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  • poll: Knowing what you know would you recommend having an epidural
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    Three kids and I was a labor and delivery nurse for 8 years: yes, I would get one again. For every horror story you hear, there are thousands of non-horror stories related to epidurals and/or childbirth. 

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    My epidurals were heaven. I had normal vaginal labors that were relatively short (9 hrs and 6.5hrs total). In my case, the epidural provided great pain relief without any complications.

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    I have 2 kids and I had an epidural with both of them. I was nervous and so unsure when I had my daughter (My oldest) but the nurses made me feel so much better. I was in labor for 8 hours before I had mine done. I wanted to make sure the labor pains kept me distracted. lol I didn’t even feel my epidural. The nurses came in and said if I didn’t get one then I probably wouldn’t be able to so I decided to go ahead. I’m so glad I did. I was in labor for 18 hours with my daughter. My son was so much easier. I got my epidural and had him less than 2 hours later.

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    I loved loved loved my epidural. I seriously believe it’s one of the only things that prevented me from having a c-section. I was in labor for 26 hours after being induced for high Bridal Party and waters leaking but not breaking on their own. I was exhausted. If I hadn’t gotten the epidural, I wouldn’t have been able to get any sleep at all during those 26 hours (after working that day as well), and there’s just no way I would have had the energy to push for the 2 hours it took for Dear Daughter to be delivered. Even with the sleep that I got from the epidural, I was extremely exhausted. I remember telling the nurse that I wanted the epidural, and she came back and told Darling Husband there was a 20 minute wait because the anesthesiologist was with another patient. I literally cried and had no idea how I could wait that long. My nurse was awesome and found another doctor to give me the epidural within about 5 minutes. Loved her!

    I had an awesome epidural. I could still move my legs and my butt by myself, I just couldn’t feel the pain of contractions anymore. The nurses and doctors were pretty surprised by that. I also still felt the natural urge to push, which was good because for some reason the machine that showed when contractions were happening was delayed by at least a few seconds. I lead the birth and pushing process for sure.

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant with DD#2, and I will absolutely choose an epidural again. My only hope is that I can wait until I’m at least 5cm dilated before receiving it. That was my goal with DD#1 as well.

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    I had an epidural with my son.  I was induced and handled the contractions for 16 hours with no pain relief.  It started to go downhill when I couldn’t relax even between contractions so we opted for an epidural because the baby was stressed too. It was immediate relief and the baby was fine once I relaxed and let my body do it’s thing.  I ended up stalling and needing more pitocin but the baby handled it well.  In that situation I would definitely opt for an epidural again!

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    Absolutely!!!!  No question about it.

    I am extremely afraid of needles.  To the point where I need to lay down and try not to panic for simple blood work.  So in the weeks leading up to labor, I was hesitant, wondering which would be worse for me, no meds, or getting that epidural in.

    Well, let me tell you the moment I made my decision.  I was having painful contractions, but not nearly as bad as they get later on.  The doctor was showing me the monitor and how it works.  He switched a screen and it showed the levels of contractions of the people in different hospital rooms.  I asked “if mine hurt this bad, and theirs are all so much worse already, why is no one screaming??” He answered simply, “they are all epi-ed!”  Yup.  My decision was made!

    Once I got to the point where contractions were unbearable and close together, it was time.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  The hardest part was staying still as I had 3 contractions while he was putting it in.  But BAM!  Instant relief!

    ask me anything else you want to know about it!

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    Steph77:  My epidural was the best idea I had that day! I had had one before (thoracic, not lumbar) so I knew what to expect.

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    I’ve heard all the horror stories and side effects and I really didn’t want one. But by the time I got the hospital, I hadn’t eaten in 2 days or slept in 3. so I cracked. It was pretty picture perfect. No side effects, I felt where I needed to feel, but didn’t have any pain. I had horrible insomnia the entire pregnancy, so the 4 hour nap after my epidural was the most i’d slept in months. By the time I gave birth, I was averaging 2 hours of sleep in 45 minute intervals. yay epidural!

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    I’m 32 weeks along and a first time mom as well. After discussing it with friends who have had babies with and without, as well as friends who are moms in the OBGYN field, I’ve decided to get an epidural as long as that’s an option. There are horror stories few and far between, but based on the personal and professional feedback I’ve gotten from people who have the same goals as me (I want to be in as little pain as possible without it extending/affecting the labor process), I’m in favor of getting one and it’s part of my birth plan.

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    I was induced.  Induction SUCKS and I have no idea how anyone could do it without an epidural as you’re often forced to lie in bed with that awful pitocin stuff from 0-10cm. My epidural was heavenly! I could still feel my contractions but they didn’t hurt. So I could feel when to push- which was very nice.  I would still say try your best without if you want, but I would still tell anyone not to be afraid of getting one.  They really are magical.

    Epidural sped up my labor- probably because I could finally relax.  We did have a minor bump- decels in baby’s heart through 2 contractions right after the epidural was placed.  That was scary because if it continued it would have been a csection.  But thankfully it was just through those two and back to normal.

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    Steph77:  I had an epidural with my first baby and not with my second baby. My epidural only worked on half of my body. After delivery, I had a big bruise on my back at the point of entry that took a few weeks to go away. Still, I would get another if I were to have a 3rd baby. I didn’t get one with my second because she came too quickly. I arrived at the hospital at 9cm and there was not enough time to have it done. Her birth was very painful. I would not choose to relive that pain again. Lolol…

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    Yes an Epidural can help relieve pain for you, but you also need to think about your baby and what it can do to them.  Every delivery is different, but if you set your mind to it to deliver naturally you can do it  too many women these days rush to the epidural only to make labor more painful or have complications  

    Natural childbirth V: epidural side effects and risks

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    stephanierose2016:  I’m sorry, but that article is garbage. It talks about all these different studies that have been done, yet only 2 sources are referenced at the end. It’s completely biased. A “natural delivery” involves a lot more that “setting your mind to it.” You also have to have the correct cephalopelvic (fetal head size-to-pelvic opening) proportions.

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    stephanierose2016:  this article is opinion, not science.  Regardless of one’s view on the subject, this article is more harmful than helpful with its incorrect information.  

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