Ever feel completely disinterested about in everything in life?

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Not sure it’s exactly what you mean but I sometimes wonder about the point of life and the things we do.  I lack the feeling of ‘joy’ that some people get from ordinary things and I often feel like I am in existential crisis mode.

On a side note – PMS is weird and I find that I do not get drunk if I drink when I have PMS/the week before a period undecided

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Apathy can be a symptom of depression or PMDD. Begin to chart your symptoms and if they do indeed correlate with your cycle discuss with your GYN. If they don’t you may wish to discuss with a therapist. 

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ozbee :  Oh I totally feel you!

beethree : Yes, totally agree!

OP, I was going to say that I have those moments/days very often, but I also suffer from depression/dystthymia haha. But if those moments seem to be related to your menstruation cycle, i.e. you have them like once a month and are not affected by them, then I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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I do on occasion. I totally get what you’re saying. I never thought it could be related to my cycle though! I’ll have to see if things line up. 

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Yep. Absolutely. I’m that way right now, in fact. 

I find exercise helps me back out of it, most of the time. 

I wonder if it is pms- related, never thought to chart it. It would be nice to at least be able to predict it or understand a cause. 

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I feel you, and i actuallyu tracked mine a few months and realised my lowest lows were linked to my cycle. Its hard, but now i know that i remind myself it isnt a true reflection of how i feel and i KNOW it will pass, so that helps. 

I dont have any major passions in life, but instead of looking at it in a sad way i have switched it up and realised i just enjoy lots of the little things. I dont have hobbies or many major goals, but i reallllly love sitting in the sun with a smoothie, or a nice coffee with lunch. I get a huge amount of joy from such small thigns and i think its lovely to be able to appreciate whats right there. 

Sending you lots of love and strength. 

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chillbee29 :  

I’m not really super passionate about one thing in life the way some people are passionate about their career or about raising kids or about traveling.

I know what you mean by this, and I have often thought  it about myself as  I was never one for great dreams or huge ambitions. Now I am older  I realise that it is OK , it is the way we are, not depressing , but simply not as  passionate and volatile  as many  people are about things. 

As for being uninterested ( not disinterested,  that actually  means unbiased) , unless it makes you feel bad about yourself, I would take it as just one of those passing things,   a kind of calm in fact . 

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Yep! I’m like you— not particularly passionate about any one thing. I love my animals, my SO, my family and friends. There’s never been anything in my life that I’ve felt an extreme amount of joy over, though. For example, I’m that person who has difficulty showing excitement over gifts. I genuinely like them, and I’ll smile and say thank you, but I’m in no way effusive. I’ve never related well to people who get REALLY excited over things, or have a cause they advocate for vehemently and constantly. 

There are times (and it definitely does correlate with my period regularly) where I’ll crawl into bed every evening for a week, and I’ll eat as much as I want of what I want, and I don’t feel concern or interest about much of anything. The next weekend, I’ll be checking out an antique show or farmers market like normal. It really does ebb and flow. 

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chillbee29 :  So, one thing I’ll say is this; depression is frequently misunderstood as being just super sad all the time. 

A more accurate description is that you pass through a phase of feeling sad, and then begin to experience a lack of feeling. There’s a systemic disengagement with things that once brought pleasure and a sense of overwhelming apathy or futility. 

What you describe sounds more like … intermittent spiritual boredom. Which is not to say it isn’t something that deserves your attention, or some potential changes to improve it.

It’s hard with a full time job and adult responsibilities to find something in your life that brings you fulfillment. I’m an advocate of thinking back to when you were 7; what did you MOST want to do with your life? Do that. If not professionally, then as a hobby. Take your adult freedom and resources and treat your inner child to all the things she couldn’t have. It’s quite delightful. 

Also, hormonal changes absolutely make us more vulnerable to mood swings. As does low blood sugar. Everything is just a bit harder, and that builds up in a way that feels exhausting and confusing. +

If you know yourself to be a persion who gets emotional when you don’t or can’t eat something you like (I am totally this way; sometimes I’ll literally cry in disappointment if I have something particular I want to eat and can’t get it) try carrying a snack you especially enjoy in your purse or glove compartment. Doing so has saved me from having some very bad days.

I think the things you describe are pretty common. If they bother you enough to notice, it might be worth just taking a few steps to try some self-care, and see if things improve. 

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