Ever had a guy try to "neg" you? Stories?

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clair86 :  totally get you… I just assumed it was somewhere in your profile since you specified East Indian – I can totally see someone just noticing your features and jumping off with it without any good reason and yeah, that would be annoying as hell. OMG and namaste?  geez!

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Not sure if this counts, but years ago when I was single and going out partying regularly I met this guy at the bar. He was really good looking and told some other guy off for asking me who I was texting with instead of talking to him.

Anyways we were chatting for quite awhile and the conversation seemed to be flowing when out of nowhere he says “you’re really boring” and gets up and walks away. I was kind of stunned but just went on with my night.

A couple weeks later I see him out again and he sits near me and starts obnoxiously making out with some girl- we weren’t 18 anymore so blatant PDA was just weird. I kind of laughed and went on with my night.

I see him yet again a few weeks later and pay him no mind. I just continued having a good time with my friends. He comes over to me and said “Let’s try this again.” He Talks to me a little, then says Nope and leaves once again.

A guy we were with kind of knew him and told us he tries to be a jerk to girls in an attempt to pick them up. I don’t know if he expected me to chase him down and prove to him that he was wrong but I wasn’t having it. We would see him out from time to time and his name amongst my friends was hot asshole.

ETA: Maybe he did really find me boring haha, it’s definitely not beyond the realm of possibility 

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samael :  I have no idea. I asked him to point out someone who exemplifies East Coast bone structure and he did, and I really don’t know what he was talking about. He was just being mean. 


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clair86 :  it’s sick really. I love the ones who say ‘all females are the same’ because they can’t accept the reality they are unlovable because they’re d*ck heads. Like, maybe instead of being an air-humping disgusting human being and actually treating a woman as a human being instead of an object for you to harrass would actually lead to a better existance then being alone and hated by women and most men lol 

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Yikes! I haven’t experienced that since middle school. Where a boy told me “damn, you have a big-ass nose” (I don’t btw, it’s just straighter/pointier than average among my ethnicity, which can look a little distinctive if you’re not accustomed to diversity, lol) and I said “mmmk” and his next comment was “do you wanna go with me?” I’m genuinely disheartened to hear that grown men still do this. 

What I did come across a lot in the dating world was guys accusing me, right up front, of being a gold digger. I guess it was to “trick” me into paying my own way on dates, idk. Another thing I saw several times was a man choosing to pursue me, but then losing interest when they discovered that I actually had healthy self-esteem. I was young and overweight, so I guess I was supposed to hate myself (and therefore tolerate poor behavior). But I’m not sure any of that counts as “negging.”

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MrsMellyBean :  OMG I am dying. What an idiot!! It would have been really hard for me to not be like ‘you’re a god damned idiot’ as soon as he sat his ass next to me or just blatantly get up and leave or even better yell ‘WHY ARE YOU STALKING ME???’. That’ll teach em. lol 

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I am so freaking happy I am no longer dating. Yuck.

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teamroro :  Just wanted to say – you should write for a living.  Your vocabulary rocks!

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This thread is so cringey. Totally bringing me back to my dating days when this stuff happened routinely. I’m short, soft, and curvy, so I tended to get a variation of the comment, “You’d be so hot if you toned up/lost 20 lbs,” whatever. Fuck right on out of here with that. I remember being on a blind date with a guy who proceeded tease me/mock me the whole evening (it was a blind double date and I’d carpooled, otherwise I would have bailed), and then literally got angry at the end of the night when I told him I wouldn’t exchange numbers or even give him a hug goodbye. 

These are the guys who end up on creepy-ass Reddit Incel boards crying about how women are SO TERRIBLE for not sleeping with them. Wow, I don’t kow…have you tried not being the world’s biggest jackass? 

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missjoy84 :  lol, I had to laugh at some of your post. I mean I live in MA and I feel like we are the most basic of basic “bitches”. With our ugg boots, bean boots, northfaces and Starbucks… so this is just funny to me.

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I once had a guy on the street tell me, “I don’t like dark skin girls, but you do it for me though!” Thanks, sir. 

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