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Unfortunately BF/EP didn’t workout for me, so I have no advice, but just wanted to say OP your baby is so stinking adorable!!!! Best of luck XO!

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I was pumping 7 times a day for 20 minutes. I went down to 6 for a few days and then 5. Started pumping for 15 mins and then 10 and then every 3-4 days I just started dropping each pump. By the time I got to 2 I just stopped. I took a bunch of Sudafed and expressed in the shower to relieve discomfort instead of pumping. 

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TheGridMonster :  OMGGG I just felt an egg drop! My ovaries are EXPLODING GRID. EXPLODING!

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TheGridMonster :  I just went through this!  I had been nursing/pumping, but when my babe was 10.5 mo (late Oct), switched to EP.  At that point, my supply was dropping a bit anyway so I was only getting about 15-18 oz total from 3 pumps/day.  I was pumping in the morning (about 6am), lunchbreak (12pm), and shortly before bed (about 8:30pm).  In early December, I cut my lunchtime pump.  One week later I cut the morning pump.  I went with only the evening pump for a week, then did every other night for one more week.  I decided to just quit from there and see how it went.  About 10 days later I was feeling like I had a plugged duct on one side, so I pumped both sides to empty again.  It’s been about 10 more days again since then and I think I’m finally done, but I still get the occasional leakage.  I’m curious how long that will last!  One tidbit that I kind of found interesting (not sure if this happens for everyone), was that when I cut a pump, I started to get fewer ounces from the other pumps.  I kind of expected the opposite – like if I was getting 5 oz from each of 3 pumps, then cut to 2 I thought I’d get like 6+ oz from each one to compensate, but no, I got like 4.  By the end I was only getting about 3 oz per pump.  My body seemed to understand what I was trying to do.  So it took me about a month to go from 3 pumps/day to zero. My baby was 1 on December 14th.  

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i just weaned from work pumping.  i’m still morning/night/weekend nursing.

i was pumping at 9, 12, 330. then for a week i pumped at 10 and 2.

the following week at 12 only

then i was done.

since you are EP, you can either space out longer (add an hour between), drop the least producing one first, or pump for less time each time.  pick what works for you.

kellymom is a great resource.

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I EP for 14 months and found weaning to be not as challenging (physically) as I thought it would be.  I did a combination of what other people recommended.  I began spacing out the pumping a bit longer every few days.  It takes about 3 days for your supply to readjust after changes.  When I was really ready to be done I then started pumping a bit less each day.  Just dropped a few minutes off each day until it was practically nothing.  Then I stopped.  I didn’t have any engorgement issues or blockages.  Emotionally, that was a whole other can of worms made worse by finding out he was sensitive to milk 2 weeks after stopping….

 And your little guy is adorable.  What a cuttie!

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TheGridMonster :  it might not be the same with nursing vs pumping, but when my daughter hit her first birthday I put a hard stop on nursing throughout the day on the weekend. She was already used to only nursing morning/bedtime during the week and so I made the weekends the same – plus it meant I got to stop pumping at work and I hate the damn pump lol. It was a little sad, but I was ready to not have her rip my clothes off in public anymore. Now she’s slowly dropping the morning session and again it’s sad, but I’m ready to move on. So far I’ve been ok with the reduction because I’m still holding on to the one I care the most about and that’s bedtime. Right now the thought of dropping her bedtime nursing session makes me want to cry, but I thought that about all the previous stages too and then the timing just felt right and I was ok with it. I guess all that is to say – don’t rush it if you aren’t ready. 

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TheGridMonster :  Let me start by saying life after pumping is WONDERFUL lol. No more building my entire day around my pumping schedule, being able to eat and drink whatever I want without worrying about it impacting my milk/supply, no longer having to treat the contents of the bottle like liquid gold (anyone who says “don’t cry over spilled milk” has obviously never pumped).  So the first thing to do is to remind yourself of the end goal: freedom!

Otherwise, it was helpful for me to observe my daughter successfully transition to cow milk. It reminded me that she was still getting the nourishment she needed.  I had her transition fully while I was still pumping and I just froze everything I was pumping.  Then when I had stopped pumping, I alternated between cow milk only, breastmik only and half-half mixtures in her bottles until I finished my freezer stash.

Also remind yourself that there are a lot of hormones driving your feelings and once you stop pumping, those hormonal effects ease up.  I did feel sad for a day or two but a couple days later, I felt normal (actually I felt great and FREEEEE!).

Full disclosure, another factor that finally got me over the edge was my husband. He had to listen to me bitch about pumping but also refuse to stop pumping for about a month and eventually he was like “please, just stop!” lol.

Start by shortening just one of your pumping sessions by 10 minutes and see how it feels – weaning itself is a process!

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Omg you’re me! I’m trying to get down to 1 nursing session at night though. My ducts are SUPER pronepto clogs. I spoke to a LC and came up with a plan. Instead of dropping sessions which can cause serious clogs, I increased the amount of time between pumping sessions and the amount of time I pumped. Every time I changed a session I would get a clog but I had my daughter nurse it out and continued on with my schedule. I also started taking Lecithin which I think is helping with the clogs and I just finished a round of Sudafed (the one you have to ask the pharmacist for) which helps dry you up. Here is my exact schedule so far. I went from pumping 20 minutes every 3 hours and now I’m down to 9 minutes every 6 hours:


1/21 -1/24

17 minutes every 3.5 hours


1/25 -128

15 minutes every 4 hours


1/29 – 2/2

13 minutes every 5 hours


2/3 – 2/7

11 minutes every 5.5 hours


2/8 – 2

9 minutes every 6 hours


Because I’m so prone to clogged ducts my LC suggested only dropping the time pumping by 2 minutes. I did between 4 and 5 days each time I changed my pumping schedule as you can see. But listen to your body! Good luck!


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OMG you are a rockstar for exclusive pumping. I have no advice because as you know I threw in the towl after 8 weeks (NO REGRETS) but I just wanted to let you know that I think it’s badass you’re still pumping.

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