Ever interview for a job that you weren't qualified for?

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I applied for a receptionist job at a dermatology clinic job before. I’m a dental assistant and had no experience collecting money or answering calls. The lady interviewing me kept asking me if I’d done this and that and I said no to most of her questions lol but I was willing to learn! Definitely didn’t get the job

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Busy bee

Nope. I hardly even get interviews for jobs I am qualified for! I never apply for things I’m not qualified for because it seems like a waste of time and even if I did get the job, I’d be really anxious because I wouldn’t know what to do. 

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I got a casual job at a jewellery store that I felt I wasn’t qualified for. I had found myself suddenly out of a job when I was at university, so I was applying for anything and everything. I thought the job sounded like something I would enjoy but didn’t really think I would get it, as I had absolutely no experience with jewellery. I got called in for an interview, found myself answering no to a lot of questions (re jewellery experience) and left feeling pretty deflated. I got a call 2 days later asking when I could start. I later found out that I actually got the job over some experienced ladies because the store manager liked my attitude and willingness to learn. I had previously worked in retail, so had no issues with the payment system and customer service, but I did have to tail a couple of the staff for about a month to learn about the jewellery side of things. I only ended up working there for a year – I finished my degree and got a full time job in my field, and the store ended up relocating to the other side of the city a few months later anyway.

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I have interviewed for jobs I thought I was qualified for only to realize that I was severely underqualified once I started the position. After more than a few stumbles I pulled my shit together and got it done. It was difficult, I had growing pains but in the end I learned much more and was stronger in my skillset from that growth.

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Absolutely, and I got the position. Not only did I do fine, but I am now pursuing further education to make myself MORE qualified for the position I was not qualified for when I took it. What too many women don’t recognize is that men do this all. the. time. Seriously. Men commonly apply for positions they are unready to take, and learn on the job. Women take positions they are already qualified for and often inhibit their professional growth because of it. Surely there are positions which a person is absolutely unready and unqualified to take, but more often, if you are hired for a position, the interviewers see something in you that would be good for the position. While it might be challenging the first year, most people who are  hired ARE qualified, whether they are willing to acknowledge it or not.

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Fiance told me to apply for jobs I am “unqualified” for. I landed an interview for such job but did not get the position because I didn’t pass the first round of testing. 😡 I was super close but as I had no experience, I made a few mistakes. I think I did well for my first time, but yeah, definitely apply for jobs, all the jobs, qualified or not! 

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I have applied for many jobs I haven’t been qualified for! I think any interview is a good one. Always love the practice! I did interview for a job that I was not qualified for at all and got it! They took a chance on me and a new career for me took off! 

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Yes! I went for a job as VIP personal shopper  at Tiffany and Co when I was a medical student with a science undergrad and zero sales experience! Lol. I got the job! Really enjoyed it. 

In terms of proper full time jobs, no. But worth a try. I’ve had friends get jobs very different to their experience xo 

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Worker bee

I sure did! I had a change in career and started working for a fortune 6 company. Started at the low end and worked my way up. When my current position became open, I was immediately interested and it was one of my supervisors back then who put in a recommendation for me as they were looking to hire within the department. I had no experience in the role but I interviewed. I beat out other candidates to score the job and have been doing it for last few years and absolutely LOVE it! 

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I’ve applied to a lot of jobs I’m not qualified for. As a general rule, I don’t get interviews for them but I’ve interviewed for a few without the experience necessary and got two. Both jobs I’ve felt out of my comfort zone with and it takes me a little while to adjust and settle in but they hired me because of my transferable skills and allowed me to learn in the job.

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Yes! I agree with echomomm. Men do this all the time. There was a Hewlett Packard internal report a couple of years ago that found that men will apply for a job if they have 60% of the criteria, whereas women tend to only put themselves forward if they have 100%.

I have applied for jobs I was not qualified for if they were jobs that I wanted in the field I wanted to work in. I had the requisite qualifications, but most jobs that came up in my field weren’t entry-level roles, and required three to five years’ experience. I just made sure that I was prepared to deal with questions regarding my lack of experience. It gave me interview experience and I always believe that even if I’m not qualified for a role, if I do well in the interview then if another more suitable position were to arise in the future I might be considered. Often companies may promote from within, which means a more junior position may be available even if you aren’t suited to the role you’ve applied for.

I actually got my current job by applying for a position in the company that I wasn’t qualified for! I interviewed and, while it was clear that I was too junior for the role I was interviewing for, the company were impressed and actually created a more suitable role for me!

I say go for it, apply for the job you want (within reason, obviously some jobs require particular qualifications etc.)! Just go in prepared to answer questions about any gaps in your experience, be confident and, if you get the job, be prepared to work hard to upskill and gain experience.

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Celestiger :  I did but in fairness they hired anyone lol

I applied to work at a theme park when I was at University. Went to the interview and answered very honestly:

“Would you be comfortable in extreme heat”


“Would you be comfortable in extreme cold”

“Definitely not”

“Maybe an indoor position then…”


I ended up working in the restaurant. I loved it and I was good at my job, but I doubt I would have APPLIED for a job in a restaurant because I had no prior experience of it.

We’re hiring at my current job though and we’re trying to be picky. There are some things that are non-negotiable (phone experience, computer skills) but there are others that we’re willing to teach (business specifics etc)

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Celestiger :  Yes!! I am a computer programmer, and when I entered the field I didn’t qualify for anything. I still started applying to all the local positions, and I managed to land my first job. I stayed there a few months, before attempting to move up the ladder, and again, I applied for a job I wasn’t qualified for and got the job. I’ve been there 7 months now, and while it was really tough in the beginning (I doubted myself almost every day), I’ve managed to learn what I need, and I’m doing well. It’s good to take chances. 

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Truth be told I always apply for tons of jobs that I think I’ll like. I don’t really care if I’m not qualified for it. If someone is willing to give me an interview, trust me I’m going to do my best. The last job I had I was ridiculously under qualified for but I got the job bc the interviewer liked my confidence. I just kept saying well I have experience doing XYZ and I’m willing to learn more. Walked into a job where everyone who was at my level was 40something, I was 25. 

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