of the employees were busy with other customers, save one who was on the computer. One man who was helping another couple looked at us and said “Someone will be with you in just a moment.”

We stood and waited for a good fifteen minutes while the guy on the computer finished whatever he was doing, then wandered over to chat with a couple other guys who were waiting for their customers to finish up in the dressing rooms.

Then another couple walked in the front doors, and were immediately greeted by the worker who had been on the computer when we got there, and he went off to help them.

At this point I was pretty fed up, so I said to my husband “Let’s just go to the place at the mall,” and started to leave, when finally a different guy saw us, sighed, and asked if he could help us. Well, sorry to be a big inconvience for you!

We did end up staying to sign things up, even though the guy helping us was constantly getting distracted to where I had to repeat answers to questions several times. Then over the next few weeks as the Groomsmen and my dad trickled in to get fitted, they could never find our paperwork, so I’d have to call and get pretty rude about it and then “it would appear.” Ugh.

Needless to say I was not impressed with the service we received.

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I am bigger than I have been in the past but not that big I wear a size 12, I went into aeropostale to pick up a birthday present for my cousin and a worker comes up to me and says “We don’t sell your size here” I walked right out of there and bought her present somewhere else!

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I have 2:


The headlight on my car went out, so I took my car to an auto parts store, puchased the bulb and then asked the salesguy if he could help me put it in. (They offer this as a service as long as they don’t have to pull anything out of the way to get the headlight in).  He didn’t look happy about it at all, but came outside.  He looked disgustedly at my car and started to mess with the headlight.  After pulling parts out for about 5 minutes, he turned to me, dumped a handful of bulbs/switches/etc into my hand, told me “Your car is a foreign piece of crap” and went back into the store.  (I drive a Hyundai Elantra).  So I was stuck, an hour from home in the dark, with a non-working headlight.  My DH’s boss wound up looking at it and had it fixed in about 2 minutes.  Ugh.  Seriously?


This summer, I wound up in the emergency room for what we thought was appendicitis.  When we got to the ER, I was bent double, had a fever, was very nauesous and couldn’t talk it hurt so bad.  The receptionist (once he finally noticed that we were waiting in front of him), started asking me all of these questions and then got frustrated when Darling Husband started answering them for me.  Finally got checked in and it took them 20 minutes to get me into a room (and that was only because the guy ahead of me offered to let me go first!)  Met with the triage nurse and she started asking me all of the questions (again not caring at all that i couldn’t answer) and when I started throwing up, she didn’t even stop and offer a bag or anything.  She just kept typing and said, “Well, obviously you’re queasy.  What are your other symptoms?”  Once I was finally in a room, the doctor came in and started pushing all over my stomach, asking if it hurt.  He didn’t seem to notice that I was curling up away from him and crying while saying “Yes!  That hurts!!!”  DH was ready to punch the guy out if my mom hadn’t been in the room.  It took another hour to get pain medication.  6 hours later, all they knew was that the CT scan showed a complex cyst on the ovary, but they didn’t know how big and the earliest they could get an ultrasound tech in would be Monday (this was Saturday night).  We left and made the 3 hour drive back home to see my regular doctor who diagnosed ovarian tortion (potentially life threatening) and did emergency surgery.  So glad we left! I will NEVER go back to the first hospital again!  Got the $6K bill from them and my jaw dropped. Never thought I’d pay that much for medical help that didn’t really help.  





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Ohh, I wanna play! Besides being engaged and planning a wedding I am also a bride’s maid in my BFs wedding this Saturday. We went in several stores looking and found some Alfred Angelos that we loved. She wants our color to match but not necessarily the dress so we are all a lovely “Victorian Lilac” but have different style dresses. Anyway, we ordered online and since I never wear dresses I just sent in my measurements. Well, we got the dresses recently and they told me they had accidentally made it a a size larger than what I ordered but they would pay for the alterations or send it back to be redone. This was 3 weeks before the wedding so I chose to take it to my seamstress and boy has she had her work cut out for her! She said, “This dress is 3 sizes too big!” lol Check it out… The first pic is with me holding it together in the back so you get an idea of what the dress is supposed to look like. The other pic is what I really got! My seamstress is STILL working on it after 2 fittings, yikes!



