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    Willow90:  eye rolls huh? That sounds like an amazing bedside manner you have there. 

    My doula and doctor encouraged me to write out my birth plan. You know, just in case MY doctor wasn’t on call or I was in to much pain to properly convey my wishes. Both of which happened. So I was very happy that my doula was able to give that to the doc on duty. 

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    I got induced and the pain was horrible! I wanted a natural birth with minimal interventions, but due to my water breaking with no contractions and my being strep b positive, I wound up on penicillin and pitocin and fluids right out of the gate! The contractions went from zero to crazy within two hours. I feel like if I’d had the chance to labor at home and practice my pain management techniques and feel the contractions build much more slowly, I might have stood a chance. Instead I took the epidural when the pain made me throw up so hard that my nose started bleeding!

    I know all the epidural does is numb you, but I went from SO much pain to NO pain so fast – I felt like I was high. Like, I felt so good, I was out of my mind. The baby’s heart rate dropped immediately after the epidural was administered (which by the way seemed comparably painless) and they had me get on all fours while a doctor explained to me that they might need to do an emergency c section. My husband couldn’t believe how calmly I took the news! But I was just so relieved that the pain was gone I didn’t care about anything!

    Luckily the on-all-fours thing worked, I took a two hour nap, and awoke because I was starting to feel my painless contractions. Turns out I was at 10cm, my doctor showed up for her daily rounds, I pushed for 20 minutes, and my son was born! I didn’t feel getting stitched up afterwards, either. My son seemed awake and alert as my husband placed him on my chest. We did have early struggles with breastfeeding but I blame most of that on my flat nipples. Three months later and he’s still exclusively breastfed!

    When it comes to pushing, push like you’re trying to poop! Forget your vagina – it’s all about the butt!

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    Willow90:  I’m a mom, not a nurse but I totally agree with the “eye roll” when it comes to a birth plan. as you said, it’s a good thing to have, but you had better be ready to change it up fast if something doesn’t go “according to plan”.

    I had an epidural with each of my two children. One because I had preeclampsia and was induced. With my second, my water broke at 37.5 weeks and since I had taken Lamaze classes, decided to see how long I could labor without an epi. Answer: 7 hours before crying Uncle!☺️

    But my son was born 5 hours later and I was up fifteen minutes after his birth (had to take a pee). I felt great. Baby was not “drugged” Alert and took to the breast right away.

    The problem is the moms who stick doggedly to their plans of no interventions to the detriment of their babies. Or themselves. My friend wanted to give birth naturally and she ended up with a C-Section so rushed that her doctor apologized for the incision being slightly crooked😀

    So yeah, crooked incision and healthy baby. Way more important than an unmedicated natural birth.

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    AwkwardCoconut: Yeah, not as bad as another bee who said on a birth plan post “the nurses WILL laugh behind your back at the birth plans and start a betting pool to see how long you last before your c-section.” Nice.

    There are examples of birth plans that are over the top, spell out things that are standard procedure anyway and are somewhat insulting to the staff in that the plan makes it sound like they wouldn’t look after you very well without it. But many of us are encouraged by our midwives to write down our birth preferences for the things that there is some choice in (in the instance of an uncomplicated birth). For example, delayed cord clamping and physiological third stage are not standard procedure at my hospital but you can request it if everything goes well. If you’re able to make requests like that, why wouldn’t you write them down!? Especially at a hospital like mine where you may not know the midwives on that shift. 

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    flossy.lou:  Wow. I missed that bee but unfortunately have heard many similiar stories. 

    Doctors and nurses like that are why I prefer birthing centers over hospitals. 

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    Steph77:  well I was similar in that I figured I would be holding a sign that said “GIVE IT TO ME NOW” before I walked into the hospital. Then during pregnancy same things, read a lot and hear a lot and what I ended up doing is taking a very “we’ll see how things go” attitude. Instead of going with “hook me up as soon as your allowed”, I figured I would give it my best and see how far I could handle going….but if I did indeed feel like I needed it, no one better give me any crap lol. 

    One thing I did know is that anyone with a hardlined plan about their birth ended up having the sh*t hit the fan and nothing ever turned out how they planned and it ended up tainting the whole experience. So thats why I figured…ok whatever happens happens. 

    So what ended up happening? I had a very fast labor in that I had no early labor. My water broke and 1 hour later contractions started and they were instantly 9/10 pain and I knew there was no way they could get any worse I HAD to be in active/transition….because if it got worse I was tapping out. So long story short I was at home for about an hour or so after it started and when the doula got there I was like WE HAVE TO GO NOW, and sure enough when we got to the hospital I was in transition and the shock my body had gone into because it just hit me with no build up… my body started convulsing. So they asked me about the epi and I said yes… they said because I was so far along they would do their best but the anestesiologist has just gone into emergency so not sure if he would make it. I was pretty much at the point I couldnt take it any longer and he arrived….like an angel from heaven. 

    I pretty much got my epi at 10cm lol so dont let anyone tell you its too late… if they say that it just means he cant make it or theyre just trying to push you. I dont regret it for one second and I would do it again in a heartbeat because even my doula said after my body finally calmed down that I “needed that”…my body released the remaining water and baby dropped and I actually had the opportunity to rest before starting to push. As it turned out the cord was wrapped around DD neck as well as looped through her crotch up around her shoulders and after 1.5 hours of pushing they realised this and ended up having to use some “rough” measures to get her out…and let me tell ya….im soooooooo freaking thankfull I did not feel any of it. Even my DH is glad of that!

    100% all the way happy I did it

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    After 30 hours of labour, an epidural was like a kiss from God himself. I hadn’t felt so good my entire pregnancy. Highly recommend it if you’re having a really long, painful, slow back labour. 

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    In the words of Lena Dunham, “I want to get the stuff they gave Michael Jackson to sleep.”

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    KoiKove:  I did stay home with no kind of pain medicine for about 6 hours or so. I promised myself I would go as long as I could before I asked for meds. I just didn’t handle that pain well at all. In fact, I don’t deal well with pain in general. For me, the epi really was like a god send. Even with the horrible aftermath. I threw up multiple times in triage and then a couple more times while waiting in my delivery room for the anesthesialogist. I was a wreck. I distinctly remember when I was on the edge of the bed sitting for my epidural and I was shaking uncontrollably and contracting and all the while I had to sit perfectly still. It was torture and i’m positive that was my limit. I don’t know that i’m excited at the idea of another epidural should I have another child but given my experience with the pain the first time around, I don’t know that i’ll have a choice. It’s like choosing the lesser of two evils really because both options weren’t great for me. the epi did help me relax and I had a great birth experience after I had it. Just not a great recovery. But my body without the epi was under too much stress, so much so that even my doctor recommended I have the epi as soon as possible because of how much my body was freaking out and the stress it was putting my son under. so all that natural birth stuff sounds great for some but I know myself and that probably isn’t in the cards for me!

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    Loved my epidural!!

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    MrsCallalily:  yes its a side effect she is 3 months old now and sometimes I have to take pain meds.

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