(Closed) Epidural or Natural-what to do?!

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i would do an epidural.

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I’m not pregnant yet but Darling Husband and I were talking about this the other night. I really want to do a natural birth but I am afraid I won’t be able to handle the pain. My mother had both children natural and she says that if she could do it again she would get an epidural.

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you should read dooce.com

she had an epidural for her first baby. the second she delivered naturally, and she wrote an amazing series of posts about that experience.

that being said, i don’t want the pain!

eta: here’s the first post.

part 2

and part 3

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Hi!  it is a tough decision but it is SO good for you to have a plan but be willing to alter it if necessary.  I wanted to have a natural childbirth, and part of the reason was because I was pretty afraid of the epirdural.  I’m not afraid of shots at all, but that particular one was kind of haunting me!

I went into labor in January with Kayla at 12:15 am after 15 minutes of sleep.  Kayla was also “sunny side up” and I have really bad back labor.  I tried to endure for about 4 hours until I finally gave in and asked for the epidural.  I’m still a little upset that I couldn’t do it this time, but it was what was best for her and me as I was able to get some rest and I think I would have put us both into distress and may have had to have a c-section if I didn’t have a chance to relax between the excruciating contractions.

People say that epidurals can also slow down your labor…it may have slowed mine down just a little bit but I gave birth to Kayla at 10:15, so only 10 total hours and I had to wait for another lady to deliver when I was already laboring down.  And I only pushed for 30 minutes.

I have a friend who had back labor and “normal” labor and she said the back labor was 1000x worse than the “normal” labor so I think if you want to go natural have that as a goal but be open to the unexpected! ๐Ÿ™‚  You’ll be wonderful either way!

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It really depends on you and what you want to do. No one can make that choice for you. I will share what happened when I delivered Moose.

We studied Bradley Classes, which is natural childbirth where the partner coaches the mother. The contractions weren’t really that bad because they only last a minute and were only really bad for a few seconds. My husband counted me through all of them. Near the end, right before my body said “PUSH,” I gave in and wanted medication, which is something every woman goes through. It’s just a step in the birthing process. Due to my circumstances, my husband got a nurse to give me meds. They did NOTHING. I felt everything. When I finally was pushing, it wasn’t that bad either. Honestly, I tell women that if they have REALLY bad cramps, they can survive childbirth naturally with no problems whatsoever..

Again, you have to make the right choice for yourself. Whatever you do, read up on childbirth before you go into it. Knowing what you’re going through makes things easier. Otherwise, it can be scary.

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@dchokiebride3:  I felt guilty and kinda bad at first, too, for getting an epidural.  But just keep reminding yourself that you made the choice that was best for you and for Kayla!  It’s taken some time for me to move past my guilt, but I feel a lot better about getting an epidural now than I did at the beginning.  ๐Ÿ™‚

@Blondiebee:  I think, if you are not 100% comitted to a med-free birth, going in with an open mind is a great choice.  You can shoot for a natural birth, but get pain meds if you need them.  It’s like the best of both worlds!  Also, if you are researching medicated versus unmedicated birth, I really liked The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin.  It is a great resource for explaining the pros and cons of each pain medication (epidurals aren’t the only option, in most places) plus it has a ton of natural coping methods (e.g. positions, movements, counter-pressure, etc…).  Good luck!

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I’m really worried about them not being able to regulate my blood pressure.  I have low blood pressure anyways that goes wonky from things like sugar (like dropped to 60/45 from 90/70 minutes after my glucose test).  Drs say it’s not something to worry about (I just feel like complete crap and naseous and dizzy when it happens) but of the few people I know who have given birth recently 2 have had issues with epidurals and their bps not being able to be controlled – one had to have a csection because of it and one went through labor quick enough that they didn’t go for the csection, she just felt horrible.  So I’m scared of the epidural but I’m still not ruling it out, just going to try to avoid it.  My mom had 4 kids and said she never felt a need for one and would have gone bonkers if she wasn’t able to walk around during labor, so I’m just crossing my fingers and toes that I take after her.  But if I don’t I’m still trying to mentally prepare for an epidural but Drs just saying it will be fine and saying people don’t have issues with their bp, it’s all perfectly taken care of my an IV, has been zero reassurance to me that it actually will be fine.   

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I had one with my son, but ended up with a c-section.  Long story short: the pain wasn’t from the baby, but from a joint being out of place.

With my daughter, I had no pain, so I didn’t need one.  I did get my c-section, as requested. Whenever I manage to conceive again, I’ll go with one, just in case I need it.  If I don’t have any pain, like with my daughter, I’ll pass since I’ll be getting a c-section, anyway.  


Talk to your dr’s, the hospital, and the anesthesiologist (if possible). 

good luck!!!

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It is good to have a goal but definitely don’t close yourself off to possible options when it truly comes down to it.  As you saw in my birth story I was all set to go natural but changed my mind because I expected the pain to go on for many hours based on the traditional labor and delivery experiences.  If I’d known I would go that fast I know I wouldn’t have asked for one.  Because labor is so unknown for each individual person, have a goal but be willing to change plans if necessary. 

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We’re going natural for so many different reasons, but all I can tell you is how important it is to go in focused on a plan and remaining to have an open mind because you never know what’s going to happen.

I wish you the best and am looking forward to hearing your birth story! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Epidural!  Just kidding, it really is a personal decision.  However, when I had my daughter, my contractions were so irregular and horrible that I could not even do my Lamaze breathing without passing out.  I normally have very low blood pressure and I did not experience any problems with the epidural nor did my daughter as a result.

Good luck!

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Can anyone describe some of the other options out there?  Are there different kind of epidurals?  

I am hoping to go natural because I really want to avoid the IV for as long as possible.  

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