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Honey bee
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Hogwash. Just another avenue for mlm-ers to hustle cash. They smell nice, that’s it. Heads up ingesting, inhaling or getting some essential oils on your skin can be toxic. Pets can get sick too. They are not “essential” as the name would imply. They use essence of x in them. Save your money. 

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Bumble bee
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I use them to make a room smell nice. They don’t do much else. They don’t help a headache or heal an illness. 

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Busy bee

I use them but it is ONLY because I am in a group where I get them for free. 

People that sell them want to sell them. 

I can’t say its done much for ME (anxiety) but…. I like to use the lavendar oil mostly on sheets and linens and I weaken it down and put it on one of my dogs often. He has a serious issue with gnawing himself to death… so I give him benadryl, fish oil, and spray a diluted amount on wounds he chews on to keep his mouth out of it. He won’t mess with it. Works for him. But like PP said… some can make your pets sick so check into which ones are safe.

Also use the lavender on my SO when he gets stung by bees etc because he wont stop scratching. Appears to work.

I have a steam mop I put some tea tree oil in. Says use only water but… it kinda leaves a clean smell and also has anti fungal benefits. And less harmless than cleaners.

I have other things from clove, cinnamon, peppermint, to frankinsence. Again… free but still have not figured out what the do with them. 

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Sugar bee
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I don’t sell EO’s and I can attest to it’s benefits.

They’re my go to before I resort to conventional medicine.  In addition to what you’ve mentioned, I also use them for concentration, relaxation, nausea, cuts, burns, bruises…you name it.  I swear by clary sage for indigestion..I kid you not, it goes away before I even finish rubbing it on.

I can’t speak for anyone else but that’s been my experience and my family’s since they ask for it whenever something ails them.

I agree with PP…I would never ingest it or use it on my pets, especially cats since their livers are unable to process it.  Some EO’s should be avoided by those who are pregnant and those with certain conditions such as high blood pressure etc…and they should never be used neat on the skin.  A carrier oil will need to be mixed with it, otherwise irritation and burns can occur.

If you’re going to delve in EO’s, be sure to use high quality therapeutic grade essential oils and not the ones that ‘smell’ great and are full of synthetic compounds.

On the whole, I think essential oils are relatively safe to use.  I mean, they’ve been around for over 5000 years.  Just be sure to do your research.


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Helper bee
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I can’t speak in general, but tea tree oil really works for me to get rid of pimples. It works much faster than my other (more expensive) blemish remover. 

I don’t have much experience with other types – I tried rosemary oil for improved concentration, but can’t stand the smell haha!

So my two cents are that some of it can work for certain things for some people (my mother really believes in a blend of essential oils for her insomnia for example) but it’s probably not a cure all for every little thing ever and won’t work equally well for everyone. 

ETA I am obviously no expert and know very little about EOs in general. 

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Sugar bee
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loden :  I love essential oils! They do not replace modern medicine, but they can help. I do not sell oils, but I do use them. Peppermint oil for headaches works quite well for me! (dab a bit of diluted oil on my temples- I do not like ingesting it as some people say to.) If I’m congested, diffusing some tea tree and eucalyptus help open me up or rubbin g a bit on my chest with a carrier oil. Not to say I never take Advil or anything, but I do find some great uses for essential oils.  I like diffusing lavender in the bedroom before bed  or spraying some lavender on my sheets because I find it helps calm and relax me. 

Mostly, I love the smell of the oils. I love diffusing oils in my home because I hate air fresheners, but I love a nice scent in the air and sometimes candles worry me especially because my husband has almost lit the house on fire a few times by falling asleep with candles burning. I also use wool dryer balls and put a few drops of essential oils on them to get my clothes smelling fresh instead of using dryer sheets. I am crafty and make things using my oils such as sugar scrub using sugar, essential oil, and a carrier oil(I love fractionated coconut oil.)

There are MLM oil companies out there that charge way too much for their oils and tell you things like “other oil copanies lie about ingredients” to get your business. If the oil says 100% essential oil, you should be fine to use it. Keep in mind that if you plan to put oils on your skin you should ALWAYS dilute it with a carrier oil no matter what others say. Use a little sweet almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil, or even olive oil. If you put the essential oils straight on your skin it can irritate your skin and some “warmer” oils can give off a burning sensation.


