(Closed) Ethics Vs Finances When to Cancel or go through with a Wedding Venue.

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  • poll: Would you still have your wedding at this venue if you were in this situation?
    Yes, These are different company divisions give them another chance. : (50 votes)
    71 %
    Yes. Too much money is out and family is ready to make arrangements you have to go through. : (17 votes)
    24 %
    No. Have a celebration wedding somewhere else and lose most of the money invested. : (0 votes)
    No. Lose all the money invested but invest the remaining into a house a year early. : (3 votes)
    4 %
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    @dewingedpixie:  I don’t really understand why the cancellation of a game would have such a drastic reaction from people TBH But I guess that aside, if you feel like you don’t want to give someone your business, don’t give them your business. If you feel like this has tainted your view of them or that you will always feel guilt when looking back on wedding photos…cut your losses.

    5k is a lot but I know disney weddings are mad expensive so in the scheme of things it’s not that much if you have a large budget.

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    Since I have ethical objections to the Mouse Empire anyway and thus wouldn’t contemplate a wedding on any of its premises I realise that my comments are slightly biased.

    However, you’ve got to decide whether the activities of their gaming side of the business warrants a total boycott of Disney. If this is the case then you’ll have to lose the money already committed. You’ve also got to weigh up whether your planned boycott will seriously affect the plans that family and guests have made and whether your strongly held and publicly expressed views warrant this disruption.

    Personally, if I’d been in such a battle with Disney I wouldn’t want to hand them any more money but you’ve got to take an overall view really. Would it be very difficult to rearrange your wedding and will other people will be out of pocket? What is your FI’s view? Only the wedding is about both of you.


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    @dewingedpixie:  I think you’re taking a big business decision too personally. I doubt a petition with a couple thousand signatures is enough to garner their interest. Yes, it is a company known for customer service, but that does not mean they owe the customer the opportunity to question ther business decisions. 

    I think you are over reacting big time. Don’t waste your money- have the wedding. L’Oreal discontinued the lip gloss I have worn for years and years. It was really upsetting but I realize that maybe it wasn’t a big seller and it was a business decision for them. 

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    @dewingedpixie:  Disney is one of the buggest conglomerates in the world–2,400 signatures may seem like a lot to you, but anything under 100K is probably beneath their notice! Especially when compared to the people they fired or re-assigned after the game was cancelled!

    I would stll have a Disney wedding. The wedding is customer service based, unlike the games.

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    @dewingedpixie:  I agree with other PPs that you’re taking this way too hard, and that less than 100,000 signatures probably wouldnt register a blip on their radar.

    Also, $200,000 is no blip on their radar either, they will not notice your wedding not having happened, its not an issue for them. I would keep your wedding there, have the wedding you want because pulling out isn’t going to make a difference anyhow, except to you.

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    We got married at Disney last year and I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life. I don’t think that I would let a video games take that day away from me. If you and your fiance truly want to get married at Disney then I would continue with your wedding. All of our family really loved being there with us and they still say it was the best wedding they have been too.

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    The cancellation of games wouldn’t stop me from having my wedding at the place I chose for my venue. I think this may be really fresh and you are upset. I think you shouldn’t make decisions while you are riled up. I would never flush a deposit like that down the drain.

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    Its a video game.  Vs your wedding.  I assume your wedding is more important.  So you need to separate your feelings about the two.  Have the wedding at Disney.


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    I don’t really understand why you would have such a reaction to a game being shut down, to be honest. However, I also don’t really understand why you would want to give money to the Mouse Empire (in the words of PP!) either.

    If you were going to have a big wedding anyway, it sounds like 5K isn’t that much to you, so I’d just cut your losses. You’ve obviously changed your mind and no longer want to have a wedding there. Regardless of the reason, that is a fact. If you don’t want to have your wedding there, you shouldn’t have to. Choose a venue which makes you happier and be done with it.

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    Is it an “ethics” issue when you can’t get your way over a cancelled product?

    I mean, I could get it if it was like, the venue killing animals in the back lot.
    This is a video game.

    It doesn’t even come from the same place or people as the theme park! Wouldn’t have the same management structure, work environment, employees, even higher-ups.
    It’s literally not the same company, just two entities which fall under the “Disney” umbrella.

    If you don’t want to have your wedding at Disney, by all means… don’t.
    But don’t use a video game as an excuse to disappoint your excited family, friends, and especially your excited fiance over your cancelled wedding plans.

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    @dewingedpixie:  I’m not a Disney fan, but the logic behind you wanting to to host your wedding there makes perfect and reasonable sense to me.  Hence I don’t understand why you would get so bent out of shape over a GAME. Seriously?


    There is no obligation for any company, anywhere, to continue a product or service.  I get it, your daughter is upset, but what a great opportunity to teach her what real life is about–shit happens, you can’t always get what you want, life is full of disappointments and you just have to suck it up and find a new GAME, (I feel the need to captialize it because we are talking an entertainment product here.)


    Your reaction is more along the lines of something I would expect from someone who just discovered that a medication they depend on to live, or significantly imporve their quality of life, has been discontinued.


    Can you explain to me why exactly you are so upset about this game being shut down? I’m really having a hard time understanding this at all, especially coming from an adult (I don’t mean that to be insulting, but I could see a 10 year old with no knowledge of how the world, or business works having this kind of reaction.  I really can’t understand how an adult, who no doubt has experienced their favourite lipstick or hair colour or salad dressing being discontinuedwould react so strongly, so I think I might be missing something.)

    ETA: I don’t see how this has anything to do with ethics.  Companies have an ethical obligation to treat their employees right, perhaps comduct their business in a fiar manner towards other companies, perhaps be mindful of environmental impact. But I’ve never heard of anytone considering the continuation of an entertainment product to be an ethical obligation.

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    I think you might be overreacting a bit. I can’t help but think about this from the companies perspective. Disney obviously has a lot of fans, and probably had a lot of fans of the game you’re talking about. It’s quite possible that at the cancellation of this game, they got a flood of email, phone calls, etc. Having them shut down the communication probably wasn’t because of you, but because of a massive flood of feedback from fans wanting this game back.

    I understand wanting good customer service, but it isn’t realistic to be able to respond to every single person who has contacted the company regarding this issue, if the volume was high. And from the sounds of it, it was. 

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    Seriosuly?  You’re changing your whole wedding over a video game?  They did announce why they changed the game….they want to focus on their mobile gaming items.  The fact that the game can only muster 2,700 signatures about what should be a million player game actually shows how little people care.

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    I won’t question why the game is on the level of importance to impact your wedding as others have.  What I will say is this: I am guessing that most of us don’t know/ haven’t tested the actual ethics of our venues.  Yes, I like the people running my venue.  I am into what they are offering.  But what they do in terms of business decisions that don’t directly impact me- I have no idea.  


    That said, my bigger question to you is this:  You mention skipping the big wedding and buying a house.  If you’re REALLY REALLY REALLY OK doing this, than that’s more important than your venue and their business decisions to an unrelated entity.  Don’t blow a massive amount of money on something you’re not really sure you see a value in.  If the value, to you, is in owning a home sooner, GO FOR IT!!!!!!   

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