Essential Oils to help baby sleep better?

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They are not approved for use around infants. There’s also have no way of knowing if your baby is sensitive or allergic to strong smells. Not to mention that the industry is made up of pyramid schemes. So all in all, not a good idea. I know you’re feeling desperate right now, but remember this is just a phase! 

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I love essential oils but I don’t think you can use them on babies unfortunately.

I use a diffuser often and recommend the organic oils 

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I’d suggest white noise instead. Far safer.

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Buzzing bee

Just no.

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Busy bee

My fiancé’s cousin swears by essential oils and has been using them for her baby (less than 12 months), for sleep, indigestion etc.

Her mother says she was also sceptical at first but has seen how they can work..

Just saying.

Just because there are pyramid schemes etc selling them now doesn’t necesswrily mean they don’t work/are a scam. People have been using oils and holistic remedies for many years.

i would be careful using them with a baby tho – for reasons PP mentioned above.m, sensitivity, allergies etc. 

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Busy bee
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Please consult with a trained aromatherapist before using oils around a baby.  There has been a lot of issues with untrained doTerra reps recommending oils for breastfeeding like clary sage, which is strongly not recommended for use with infants or even younger children.  I’d much rather use a white noise machine or similar.

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Busy bee

Essential oils are highly concentrated and really aren’t something to play around with, even for adults. Under the wrong circumstances, they can be deadly. I don’t think I’d use pure essential oils on a baby, however you may still get the effects of aromatherapy from other sources. For example, I’ve been using a lavender scented shampoo on my LO since she was a newborn. The scent is still naturally derived, but not highly concentrated. Perhaps you can look into a baby lotion or a natural sheet/room spray? I would still recommend testing a small amount on/around your baby during the day to ensure they’re not allergic, first. 

Babies are always going through phases of struggling with sleep, and at the end of the day this is just one of those times that will pass like the others. I don’t think aromatherapy is a bad idea to try, but there are other options to help your LO sleep better as well 🙂 Good luck


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weddingbliss1028 :  your baby is 7 months old. He or she needs something or they need to be sleep trained.

Are they fed? Are they dry? Are they teething? Are they constipated? Make sure their skin is not dry and you don’t use scented detergent on their clothes.

If you are nursing they will naturally wake up more to eat because breast milk digests faster than formula. They should still only wake up once or twice if they are getting enough hindmilk. 

If they are formula fed, waking up once around 1 or 2 and then again around 6.

They should be in their own space i.e. a nursery and using a box fan or white noise machine will help block disruptive noises.

If you’re nursing and co-sleeping, they will wake up a lot because they know they can use you as a pacifier. If they are losing their pacifier in their crib, they will wake up constantly.

As for the essential oils, I don’t even know why you would think this could solve your issue. It’s a baby, not a stressed out adult who needs meditation.

With my 3rd child, I sleep trained her at 5 months because she was waking constantly. She was still in our room. I transitioned her to her crib in her own room and took her pacifier away at that time. I bought her lovies instead. It took about a week. It was a hard week but she started only waking once to eat and we all got the sleep we needed.

Sleep begets sleep. The worse they nap and sleep at night the worse they will continue to sleep. It’s not that they aren’t “tired enough”. If the baby is not taking a good nap, the baby will not sleep well at night. The worse the baby sleeps, the worse they will continue to sleep.

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butternutter :  your husband’s cousin uses essential oils on an infant less than 12 months for indigestion? 😑🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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Busy bee

sf618b :  sf618b :  🤷🏻‍♀️ Im not saying she’s right or wrong, am not a doctor. But he’s happy and healthy. Extremely chilled baby, and apparently responds well to whatever she does.

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FridaBaby has this:

I don’t have it, but I love all the other FridaBaby products we have. 

I have an 11 month old and I’d be completely comfortable diffusing just a few drops of chamomile or lavender oil. His nursery’s big and well ventilated (we even crack the window most nights), so it’d be a very light scent.

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Bee Keeper

weddingbliss1028 :  sleep training is a personal choice, but know that you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Obviously every baby is different, but I never sleep trained my kid. I nursed her to sleep for the first 14 months of her life and then one day she asked to be put in her crib awake and has been going down on her own for the past 5 months. Some people thought I would spoil her by not letting her cry it out but she’s super independent. 

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