EP and weaning

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OMG he’s going to be 1 in March. STAHHHHP

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TheGridMonster :  I forget exactly how it went down, but I do remember I pumped awhile without him getting much. I was also doing around 5/day. I dropped night first, then I think I just spaced them a bit farther apart rather than just dropping one completely. Then I pumped before and after work. I’m pretty sure I spanned it across a month but didn’t have issues… not enough milk to begin with. I did suddenly need to express about 2 weeks after I quit, go figure.  I shot out a couple tablespoons and then never dealt with it again.

Dont pump dry, for one thing. Stop early on each pump instead so your body thinks baby doesn’t want more 

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I went from pumping 20 minutes to 15 to 10, and then was able to drop some and eventually just stopped. It was annoying for a day or two but by that point totally manageable. I’d say it took maybe 3 weeks total? Good luck! 

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If you are prone to clogs you can try taking sunflower lethicin for a few days after you drop a pump. Kellymom website has details about dose. I was getting so many clogs and taking it really helped. My daughter will be one in a month. I only pump at work but can’t wait to ditch that thing! 

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My LC told me to make a single change and maintain it for 2-4 days before making another one. For example, I was pumping 30 minutes per session, so I first dropped one session to 20 minutes, kept that for ~3 days, then shortened it to 10 and finally dropped it entirely.  Based on this, it took me a little over a week to drop a session. I definitely was impatient by the time I was down to 2 sessions per day (I was also pumping 5 times a day) so I tried to wean faster and I paid for it dearly when I ended up with blocked ducts.  So definitely be patient about it!

It took me a really long time to wean from the pump (like 2-3 months) but that is because I had a complicated relationship with pumping: I haated it but the thought of stopping and my supply drying up freaked me out. The day I stopped I felt really conflicted: I was both thrilled to be finally free and sad that this phase was over. This may also have been the weaning hormone crash, so be aware of that.

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I pumped 3x a day at work.  I just dropped my least productive (last) one first.  That one was already a pretty low output pump.  If yours is higher you should instead just cut down the time on that one so you leave some milk still in there.  Once your body adjusts then you move to the next one and so forth.  I re-spaced out my pumps after I dropped a session and took them at different times as well.  I’d wait until I was pretty full instead of at my normal time, etc.  Take lecithin the whole time.  If you get a clog you’ll just have to pump more to get it out, think of it like a temporary setback.  It didn’t take me much more than a month to cut out all 3.

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TheGridMonster :  I exclusive pumped for 14 months.  I have everything documented, so I will go look for you and let you know!

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Month 1: 7x per day; 21 oz

Month 2: 5-6x per day; 30 oz

Month 3: 5x per day; 30 oz

Month 4: 4x per day; 29 oz

Months 6-7: 4x per day; 33 oz

Month 8-9: 3x per day; 29 oz (morning, evening, before bed)

Months 10-11: 3x per day, 20-27 oz 

Month 12: 2x per day, 13.5 oz (morning, before bed)

Month 13: 2x per day 13.5 oz

Month 14: 1x per day, 2-3 oz (before bed)


I only did one time per day for a short time before switching to every other day.  I then went 3 days without pumping before feeling the need to pump one last time.  Then that was it.  I usually dropped pumps by moving two closer together over a couple days.  

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I also want to note that I increased the times of the remaining pumps when I dropped one.  At 7 pumps per day they were 15-20 minutes.  At 2x per day they were each like an hour.

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