(Closed) Essential Furniture for First Bachelorette Pad?

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If you can find someone who is moving/getting new furniture, steal whatever you can that they may be getting rid of! When I first moved into  my apartment some of my aunts neighbors had gotten new furniture and were willing to give me their old couch, for free! I just threw a slip cover over it to make it more my style. If you have an Ikea near you, I would suggest going there as well. I got my coffee table and 2 end tables all for a total of $40.

My queen sized mattress cost about $400 with the boxspring.

I would also suggest buying the little stuff now, as you see it on sale. And don’t be afraid to ask for cookware/sheets/towels, etc. for your birthday and other holiday events!

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I agree with @arsing89:  if you can find the small stuff on sale now buy it.. Even some of the bigger (cost wise) items, if you find something you like over the next year snag it now. Fiance and I are moving into his condo next year (its rented out now) and are buying all kinds of stuff slowly.. Just so we don’t have to slam down $5000 for, well, everything lol..

Do you need a TV or anything?Just noticed that wasn’t on your list πŸ™‚ Also, maybe some shelves or something to store your books or whatever

Also check out Kijiji or craigslist for a couch or futon.. I got my ikea futon from kijiji, with the futon cover (which itself costs $90!) for only $50! My patrents just bought a new leather sectional coucu off Kijiji for $750, it would have probably cost them $3000 if they bought it from the store.. Its only a year or two old and looks flawless.. The people they bought it from sold it because it didn’t fit in the livingroom!

Fiance and I got a BRAND NEW (ok, maybe 6 month old) L-Shaped couch FOR FREE because the people also could not fit it in the basement of thier house lol

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In one of my first apartments we only had 1 bean bag chair to sit on.  We would just pull the TV into one of the bedrooms and sit on the bed to watch TV.  Believe me you can make do with very little.  However, you will need a microwave.  πŸ™‚

You also will probably have to buy very little.  Talk to family and friends…someone is always looking at getting rid of furniture.  My first roommate has an 8 foot long ancient couch from a doctor’s office.  That’s sort of the fun of moving out to your first place.  πŸ™‚

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@Pisces:  Bed Set, Dining Room Set, Couch (buy one off Craigslist if you can’t afford one new; futons from Walmart are awfully uncomfortable) and end tables (got an Ikea nearby?  they sell simple end tables for $7 each in lots of colors.)

In fact, if you can handle it, try to find as much of it as possible on Craigslist and through local Garage/Yard Sales (furniture usually gets sold on Friday).  I have bought and sold really nice stuff that way.  Get the bed frame on Craigslist (usually $10-30), then you can hit up Sam’s Club for a decent new mattress.

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My first apartment I had:

  • A used couch that someone at work sold to me for $100
  • a bed/frame that I bought on clearance
  • A kitchen table that a family friend gave to me
  • Odss and ends from ikea/family

Also, over the years I have refinished quite a few pieces in my home-including a dresser I got from the trash (yup..that happened). Its stained beautifully and cost almost nothing πŸ™‚

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@Pisces:  As others have mentioned, craigslist is a great resource! I’ve gotten tons of great furniture there, very cheaply. You can also check out thrift stores and rummage sales for dishes, pots and pans, glasses, etc – that stuff is EVERYWHERE, and always a very tiny fraction of what you’d pay at Walmart (or, heaven forbid, a pricier store). Lastly, definitely ask your family if they have anything they’d like to get rid of. When I was a student, my mom gave me a card table and matching chairs (actually a pretty nice set, as far as those go), which I covered with a tablecloth and used as my dining table for years! Good luck, and enjoy the adventure of setting up your first place!

 Edited to add: you can also find good mattresses on websites like overstock.com. It’s been a while since I last looked, but you should be able to find a queen for a few hundred.


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@Pisces:  microwave, coffee pot (if you drink coffee) a cheap set of utensils (including cooking utensils), a cheap set of pans, a futon, dresser, I would skip buying a bed and just stick with using a metal frame to cut costs, I could think of a million of the cheap little things that you take for granted when living at home and then get to an apartment of your own and are like “son of a….. I don’t have one of those thingies!!”  I did that often when I first moved out lol. Just a suggestion… I furnished my entire apartment including the small stuff for 500 dollars by going on craigslist and finding either good condition free stuff or cheap stuff people didnt want. I rented a shampooer and cleaned everything and it worked out wonderfully!

