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Bumble Beekeeper

I’ve used tea tree oil for pimples since high school, but the MLM crap makes me not even want to try others because everyone I know sells them and I don’t want to listen to them talk about their “business”. My husband’s aunt all but told me I would be a bad mother because I didn’t want to buy $100 baby wash from her “business” and would be poisoning my child by daring to use Johnson’s. I half wanted to hop on a plane just to slap her for using that sales tactic on family. 

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Busy bee

daisy123 :  Yeah a lot of the oils are great bug repellants. I think a few are great for keeping them away from your dog. Just read Lemon Eucalyptus was great. 

I used vinegar to get rid of ants in my house. I sprayed the areas the were walking along and also put shot glasses of it by little openings in the wall such as cracks. But I think , Souzie , that peppermint would be much more friendly on the nose!

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itsachickenwingthing :  Oh I forgot, if you have some peppermint oil lying around, it’s also good for mosquito bites…tames the itch! wink

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Helper bee

I like to defuse them in my bedroom because I like the smells, and the lavender does help me sleep. That said, I just had a baby who sleeps in our room so no more diffusing for awhile. The thing that kills me about essential oils (other than the pyramid scheme aspect) are all the morons using them in place of medical treatments.  I mean, if you want to do that to yourself fine, but because I’m a glutton for punishment I’m in several mom groups on FB and it is terrifying how many idiots use essential oils in place of the flu shot, or tamiflu or antibiotics.  It makes me so mad and sad for their children.  In addition, as other posters have mentioned, some are toxic to animals (particularly cats) and just diffusing them in the home could be dangerous to pets. 

Also, if I hear one more person claiming something must be safe because it is “natural” I will lose my mind.  You know what else is natural? Measles. Cocaine. Botulism. [Enter myriad poisonous substances here].  

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Bumble bee

I use them for home fragrance.  In an oil burner, as linen spray, added to homemade basic surface cleaner.  And I soak cotton balls with them & place them in hidden areas like between the trash can & liner.  I love essential oils.  

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I think they smell really nice.  I do some DIY cosmetics and love adding some drops if Jasmine EO,  it smells wonderful  

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I don’t know much about the medical side of essential oils, as I am new to them (but do not buy from MLM companies like YL and DT….amazon and hyvee for the win!). I like the way they smell. I can’t do straight lavender, so I mix it with orange or grapefruit in my diffuser in my bedroom. Smells amazing. Tea Tree oil works amazing on zits. I hear peppermint oil works well for nausea and indigestion but I have never used it for that. 

I make foam soap out of distilled water, castille soap and essential oils (for the scent mostly). I hear lemon is a natural disinfectant, but I use it for smell. 

I also make poo-pourri that you spray into the toilet water before you poop and it traps the smell under due to the oil coating the top of the water – works great…and it’s essential oils (I like citrus ones for this purpose) and witch hazel. 

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This thread insidious me Ishtar to my febreeze alternative.  Spray bottle with equal parts alcohol and white vinegar and whatever EO you want to use.  I did Jasmine,  lavender,  lemongrass,  sweet orange,  and cedarwood.  Smells lovely. 

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In my social circle (I’m a PhD student so it is largely populated by people working in academia) it really amuses me how people otherwise relying on scientific evidence fall deep down this hole, yet most of those “miracle” essential oil concoctions aren’t supported by any quality evidence. 

I’ll only use them in a hot bath, just for nice smell.


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I do use them, quite a bit actually.  As I don’t get sick very often, I use EO mostly for other reasons:  mood & energy regulation (putting peppermint & orange on the back of my neck), adding to my cleaning regimen, lavender is my lifesaver in the kitchen when I burn myself, anything with wintergreen for sore muscles, etc.  I could go on.  

I don’t sell oils and have zero desire to sell them.  I have just seen the benefits of EO and choose to go that route.

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