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She sounds like a obsessive nut job … she is just jealous … I had something similar happen to me .. my best friend has a male friend who happens to be gay and friends with my SO ex gf.. she always talks to him about me and asks questions for some odd reason.. I couldn’t tell you why other then that she’s crazy and insecure .. SO and I have been together for 3 years and they have been broken up for  5 .. sometimes people are just nuts 😂😂

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Nothing really horrible, but I think everyone has “that” ex they’d rsther not speak of. Mine is still trying to be a rapper.

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“If you leave me, you wont ever find someone else.” 

Yes I left him and yes I did find someone else and yes I’m so happy I did. laughing

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I was dating an ex-bf for several months when I found out the douchebag was married with kids. I was so pissed off and felt so stupid. Pissed off because I would never knowingly date an attached man, yet felt the guilt of being his side piece/mistress when I thought I was a single guy’s gf. And stupid because I thought I was being an accommodating, understanding gf because he had a demanding job with unpredictable hours (he was a homocide cop, that much at least was true), so I naively didn’t question if he was sometimes unavailable. In fact, because I was busy being a single mom/ grad student etc, I was glad I didn’t have a bf who was too demanding of my time. When I found out he was married with kids! I immediately dumped him, like on the spot total dealbreaker not even a question about it dumped him. Which should have been a clue for him that we were done. He called me a few days later and asked if I was still mad at him and if he could take me to dinner, as if we’d had a lovers’ quarrel over something trivial and he couldn’t believe I was still pissed at him. Unbelievable. 

Ziggy2112 :  This made me laugh out loud 🙂


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suziq23 :  

My husband’s ex girlfriend from 9 years ago still tries to get in contact with him after all these years.

-she has a dart board with my picture on it
– she has emailed me pictures of them back from 2008
-she threatened to drag me down the asile by my pretty blonde hair
-she’s telling everyone that I am the other woman
-she still posts his photos all over social media
-just recently she started taking shooting lessons; to kill me I was told via snapchat.

She is by far the most psycho girl I have ever met in life life.

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railroaderwifeyxo :  You might want to look into a restraining order against her for both you and your husband…

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I’ve never had a terrible or crazy ex but I did have a guy I was starting to see (when I was in my very early 20s) who told me that he’d had a relationship end because he accidentally ghosted a woman- he took so long to call her back that eventually so much time passed and he just couldn’t call her again. I told him at that point, if you ever do that to me, just don’t bother calling again. I don’t have time for that and you won’t get another chance.

We were together for a couple months and then he disappeared for two or three weeks or so. When he called me, he tried to act like everything was normal. I told him that I’d already let him know that if he disappeared he should stay gone so I was getting off the phone. He told me that he was going to go back to dating white girls because they were more willing to . . . (put up with bullshit, I guess?). I told him good luck with that and enjoy. A couple months after that, I saw him at a party and he tried to tell our mutual friend that I’d broken his heart. 

That’s right- I’m a maneater. tongue-out

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railroaderwifeyxo :  Wow! That’s pretty obsessive! Might want to look into getting a restraining order against that one…

My ex has spun so many lies. He apparently was dating some girl after I broke up with him. She was so super jealous of me and never met me. He had blocked me on all social media, so I had no idea he was dating anyone. He emailed me a year after we broke up apologizing for what a jerk he was and he now realizes it and yada yada yada. He owed me money and said he would meet me to give it to me. I told him he can mail me a check in my response. Then his crazy new girl respionds back pretending to be him. I could tell from being with him for 4 years what his writing style was, but she wrote things like “I don’t love you anymore so just let go. I’m in love with my girlfriend…” so I ignored the message. Then I got a million calls from blocked numbers. Then he called me! He flipped out that I was mean to his gf and how I sent her nasty facebook messages… funny cause I don’t even know her name to this day! LOL so I blocked his number and have all emails coming from him filtered to trash.

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emilylvwdammon :  

MrsSapphire :  

Looked into it, nothing is a direct threat. Thankfully she lives 5 plus hours away, and has no idea where we live. She also doesn’t drive. So I’m not too worried. She’s just got some mental issues lol.

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My ex husband married the woman who was the source of many of our fights a year after we divorced.  Meanwhile while we were together he swore they were just platonic friends, how he didn’t find her attractive at all and how I was being silly and crazy and he was just being nice to her. Any who, they’ve been married less than 1 year and he’s called me and texted me asking me to get back together, how he made such a mistake, how I was and always will be his one true love.  I told him to get lost and don’t call me with that mess, and he STILL texted me telling me well if I ever changed my mind.  #boybye

i could really mess his stuff up right now with all the text messages he’s sent me trying to hook up, telling me he’s get divorced for a second chance, and lord knows that girl deserves it because she was always trying to mess up my marriage.  But knowing she’s his problem now is the best revenge lol.  I bet he’s spinning all the lies he did to me to her right now.

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An ex called me “Queen of the harpies”

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Beegritte :  Well, the obvious response to that is that you are now required to start a band called “Queen of the Harpies”. Glam-girl-rock, of course.

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