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@Pisces:  get a couch cover. Shampoo the actual couch and then get a couch cover. That’s what we did. I wouldn’t get a second hand mattress though…. That I would buy new.

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IKEA and Craigslist are great places to score cheaper furniture and housewares (we have an IKEA 365 dish set and it has held up amazingly, for example). The kitchen items – spatchulas, can openers, etc etc really add up so shop around for those and use as many coupon codes/bed bath and beyond coupons/etc as you can! I agree with you on buying used mattresses and couched – ick!

If you get a platform bed (we have the MALM from IKEA – love it!) you won’t have to purchase a box spring – that’ll save money!

Also, I think it’s awesome that you are determined to live on your own before moving in with your SO. You go girl!

Usually movers need to be tipped, but I think since they are corporate, maybe not? Crate and Barrel delivery guys didn’t accept our tips, but our actual movers for this last move (never paid movers before then! So much $!) did graciously accept a tip.

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Great advice here from the other Bees.

The one thing I would suggest (lol, as an Older Bee and a Mom)… is BUY A NEW MATTRESS & BOX SPRING

(This will probably be the most expensive you buy for your new home)

Used Mattresses tend to have issues… some of them terribly unpleasant… stains – dust mites – fleas – or an infestation of bed-bugs is not uncommon if you buy a used one / set.

Buy a decent Mattress and take care of it properly from the get go.  If you are going to rent in an apartment building (where Bed-Bugs can become an issue) PROTECT YOURSELF… invest in a Bed Bug Proof Mattress / Box Spring Wrap. 

In the very least, buy yourself a Mattress Pad Cover that will keep body oils & stains from staining your mattress.  Vacuum your Mattress regularly… spray it with Fabreeze and let it air out once in awhile.  (Strip the bed in the AM, then make it up again at night).  And don’t forget to turn and flip it regularly if required by the Manufacturer.  Taking care of your Mattress properly, and the Investment will last longer.

Hope this helps,

PS… When it comes to Mattresses (more so than a Box Spring)… you get what you pay for.  Better ones hold up longer.  Same can be said for Bedding (Sheets, Pillows, Duvet etc).  There is nothing in life like a good bed / sleep.  We tend to forget we spend 8 hours a night or aprox 1/3 of our life in bed… so don’t scrimp.  A good sleep is worth its weight in gold !!


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I love your independent spirit. I ALWAYS say that it is very healthy for young women, to spend at least one year living alone before they marry. The survival skills and street smarts gained from that experience will lead to self actualization and confidence. I moved out when I was 21 to get away from my sexist parents. They wanted me to stay home until marriage, but I didn’t want to end up like my mother. She regrets never living alone in her life and marrying my father when she was so young. My husband would not have married me if I never lived alone before being with him.

If you are in Toronto, you can PM me for an EXCELLENT bed wholesaler. You pay cash on delivery and the prices are amazing because they are factory direct. My husband and I bought a queen pillowtop mattress set for less than $700. Everyone who visits comments on how comfortable our bed is.

I agree with the futon idea, but Wal Mart charges too much for crappy stuff. You would be much better off finding a small store, where the prices will be reasonable and they will often cut you a deal if you pay cash. I bought my first futon when I moved to a room that was not furnished. It came from a ma and pa store that allowed layaway and it was $400. The futon had a comfy mattress and wooden armrests. I was so proud when I bought my first bed.

Try to go to estate and garage sales. Ask family for furniture donations.

Good luck. You are smart to get to know yourself as a single woman before marriage.

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@Pisces:  why don’t you try gettin stuff off of Craigslist? I see nice couches on there for under 100$ all the time jus because someone is moving/doesn’t need it anymore. I personally think its a waste to buy temporary/not nice things when you plan to replace then in the future. My motto is to save up for whag you really want/need so you can keep it longer and save money in the Long run. 

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