(Closed) Even though Weddingbee has made me want to leave this week… LONG!

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@MsBrooklynA: First, why on earth do you want to leave WB. PM me if you need to talk because I for one would really like if you stayed.

Secondly, I am really glad that you talked with your Future Father-In-Law and got everything all worked out with him. I am sure it is a weight off you and FI’s shoulders now. I think it is commendable that you are reaching out to Future Sister-In-Law about meeting up to talk things out. I think that is a wonderful idea and what better way to start over with a hot cup of coffee and kind words? I wish you luck hun and please don’t go. I read your posts lol.

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I am so glad you got it off your chest! I would start by talking to Future Mother-In-Law before sitting down with Future Sister-In-Law. It sounds like Future Father-In-Law undesrtands where you are coming from and that is great. Could you and SO meet with Future Father-In-Law and Future Mother-In-Law and all discuss it?

If it were me I would feel a lot more comfortable approaching Future Sister-In-Law with SO along with me but I guess that depends on your relationship with her as well as his relationship with her.

Good luck!

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@MsBrooklynA: I’m so sorry this drama with your inlaws just keeps going 🙁 I really hope for your sake something changes very soon- you should not have to deal with it forever! NOT saying you should leave your Fiance, I believe you were once considering it over their BS! It is good that you talked to Future Father-In-Law though, and that he was sincere- that is a small step. Now on to the next one-

Maybe you should write them a letter. You are good at writing how you are feeling and why, and this way you can organize your thoughts and get everything you want them to know down. This way there will be no yelling and getting off topic, nothing you will have forgotten to say and will obsess over after the convo.


* and I completely understand about being ignored- I seriously feel like maybe my posts aren’t even visible to other people . I feel like most every time I post on here it is completely ignored. I almost never get a response anymore:( I spend at least an hour a day on here 5/7 days of the week, but rarely post anymore b/c of this .


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@MsBrooklynA: First off, I would miss you if you left. Maybe people have been having a sporadic WB week? I know I haven’t been on much this week and am out of the loop on much that has been going on.

On another note I’m happy that you and your Future Father-In-Law were able to have a heart to heart and hash out your feelings. Hopefully this will be an opening for positive growth between you and your Future In-Laws. If you feel uncomfortable going over to FMILs house could you ask her to meet you for lunch somewhere? This would put you both in a neutral atmosphere and allow you to do some bonding. If Father-In-Law tells her everything you said she might end up feeling uncomfortable in your home as well since she might no longer know where you stand.

I hope everything goes ok! Keep us updated.

ETA: I also wanted to mention that I think a lot of bees read posts and don’t comment because they just don’t know what to say. I know that sometimes I don’t post if I feel like I can’t add anything to make them feel better.

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@MsBrooklynA:aww dont leave I would miss you. having the talk with him was the frist step hopefully he will push your Future Mother-In-Law into saying she is sorry and you guys can try to get back to the way things were. I know how you feel about being ignored it happens to me alot and makes me not even want to bother replying or posting sometimes

I feel like you have to be a heavy poster or have something catchy in your post title to get people to reply. It might just be me but thats the impression I get sometimes

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@MsBrooklynA:  I feel the same way on weddingbee sometimes.  Posts get ignored or people don’t know how to respond.

Anyways, I think it’s great you were able to discuss this and you two connected! 

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@MsBrooklynA: People glaze over me all the time. I just let it go. Sometimes. Sometimes I feel sad, but there’s not much I can do.

That aside, I’ve been reading your story, but had no idea what to say. All I can say now is that I am glad this has come into the light. I’m glad you could tell him what was really on your mind. Hopefully this will bridge a gap in your relationship.

As for the other renters, tell them the place is haunted and the roof is leaky. They definitely should look for another place. Push for the haunted angle. And that mean ghosts that scream at you. And that they move stuff around. And it’s creepy. But that they only yell at visitors and never at you.

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I’m glad you were able to talk to your Future Father-In-Law so openly and really discuss how you felt. And bonus points for doing so rationally. Hopefully this will be the step in the right direction in terms of improved communication between you guys. Seems like your Future Father-In-Law really honestly cares for you both.

And you know you can always PM me! 🙂 I know I”m guilty of reading without commenting. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. So please don’t think you’re outright being ignored.

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I’m so used to being ignored (in larger threads) I actually get excited when someone responds to me…lol.

As for your in law situation I had read the previous posts but was hoping you had found a new place to live. I am glad you had the heart to heart with Future Father-In-Law. I am sure it wasn’t easy, but I honestly believe that whether the situation with them gets better or worse, you will feel better for at least knowing you made them understand how hurt you are by their actions or lack thereof. Not fixing the roof is one thing, making you feel like it wasn’t necessary is another. I hope that things will improve between you in the future.

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@MsBrooklynA: I’m glad you were able to talk to your Future Father-In-Law and work some things out, hopefully things will be better.

As for WB, please don’t leave, I know the feeling of being ignored, and I agree with @miss sparkly cat:, but we’ll miss you.

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@MsBrooklynA: Dude…you can’t leave! I pay attention, but honestly have only been back on the bee for the last week or so, so I didn’t have any idea about your other posts… I must have missed them somehow!

Sorry you’ve been dealing with this and are still dealing. But I am glad that you were at least able to have a civil convo with Future Father-In-Law. Maybe he’ll share with Future Mother-In-Law and Future Sister-In-Law how much this has affected you and they will come around (wishful thinking?) But I really, really do hope that things improve for you.

P.S. Don’t leave, and don’t get down on yourself. We all feel the same way at one point or another. Promise.

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