(Closed) Ever been gifted a fake piece of jewelry that was said to be real?

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Yep.  A good friend from college gave me and about six other people necklaces from Tiffany’s.  They were in the box and everything.  Well…one of said friends went to Tiffany’s to exchange it, because she doesn’t wear necklaces, and…yeah they were all fake.

*shrug*  Who cares?  It was a nice gift, regardless.  I never get anyone anything!

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No but once a friend proudly gave me this terrible knockoff LV wristlet thing (I don’t even like real LV but this thing was a special kind of hideous plastic nightmare), and she beamed about how it was a fake and so affordable but look how great it was.

It was so affordable she got one not just for me but for some other mutual friends. We all kind of awkwardly looked at them and were like… thanks….

I’m all for getting a bargain but, if you don’t really care about handbags, just don’t buy your friends handbags. lol!

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Yep.  I got some jewelry from my grandmother (who I dispised) and over and over she used to make a point of telling me just how valuable it was.  Nevertheless it was really, really ugly (the type of stuff even QVC would reject).  After she died I took it to one of those cash for gold places, where they laughed me out the door.  It wasn’t real gold, it was gold-dipped and the ‘stones’ were glass.  Eh guess it all figures in the end..still don’t know what to do with the stuff.

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I mean, they didn’t give you FAKE jewlery…it’s metal and has actual (microscopic) diamonds. 

maybe the person thought it had more diamonds than it really did??

Something SO similar happened to me. I got a sterling silver bracelet with blue diamonds. The gifter paid for the store’s warranty and gave me all the paper work. Looking closely at the bracelet, like 90% of it is blue painted metal beading, and there are a few tiny baby blue stones on it. 

The person who gave this to me didn’t realize that there were only like 5 diamonds on it. I blame the stores for marketing these items to make them seem finer than they are. 

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It wasn’t intentional but after my great aunt and great uncle passed, my grandmother gave me the aunts “diamond” earrings. My great uncle spoiled my great aunt, and she was always dressed like a million bucks, and these earrings were a gift to her. So we all assumed they were real diamonds because he was not the person to buy simulants. It was about 10 years ago when I was 13 that I got these earrings. I wore them proudly during special occasions, not everyday because they were at least a half carat each and I wasn’t trying to lose those at school, haha.

It wasn’t until Fiance and I started looking at rings/diamonds that I became skeptical. I hadn’t worn them in YEARS at this point, so I took them out and could tell immediately they weren’t the real deal. Took them to the jeweler and they confirmed what I figured out. I told my grandmother (not at all upset, I mean, these were still very beautiful earrings, and hey, sparkle is sparkle) but I thought she’d get a laugh out of it. She was actually REALLY upset because she thinks he was ripped off when he bought them years ago, and she was embarrased that she gave them to me as “diamonds.”

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Yup, I got a fake Cartier watch, fake diamond earrings, fake diamond cocktail ring, and fake Louis Vuitton purses. The ex-bf that gave me the stuff tried to pass everything off as real when it was all just as fake as he was. That’s partly why he’s an ex. :/

One of the LV purses is more like a duffel bag, so I get a lot of use out of it. For a fake, it’s really good quality. 

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@NY152:  Yes-ish. My grandmother gave my sister a “ruby” ring. It is definitely an antique but we don’t think it’s real, it just doesn’t look right. You can tell if the stones scratch. BUT it’s my grandmother- how can you hold it against her? It was wonderful of her to give the ring, which is very old and clearly special to her, to my sister!

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@NY152:  Yup at the young age of 18 (him 21) my Fiance (then bf) bought me a beautiful silver ring with a pink heart gem stone as a promise ring/ering (agreed once older and more financially stable he would propose again). Well I wore the ring everyday and got alot of admires of the ring. Well since I hardly took the ring off and wore it very hard it started to change color and I start to have a fint green line arounf my finger. I told him about it not at all upset but if I knew it was liek my other fashion rings I wouldn’t have worn it that hard :(. However he was very upset and embarassed because he didn’t know it was fake. I told him it didn’t matter but stopped wearing the ring after that because it was turning my finger and because he said he felt uncomfortable seeing me wear it after that. 

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Every year for Christmas my grandma gets me jewelry, despite me and everyone else saying no jewelry, and goes on and on and gloats about how it is “real” and cost her a fortune but she just knew I’d love it, and insists I put it on right there and wear it for the duration of the visit. I am WILDLY allergic to nickle and by the end of the party I have blisters around my finger/neck/ears, whatever. I have the rash for at least a couple of weeks after.

It’s always grandma jewelry too, I think she buys it for herself off QVC and just gives it to me and my other cousins.

ETA: Just recalled opening a necklace and in the middle of her telling me the quality of the diamonds, I flipped it over to find a $20 price tag. She snatched the box back and took the tag off and didn’t even miss a beat telling me about the incredibly perfect diamonds in it. $20 is a VERY nice Christmas gift, no reason to lie.

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@peachacid:  I have a fake Tiffany’s necklace that I got on Canal street years ago.  It’s still real sterling silver and looks just as good as the day I got it.  Years later my friend got the real version of it and you cannot tell the difference.

I don’t advise going fake for a multitude of reasons but I was pretty darn impressed by my fake necklace

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My ex once got me this really super cheap jewelry set for Christmas….He said it had diamonds in it, but tbh, it didn’t…it was just cut to reflect light!  

So after a week or two of agonzing about it, I told him it “wasn’t my style” (which was true, it was super ugly and very very cheap metal) and we exchanged it for a simple gold bangle bracelet. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but sigh of relief when I got something much nicer in its place!  IDK whaaaat he was thinking…it was such cheap “gold” (if it was even that) and the diamonds bit cracked me up.  

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@NY152:  So it wasn’t fake then?  Did this person say that it cost them a whole lot of money and that it was a certain carat weight or something?

I do know exactly what kind of design you’re talking about, Fiance gave me a key necklace a few years back for Valentine’s Day with the teensiest diamonds ever and the little bits of metal that help make it look like they’re bigger in between!

I do find it amusing that they would be like “make sure to go get it checked every 6 months!” if it cost less than $20 🙂

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