(Closed) Epidural…yay or nay?

posted 7 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: Did you/Are you having an epidural?
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    No but might use other medication pain relief : (13 votes)
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    No because I am going all natural no meds : (48 votes)
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    I had a natural birth, but I had a very quick labor. Had I labored a long time, I probably would have gone for the epidural eventually.

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    Reminds me the the scene in Baby Mama.
    And that’s how I felt about it. I had one, I would have one again.


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    @runsyellowlites:  Pain is subjective. You can’t tell someone else what they feel or don’t feel. People have different pain tolerances and people experience pain and interalize it differently.

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    That’s a pretty personal decision, so if you’re uncomfortable with the numbness, then I’d choose a different kind of pain relief.

    When the time comes for me, though, I’m definitely requesting one.

    Also, my cousin gave birth four years ago, and she was not able to get an epidural. The hospital staff said they didn’t do them anymore? Sounded kinda weird, like how do you not offer epidurals as a choice anymore? Is that really a thing? This was at Kaiser Permanente in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    @runsyellowlites:  actually, I’d say the giant glass analogy is quite accurate and then some. Just because you had a difference experience does not mean her mom is fear mongering. 

    nirth for me was agonizing, excruciating beyond belief and quite savage.

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    @michiru4ever:  If I was still within the time limit I would edit my post… You’re right, pain is subjective. Giving horrible experiences does increase fear though & fear increases pain. Women have been told for generations birth is horrible for whatever reason & now we have a huge sense of fear surrounding it. Feeling secure & having trust in ones body is vital for birth to progress as designed…. Freaking a soon to be laboring mom out is no way to help her prepare mentally. I don’t have it on hand but Ina May referenced a Stephen King book beautifully… Basically if you tell a woman it’s going to be the worst pain of their life then it will be.


    @NapaBride:  I’m sorry the experience wasn’t a good one for you. While it was definitely raw & primal I never felt it to be agonizing. I moved alot & stayed the heck out of bed!… because that WAS agonizing! (birth + bed = no bueno) Lol

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    I hope not to and to rely on other things but as PPs have mentioned if the labour is too exhausting and long then I would, I’ve not ruled it out.

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    The epidural was like sweet bliss for me!  Originally I wanted to see how long I could go without it.  After laboring for 5 hours and not progressing (I stayed stuck at 3 cm), I caved because I couldn’t take it anymore.  My contractions were coming every 1-1.5 minutes so I just didn’t have a break.  To me the glass analogy was pretty accurate- I’d say it felt like someone was stabbing me repeatedly from the inside out.  After getting the epidural I was able to relax and actually progressed very quickly after that, all the way to 10 within just a few hours!  But I will say that everyone is different and I didn’t take classes to learn how to deal with the contractions, so maybe if I had I would have been better equipped to deal with the pain.  But I have no regrets about getting the epidural.  It was the right choice for me and I delivered a healthy baby girl.  For me, though it was painful before the epidural, labor wasn’t really that bad.  It’s worth it to meet your baby.  It wasn’t worth all the worrying beforehand!  It’s really not that many hours of your life and you get the best reward at the end.  🙂

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    @Sunshine09:  I’m so glad you asked this question!  I am only at the tail end of my first trimester but it has been on my mind.  I would like to say I have a high pain tolerance and want to see how far I could make it.  Ideally I would like a natural birth but I think I wouldn’t be opposed to having one if I felt I needed it.

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    “So many horror stories circulate about birth–especially in the United States–that it can be difficult for women to believe that labor and birth can be a beneficial experience. If you have been pregnant for a while, it’s probable that you’ve already heard some scary birth stories from friends or relatives. This is especially true if you live in the United States, where telling pregnant women gory stories has been a national pastime for at least a century. Now that birth has become a favorite subject of television dramas and situation comedies, this trend has been even more pronounced.

    No one has explained the situation more succinctly than Stephen King in his novella “The Breathing Method.”* Commenting on the fear many women have of birth, his fictional character observes, “Believe me: if you are told that some experience is going to hurt, it will hurt. Most pain is in the mind, and when a woman absorbs the idea that the act of giving birth is excruciatingly painful–when she gets this information from her mother, her sisters, her married friends, and her physician–that woman has been mentally prepared to feel great agony.“”

    -Ina May Gaskin, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

    (I just started reading it last week, so I knew exactly what you were referring to :P)

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    There are different options to control the pain. I like every other poster would of done whatever they wanted to get an epi. Bad news for me, by the time I was pushing it was wearing off so I still felt a lot. When it started it super numbed my left leg, I had to lay on my right side to make the drugs flow that way, and kept having to move to my back for cervical checks, so I’m sure it wiggled out some.  A coworker had it numb only her right thigh though. 


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    @MrsMaskatoBe:  hahahaaa

    @runsyellowlites:  Labor is definitely different for everyone. I hear birth stories every day, some wonderful some horrible. Just had a client tell me how she broke her tail bone, fractured something else & popped blood vessels in her eyes delivering her son. Another the best birth ever, life changing, quick & not “as painful as expected”. 

    Everyone feels differently about it, for me I had a csection bc my dd was breach & twisted like a pretzel so definitely was numb. For a vaginal birth I’d try to go as long as I could without drugs but I’m not against an epidural. If I felt I couldn’t take the pain any longer I’d have one. 

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    @Extension54:  + a million. This is one of the only real things I’ve ever heard come out of FI’s SIL’s mouth and it’s something that I will always remember. If you’re told that it’s going to be awful (as we in the US are constantly), it’s going to be awful.

    I do not want an epidural. I don’t. I hate needles. However, I’m going to go in open-minded. I would prefer a med-free midwife birth, but we’ll see what happens. I really just hate being told that I’ll be “begging” for the drugs or a c-section. Every birth is different. 

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    IDK what I will end up ultimately doing when/if I do get pregnant. I am not really into the “mommy world” and barely even get into the TTC stuff… but I really dislike the judgments that people here, IRL and on other boards have towards natural births, c-sections, epidurals, water births… you name it. In my mind, you don’t get an extra gold star for having a natural birth over a c-section or a badge of honor for having no meds vs meds. If the end result is you popped out a baby, you win! Do what you have to do to get there, and educate yourself, but don’t feel pressured to do something you do not want to do. It’s called labor for a reason, and it is called modern medicine for a reason! Whichever choice you do make, the end result is still the same– BABY. 

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    @Extension54:  Yes!

    No epidural for me, thank you. Epidural analgesia is associated with longer labours, more oxytocin use & higher rates of C-section because of fetal distress. There’s also more severe tearing & leads to lethargic newborns. This is a HUGE problem if you plan on breastfeeding successfully.


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