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Mine was when I tried to get a refund from Delta because there was literally random water dripping on me from above the whole flight.  I had to scrunch up in my seat the entire time to avoid it.  To make matters worse, my mom is a nervous flier and the water was completely freaking her our.  I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote in to their customer service after my phone call in which I explained the reason I wanted a refund:

I called Delta corporate customer care, where I spoke to Charles. After he offered me a $100 voucher as a “goodwill gesture” I said that I would like a refund for the full amount of the return leg of the flight. He told me there was no way that would happen (his words) and that because I was on the flight and arrived at JFK, Delta had upheld their contract. At this point, I asked to speak to a supervisor. He informed me that he was a supervisor, at which point I balked because at the beginning of the conversation he had said something extremely rude. When I first spoke and explained my situation, Charles asked how old I was. I found that to be an inappropriate question, but I answered with my age: 25. He then responded that I sound “very, very young- much younger than that!” Once I found out that he was a supervisor, I told him how extremely rude it was to comment on how young I sounded. Honestly, I was shocked that a supervisor at Delta would be so unprofessional and rude. He replied that it wasn’t rude, “just an observation.” When I asked why he didn’t think it was rude to tell a 25 year old woman that she sounds like a young girl, he responded that I was getting off topic and he only wanted to address the issue of the flight. To me, these topics fall under the same category: poor customer service. I asked if there was anyone else in the department I could speak to, and he said no. I highly doubt he is the only person in the entire Delta corporate office or that he does not have someone above him I could have spoken to. He kept pressuring me to take the $100 voucher he was offering as a “goodwill gesture.” Perhaps Delta needs to review exactly what that term means.”

For the record, the woman that responded to me (based on her title, I think she was very high up in their customer service department) apologizing for everything, agreeing with me that the person I spoke with on the phone was inappropriate, and she gave me a voucher for more than the price of a flight.


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There’s a restaurant we have enjoyed in the past, but the past 2 times we’ve been in there we’ve waited forever (10 plus minutes) for the bartender to get our drink orders when it was completely dead at the bar.  The servers sit around, talk and laugh amongst themselves and the last time (the very  last time!) we went, it was over a half hour before we got our bill.  And we’d only ordered a couple drinks and an appetizer. Never again…

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Bank of America Mortgage

Never late on a mortgage payment, but I see i qualify for a govt program to reduce my mortgage payment courtesy of significant loss of income (child support / dead beat daddy).  I am single income, single signer on the sole mortgage.  Nothing complicated.  Nothing expensive – I had a $100,000 mortgage and a 6% interest rate.

It supposed to take 4 months to go from trial lowered payments to permanent lower payments.  Per Federal guidelines, they were supposed to report me as “paying as agreed” to the credit bureaus.  2 years later, I am still making the trial payments and they are trashing my credit as delinquent because they are saving up the trial payments monthly until they equal a full payment and then applying it.  I would fight to get my credit reports corrected, only to have it start all over again.  I was escalated to the Office of the President multiple times – worthless. The fiance and I decided he would buy us a newer, larger home at the budgeted lower mortgage amount, in a better neighborhood (thank you market crash) so I would just walk away from my house and let it foreclose (again, thank you market crash – no way I can sell for what I owe).  Being in AZ, they cant come after me for the monetary difference between my owed mortgage and what they manage to get at auction.  And they had already trashed my credit while ignoring every last Federal guideline of the HAMP program for my FHA mortgage.

I stopped paying the mortgage (Sept), and we took our sweet time moving out while we did upgrades and decor to the new house (Jan).  I was going back to the property regularly – watching for notices about foreclosure, etc. to come in the mail or be posted.  I find the shed lock broken off, and the locks to the house changed, and the weeds gone (May).  Still no notices.  I find record of a trustee sale (May) in a newspaper scheduled for Aug. – and I rejoiced. 

This month, I find the sale had been cancelled, and Bank of America has sent me a letter notifiying me that they suspect my property is empty, and that it will impact my homeowners insurance coverage if that is true – so I must notify them immediately if it is not. 

Ummm.. nice to ask if I am living there long after they broke in and changed the locks…   They wont answer my inquiries as to why the sale was cancelled.  I am thinking i need to break back in and change the locks, and let some renters / squatters stay there so BoA can enjoy leveraging them out at a later date. 


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