Estranged from sibling.

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rainbowduckie :  I am on my way from becoming estranged from my older sister. I am the middle child, and I am so close to calling it quits.


I grew up in a dysfunctional household, and not in the way most HHs are. In not mentioning those details, I think I should at least mention why I am distancing myself from my sister. She would pick a fight wiht me every day. A physical fight. Thats no exaggeration. She would chase me around with knives when my parents were gone, and take awy all phones so that I couldn’t call anyone. She made me look bad inf ront of people all the time. When she was drunk (multiple times) and i drove her home, she would verbally then physically abuse me. She never once apologized, instead would smile, laugh and call me delusional. Mind you, I never instigated, as I dont like fighting/arguing (you can prolly see why). 

Along with physical, emotional, and mental, there was spiritual and sexual abuse. It’s honestly a strong factor in me developing depression as an adolescent and still havign to fight  it off from time to time.

It’s real stuff. It was horrendous. So now, as much as i hate it, i resent her for whats shes done to me; completely stripped my self esteem when i was i HS.

Now that im moved out with my SO, im so much better. ten fold. And quite frankly, i dont mind if i ever really talk to her, or let our relationship fade even more.

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I see my older sister once a year at my mum’s house around Christmas. When my mum passes, I will likely never see her again.

There wasn’t just one precipitating event. She was 4-1/2 when I was born and she hated me from the day they brought me home. She asked my mother to take me back. She never wanted anything to do with me as we grew up, and as young adults I kept trying to reach out until I discovered that she had been saying terrible things about me that weren’t true and I stopped calling. Since she never contacted me anyway even before that, there was nothing after that. So did she call it quits? Did I? Well, there was never really a relationship of any sort there to begin with, so there wasn’t really anything to “quit.”

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rainbowduckie :  my little sister is in prison. She’s a drug addict and has escalated to federal crimes to fund that addiction. We don’t talk when she’s out on the street using. When she’s locked up I always try to give her another chance and will talk on the phone or write with her. She’s due out in April and I’m really nervous. 

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rainbowduckie :  I haven’t distanced myself, but Fiance has from his sister.

She’s nasty and entitled. Looks down her nose at the world. Early in FI’s any my relationship she was outwardly nasty to me – completely unprovoked. He thinks it’s because she didn’t want another female in the family, especially as I get along so well with his parents. Even they call her “difficult”, and they are the last to judge anyone.

Fiance had enough of her shit, and chose me. We now only see her for Christmas every 2 years.

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Yes, I have estranged myself from my younger brother and the rest of my family within the past two years. I, too come from a beyond dysfunctional and toxic household. My brother is schizophrenic and refuses to seek treatment of any kind, so I can’t have him in my life, sadly. 

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My brother is a drug addict and a thief he is jail now so it’s quite easy to be estranged from him. He was living with my parents for half a year and it was total chaos and him and I constantly fought and he continued to lie. I can only hope in the future he will be clean, have a job and be a good father to his two sons.

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I have 3 older half brothers, unfortunately the one I was closest with is passed. So I currently have no siblings i have relationships with

1 of them has extreme religious beliefs that kept wedged between us. He also has pushed his relationship with my dad (our dad) to the limits. I haven’t spoken to him in close to 10 years.

My other brother is 16 years older than myself, we never had a close relationship but we have always tried to make it work. He’s a “fake it till you make it person,” going from owning a million dollar company to sleeping on his mothers couch multiple times within years. The final straw was when he opened up a business credit card in my father’s name (they look like twins, and are only 17 years apart), without my dad knowing, and ran up $45K in debt. He’s always had a “con-man” personality, but I never thought he would do it to his own father. Denied it up and down saying he doesn’t know how my dads name was on the account, was a coward and did that shit to my innocent dad who always bails him out when he has no money. My dad called me crying because he didnt want to file fraud against his son and send him to jail but my brother gave him no other choice. Haven’t spoken to him in 2 years. 

I’m a daddy’s girl to say the least. Mess with him, and I will fight you in 2 seconds or drop you from my life.

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