(Closed) Ever known someone whom EVERYONE crushed on?

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My fiance was that guy actually. It was weird for the longest time, because I always wondered why the heck he picked me when he could have any girl he wanted. He never had to do anything to make it happen either. It just did. 

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Umm both! I was pursued by the hottest guy on campus that every girl was after. He had serious issues too. Yes he encouraged the pursuit. He had a very unhappy homelife growing up and he needed lots of affirmation to feel good about himself. There were things in his past that just made me cry for him. I made him one of my close friends but wasnever interested in more. He was kinda a project you know?

When I was younger I had quite the string of admirers. I found it rather frustrating. I couldn’t go ANYWHERE by myself. I gave up fishing and skinnydipping and hiking because everywhere I went there was a gaggle of guys following. If I went to spend time with a gal pal they would loiter around her house. If I went swimming a dozen hands would try to slather me with sunscreen. It was very off putting and I would actually cry about it. My Pop helped me tremendously though. He told me if they were going to hang around they might as well be useful. I put them to work! Our barns never looked so clean, our lawn so perfectly manicured, our wood pile so high lol. It got to be a game to me how far would these guys go in their pursuit of me? I would dream up the grossest jobs and ask them to do it. Unfortunately it only discouraged 3 of them : ( Now you know the truth about me. I am not so nice tehee.


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@Creiddylad:  Bahahaha! I’m in an LDR too, so yeah, I hear ya! 

When I was in high school, I had a huge crush on a guy for all four years. We were good friends, but nothing more. I still actively pursued him though! So imagine my hate when this new girl, we’ll call her Helga, arrives.

Every single male in my social circle was captivated by her. I remember one day we had free time in class during a lock down (oh the glory days of an inner city public school), and every single male in the class, including my dear crush, was seated around Helga.

The rest of us ladies sat around and said hateful things to each other I am sure.

Eventually the new girl novelty wore off, and by the end of the semester she didn’t have quite so many admirers. And we all learned that she was actually really nice, although I did not want to admit it!


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@secondchances:  It’s nice to be able to share these experiences with others. Good for you for getting out of such a tough situation.

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Dated one of those guys… He didn’t live up to the hype.

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TeamAwesome : LOL

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Weirdly enough, this was my Darling Husband. He was always getting asked out by women, etc. For senior prom he had 2 girls ask him out and he’s just so nice that he really had problems being able to tell them no (he wanted to ask a different girl to prom). He’s had women proposition him at clubs (one said “I’m going home with you tonight!”). And even at a house party once in college, a woman waited for him in his bed! It’s a pretty big joke now between us how far these women would go.

My Darling Husband is a really nice guy though, not a player, but it still happens even though he’s married.  A month ago at a club, an entire bachelorette party singled him out to kiss them all! I’m not possessive and thought this was the funniest thing on earth. I took it as a compliment (sort of). He ended up kissing them on their cheeks.

Oh! I just remembered- in high school he had a fan club!!! They would make signs and cheer for him at his sports games and make posters. They called themselves “Team Buffalo”. So funny! I’m going to make fun of him tonight again for this all….

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There was this one boy in college. He just oooozed charm. I felt like we were all under a spell. We just couldn’t resist!

A friend of mine married him. He’s STILL a charmer. Fiance says I give him googley eyes. Nuh-UHInnocent

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I had a friend in high school who was and still is that girl that every guy had/has a crush on. Some guys that run into us recently have even said how they can’t stand to see her because it breaks their hearts so much…

I’ve always been weird because I a;ways had crushes on the guys that no one else did until like I started seeing them, but the guys everyone crushed on I always saw such huge flaws in them that completely detered me.

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