(Closed) Ever feel like you’re not pretty enough to get married?

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2011

I felt like this alot before the wedding, and even now. I have some pictures I loved everything about, but my face, and I just wanted to cry. Then I have some pictures where I actually think “Wow! I looked pretty in this one!”

I consider myself a butter face too. I’m slim/healthy, but my nose is on the big side, my eyes are big and can look buggy some times, and my neck is too long. So from some angles I look terrible. Others I look okay/decent- very few do I look good. I always think “If my nose was smaller and my skin clearer, I might be pretty.” But it’s not healthy to think that way. Being sad about how you look won’t make you look better or happier, and your Fiance loves you for who you are and how you look, otherwise he wouldn’t be marrying you ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve broken down and cried before to my husband how I feel ugly- he says I’m the most beautiful girl to him, and that if he didn’t like how I look he wouldn’t have dated me in the first place (shallow, but meant with a good heart). He tells me I’m beautiful all the time, but I’ve always had such low self-esteem that it’s very hard for me to not see ugly.

Just focus on what you do like about yourself- your hair, eyes, cheekbones. It makes it easier when you realize the beauty others see in you. :3

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Helper bee
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I understand how you feel.  Sometimes I catch myself thiking “Why the hell didn’t I just get married at 19, I was so pretty back then” which I know is downright insane.  I don’t know what’s happened but it’s like I’ve become twenty times uglier with age and I hate it.  I guess as long as my fiance still thinks i”m beautiful I’m okay with looking like an uggo in my pictures.

I think you look great in your picture and you will look beautiful on your wedding day!!!

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@Meealissa: LOL I’ve even said, there is only one thing I regret about waiting unitl I was 40 to get married is wanting to look younger in the pictures.

Remember, your Fiance loves you the way you look all the time, not just when you are all dolled up. In fact, my DH loves the wedding photos, and thinks i look beautiful but he likes how I look better when I’m on the couch, in one of his tshirts. 

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Honey bee
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Sometimes I feel pretty, not gorgeous or anything but okay, but I feel like I almost always look terrible in pictures. There’s maybe 1 is 200 that I look good in. Hoping a pro-photographer can make a difference in that.

Fiance tells me I’m beautiful but it’s hard for me to not just think, “yes, yes, thanks, I’m glad you think so, but that doesn’t make it reality” lol, but I guess he’s really the only one who matters when it comes to people thinking I’m pretty, everything else is just vanity or silliness.

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Honey bee
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@SoontobeMrsA: I’m totally with you on the smile, as in, I hate mine too.  I absolutely HATE my teeth (I’m pretty sure they hate me back, too….)

You’re going to be a beautiful bride!!!  

Me, I’m gonna be surrounded by women who are models and those who aren’t, COULD be.  They’re very GORGEOUS women and, well, I don’t consider myself on their level of beautiful.  

I AM very happy, though, that they’ll be there in stunning costumes/outfits/clothing so I won’t be the complete center of attention, which I have a love/hate relationship with. 


Wear what will make you feel breathtaking, wear sexy undergarments (if possible and yes, this DOES help you feel sexy and beautiful!), professional make up is a MUST (thank gods I have friends who are pros), and a great photographer, and enjoy the day.  Oh, and sometimes a good drink helps, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Sugar bee
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yeah, sometimes I look at my puffy hands and think they’re not pretty enough for my rings! and I despise long fingernails, so that’s not going to happen.

oh, also, I’m 35 and most of my friends have kids now so I can’t expect the kind of crazy wild wedding reception like we used to have. and the overnight bachelorette party road trip that I always wanted? probably not going to happen, again, because they’re all parents now. so that makes me feel like an old bride.

sigh ๐Ÿ™

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@SoontobeMrsA: I saw your photo– you have a nice figure!

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Helper bee
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Amen, sister. Its nice to see this up here. 


I feel we are the prettiest when there are pictures of us smiling and having a good time, so if you are insecure just pretend to have a good time, and maybe you might have some fun on accident.

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Sugar bee
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I have a baby tooth where a top adult incisor should be. I’m always conscious about what side I get my picture taken on. I shouldn’t have a baby tooth…but there never was a tooth to replace it. ๐Ÿ™

SO says it gives me character…but I hate it.

Not to mention I’m so hairy. I hate that more than my baby tooth.

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Buzzing bee

I feel fat/ugly/pig faced most of the time. I feel like people look at me and think I shouldn’t have left the house this morning! My eyes are too small, hence the pig face. My hips stick out too much, my butt is too big, my waist isn’t narrow enough, my arms are too flabby, my legs are too big. I have this fear that as I’m walking down the aisle everyone will be like, “Why is he marrying that stupid, ugly girl?” I like my feet, though. At least there’s that. Maybe I should just cover myself completely except for nicely pedicured feet.

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Honey bee
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I am convinced that I look like a boy.  I always have felt this way.  Insecurities suck but we all have them unfortunately.

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