ETA: Think about how some products you see and use in daily life contain the same benefits. Like citronella candles. If citronella candles work to keep bugs away, citronella essential oil will too and you can dilute with a carrier oil on your skin or diffuse or spray outside. Some cold and cough medicines abnd ointments use eucalyptus, you can diffuse it or rub some on your chest with a carrier oil to help open you up. Think about how some stomache ache medicines have a peppermint taste, that’s because peppermint helps aid stomache issues. However, just like some packaged medicines, not every oil works the same for different people. Our bodies are all different and react different ways.

Also, FWIW I did purchase some of my oils from a MLM company and never once sold it or tried to get someone to join, but I do love the oils. I have found a non MLM company to start buying from as the MLM companies tend to charge more in order to support their structure. I do not want to sell the oils or get anyone else roped into a business of oils, I purely enjoy using them for myself and in my own home.

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Sugar bee
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itsachickenwingthing :  Frankincense is supposed to have anti-aging benefits. I mixed it with peach kernel oil and used it at night…don’t anymore since getting lash extensions.

Peppermint, I use for stomach aches and sore/tired feet.

Clove and cinnamon, when used with nutmeg make an awesome Christmas blend…smells like pumpkin pie. smile

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Helper bee

I love essential oils. I typically just use peppermint, tea tree oil and lavender. Tea tree oil really helps my acne/scars, I mix it with Tsubaki oil. Peppermint is great for headaches and I mix it with water to scare off scorpions. Lots of uses- I typically go for my essential oils first than over the counter meds.

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Busy bee

Souzie :  Thank You for those ideas.

Actually now that I think about it… I used a little clove and cinnamon in my vacuum filter. Makes the room smell like Christmas heaven instead of the usual vacuum smell of like.. dust and dogs. :p

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Busy bee
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I like them, but not sold they are like, the next gift to modern medicine. 

I’ll rub some on my temples when I have a headache, diffuse some citrus when I need some energy, and a few things like that. I am not in ANY way basing this off science, just my own thoughts, but when i smell them, they seem to open up some…I dunno… something in the brain that “clicks” on (haha you can tell I have no way to describe it) but I really do feel the scents kick in/awaken in ways that help. 

I’m not super serious about it though, I have maybe 15 scents, been lasting me years.

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Buzzing bee
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I just use them to make the house smell pretty 

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Helper bee

Some have legit science behind them, lavender has been show to help people relax, peppermint/ginger can help with nausea, etc. But a lot of it is snake oil. And many have NO science but do have risks when combined with regular or OTC meds. Several are harsh enough to cause chemical burns (cinnamon oil comes to mind) and several are toxic to animals. As a nurse, I have seen and have nurse friend who have treated patients who decided to listen to some MLM seller with no actual medical training they told them that modern medicine is the devil and essential oils will cure them….but they dont. I use some in a diffuser because it’s cheaper than plug-ins to cover the dog smell in my house. But don’t expect much in the way of actually helping with medical issues. 

Also, those MLM scams sell that crap for way more than its worth. You can buy 100% essential oil online for a quarter or a third the price of Young Living or Doterra. It’s the same stuff. 

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Bumble bee
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loden :  I wanted to like essential oils because I’m all about trying to replace OTC/Prescription medicine with natural solutions, but I do not like them. My Mother-In-Law and SIL swear by them, and that’s fine.. but I actually have a sensitivity to some of them, especially peppermint, eucalyptus (I’m actually slightly allergic to these two) and lavender which are some of their favorites. They give me a horrible headache. 

One of my coworkers used to diffuse them in the office and I finally got to where I had to ask her to stop. When I politely asked her to stop using them in the office, she tried getting me to try another oil for my headaches (that were caused by her oils). I would rather just avoid what is causing my headache….(so if you do start using them, just try to be mindful of others – they aren’t for everyone)

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Busy Beekeeper

I feel like all the people who “swear by” EOs for everything are just people who sell them and are trying to make money. Some people even pour them into drinks and ingest them, which is widly unsafe and unhealthy =\ They aren’t experts and are just scamming other people IMO. 

That said, I do think there is a use for them. Especially non mlm ones that are actually reasonably priced lol. I just use them to smell nice, but I have a lavendar eucalyptus mix that is very relaxing.

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