Everyday engagement ring care? On vacation?

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Sugar bee
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somethingbluecheese :  I never remove my rings unless I’m trying to clean the underside of the setting. I just use a soft toothbrush and liquid hand soap to clean off daily residue and I do it with the rings still on my finger (that’s why I use hand soap) and a polishing cloth that I use once or twice a week. I’ve been doing this for over a year with my wedding band and longer with my engagement ring and it’s worked great so far. My father was a jeweler and always said when  it comes to gold and diamonds (gemstones can be a different story) that if it’s OK for your hand skin then it’s ok for your ring and that if you see your ring reacting to something then you shouldn’t be letting whatever it is touch your skin either.

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Helper bee
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I never take off my jewelry ever.  I only take off my wedding rings when I’m cleaning them which is whenever im going somewhere which would be maybe once a week.  It is important to note the stone and material of your ring will determine if its safe to keep them on at all times.  Mine is a diamond and 18k gold setting so it is very durable and I feel comfortable keeping it on all day and night.  If your stone is a pearl then you would want to be more careful. 

 I just soak them in dish liquid and warm water then use a toothbrush to clean the underside of my settings.  

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My e-ring is sterling silver, and I know people say that silver is not that durable, but I don’t ever take mine off. I shower, wash dishes, clean etc with it on. I only take it off to clean it, with some warm water and dish soap and a baby toothbrush, about once a week. 

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Sugar bee
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somethingbluecheese :  Before I got engaged and married, I always wore a ring from my grandmother so my care habits carried on from that and they don’t really change on vacation. I used to sleep in my e-ring until I scratched my thigh in my sleep with one of the prongs. Now I have a variety of cute ring holders around the house and one in my office. So my rings go in the dish at night and I don’t put them on until I’m done getting ready for work in the morning. This avoids soaps, lotions, hair products, etc. from dirtying them so they stay cleaner for longer. My husband proposed on vacation in Jamaica and I’m pretty sure I kept the ring on for everything, but I’m happy with my routine now. 

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somethingbluecheese :  Same as others. The ONLY time I take my rings off is for a manicure because I dont like the lotion rubbed all over them. You wont damage your rings with ocean water or a hot tub! Congrats in advance!!

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Blushing bee
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I usually only take mine off while gardening, working out, heavy lifting, or doing my hair. I work in a hospital and all the ladies wear their rings and we use hand sanitizer a TON. Never heard of I’ll effects.


My biggest advise is when you take it off ALWAY put it in the same place. Especially while on vacation. Around the house I have ring dishes. On vacation you can use the box it’s given in and in a safe place. 

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Helper bee

I take it off more the most. I put it in the ring box while sleeping, showering, cleaning, cooking, doing my hair/make up, swimming, etc. I’m not scared of damage, but losing it. 

It can also get a thin layer of grime easily, so I clean it every week.

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Worker bee

I baby my ring to the max. I dont wear it when I’m showering, cleaning, sleeping, cooking, or doing any kind of heavy lifting. I also don’t wear it when I’m putting on lotion or makeup. And I would absolutely never wear mine in the ocean or pool. But especially the ocean. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone! Mine is also three row micropave with a high setting. So you might not have to baby yours ‘as’ much! Just always make sure to put in the same place when you take it off at home. And for vacation I would just put it in the room safe if I wasn’t wearing out of the room. Congrats!!!

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Busy bee
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Something to consider: do your fingers swell in hot weather or shrink in cold weather? Unless you wear rings year-round you may not know. 

My fingers swell about 1/4-1/2 a ring size in hot weather. They shrink about 1/4 in cold. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but my knuckles aren’t prominent. The same engagement ring that’s snug on a sunny day would absolutely slide off my hand in winter or swimming in a pool.  (It has.)

If you don’t have prominent knuckles (the kind you have to kinda wiggle a ring over), you may want to consider getting a super thin cheapie spacer that’s a smidge smaller than your e-ring to keep it on. I got one to wear in the winter, and it’s definitely saved me from losing my platinum and diamond ring. (I have a few of those spacers now.)

To test it, you might want to try doing dishes without gloves, in cold water. (Assuming you have a mesh strainer in your sink.) If the ring doesn’t slip and slide with soap and cold water, you’re probably all set.

Have fun!





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Sugar bee

When traveling, I keep my ring on at all times. I figure it’s safer on my finger than in a hotel room, locker, etc. The only exception might be if you’re doing strenous activity like rock climbing that could seriously bang up/scratch your ring, or an activity where you’re likely to lose it, like swimming in the ocean. As PP mentioned, cold makes your hands shrink, so it’s common for people to lose rings while swimming in cold ocean water.

As for taking your ring in a hot tub or pool — I’ve read conflicting advice on this. I have done it, but plenty of articles will tell you not to. For soft stones like opal it’s definitely a no, but for diamonds I personally would keep it on. That brings us to an important point – the materials and construction of your ring make a difference in what is recommended for it. A ring with a 1.5mm pave infinity band is going to be a lot more delicate than one with a 3mm solid band. 

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Bee Keeper

I never take my ring off.  I also wore it in a pool a few times.  But I don’t have a softer stone like opal.  I had a softer stone, iolite for a while but it just wasn’t holding up as well

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My ring stays on all the time except when gardening and if it is a quick re potting or planting I have been known to forget to take it off then 😉

my first engagement ring and wedding ring were chomped up by our garbage disposal and the diamond was chipped bad so the jewler actually multiple jewlers said it was  done for unfortunately they said to keep it have it re set as a pendant anyway thats why my rings stay on most of the time;)

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I’m in the minority here. I take my ring off for many things: sleeping, washing dishes, taking a shower, in the pool, cleaning the house (when I am using a spray of some kind). To me, this is babying my ring. It’s white gold, but I still want it to be in its best condition.

When I’m not wearing it, it goes on my dresser. Honestly, I don’t have a cute thing to put it in, so it just stays near my jewelry box (maybe I should look into something). When I’m on vacation, I don’t do many of those things (e.g., cleaning), but I do still take it off when sleeping and in the pool. Usually, I will just put it on the side table with my other jewelry.

I don’t stress too much about it because it’s now a habit of mine. I think whatever you decide, it will become second nature to you. 

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Honey bee

It depends on the metal of your ring. Chlorine can be damaging to white gold with rhodium plating. I don’t go deep in ocean water with my rings on. If you’re snorkeling or scuba diving, many larger fish may view your ring as something to eat because it’s sparkly. If you’re just hanging out at the beach, then definitely wear your ring. 

Don’t ever take your ring off unless you’re at home; there’s an excellent chance that you will lose it. Rings don’t mind soap and water and even a little lotion can be cleaned off – at home. Rings are pretty tough and in general do not need babying. I’ve worn my rings for years and years while doing a lot of things and I haven’t damaged them yet, including rings in pavé settings. 

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